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The Sneakiest Product Placements in Entertainment [Infographic]

Traditional advertising has been history for a while. In fact, the Entertainment Industry relies heavily on a not-so-subtle way to to ‘plug’ all sorts of products. Watching a product being worn, eaten or endorsed by our favorite movie stars makes it familiar. It can show up on your favorite video game or even on the radio.

This, of course,  has a direct effect on how often we consume these products. It sounds like there’s a perfect coexistence between Entertainment and a few innocent product cameos, but don’t get fooled: some advertisers have just gone too far! Here’s a list of the “Sneakiest Product Placements in Entertainment” [Infographic]. Click on the image below to see our full size Infographic:

Infographic: The Sneakiest Product Placement in Entertainment

Infographic: The Sneakiest Product Placement in Entertainment

We’re not so sure how Don Draper would’ve felt about the ads on the Infographic above but he would agree with this: if you saw The Avengers movie recently, didn’t you crave some shawarma after the movie? and back in the 80’s, who didn’t want to sport a pair of Marty McFly’s futuristic Nike sneakers from the movie Back to the Future? We could go on and on but it’s time you join the conversation. Do you remember any shameless product plugs? Do you think they actually work? We want to hear your comments.


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