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How to Find Free, Fair, and Fun Online Casino Games

The growing popularity of online casinos is testimony to the sense of security they inspire in the gambling community. As gambling websites are increasing, the competition among them is also exploding. Online casino websites employ top software brands to provide visitors who want to play casino games good gaming experience. Read on to find free, fair, and fun online casino games.

There are more than 2,500 casino sites registered online, so it’s imperative that you check the credentials of the company you wish to play at to safeguard your own interests. Most online casinos are aware that generous bonuses, top-end graphics, and superior audio effects will keep players glued to their site; however, it is a high level of security that should be your first concern.


Random Number Generators

Most online casino games are based on luck. This is why it’s important to know that the casino at which you are playing hosts fair, unrigged games. Reputable casinos like CoolCat Casino power all of their games with Random Number Generators (RNGs). RNGs are complex algorithms that ensure that each spin of the reels, card dealt, and die rolled is completely random and independent from the previous turn.  This is the benchmark for fair online casino games.

Before wagering your money, you should always make sure that the casino is properly licensed and regulated by appropriate gaming authorities. These authorities routinely test each game to ensure that the RNGs are running as they should.

Payout Percentage

Another factor to determine fair online casino games is proof of the credibility of a gambling operation. You can see this in the casino payout percentage. It is the percentage of cash winnings compared to amounts wagered. It is calculated by auditors on a monthly basis. As long as the odds are not tilted heavily in favor of the casino, players are safe.

Privacy and Security

Leading software providers, such as CoolCat Casino, also employ state-of-the-art encryption technology. This provides a unique code to all players which guarantee a secure channel of communication. The passwords at online casino sites use reliable and trustworthy software brands encrypted on regular basis.

Some renowned internet casinos also utilize anti-collusion software to avoid situations where gaming partners conspire against the company or other players. Such mischievous elements are traced in chat rooms of the gaming website.

Trustworthy casinos run SSL encryption technologies to ensure that all of your financial and personal information is kept safe and secure throughout the entire deposit and withdrawal process. These security measures keep your information from being shared with third parties and protect both the casino and the players from potential risk and fraudulent activity.


Free Browser Games Vs. Free Casino Games

The popularity of social sites such as Facebook has given rise to an explosion of pc games. It’s hard not to log onto any site these days without seeing an ad for the latest free browser games. The growth of free browser games has also prompted many of the online casinos to offer users free casino games. And it turns out, free browser games are not that much different from free casino games.

A browser game will be something like Angry Birds or one of the many similar computer games online or on an app. You can also find numerous sites that allow players to enjoy board games, puzzles, and various card games against the computer or other players.

A free casino game will have the same idea just with a different touch. The casinos offering these games will want people to get the feel of playing real casino games in the hopes of attracting these casual players to try the luck for real money. Most of the free casino games will be the same ones offered for real money. You can play anything from blackjack to craps and the increasingly popular, free online slots. You’ll be able to play free casino games by downloading the software to your PC, playing online at the casino’s website, or even playing on your mobile device. 

No Big Difference

As you can see there isn’t a huge difference between free browser games and free casino games. The main separation is that casino games will generally all the games that you can find at a land-based casino, and specifically associated with one particular online casino. 

If you’re looking to play some fun games online check out our web play games choices. Cool Cat has some of the best pc games all for free and with no download needed.

You can also compete with others in these free games. Invite your friends to play and find out who the real king of games is.


Best CoolCat Free Games

CoolCat as a gladiator and his wife as a witcherThere are loads of free casino games at CoolCat Casino with fun themes and exciting bonus features. Here are a few crowd-favorites that never disappoint. 

Hairway to Heaven

When it comes to playing free slot games with bonus features, noting beats Hairway to Heaven. The online slots game is based on the classic Rapunzel fairytale, and the game has more bonus rounds than you’ll know what to do with. To trigger a bonus round, all you need to do is hit three Prince symbols. You’ll get to play one of three free slot games with bonus rounds features — Damsels in Distress, Princess Pays, and Hairway to Heaven. And it’s worth up to 20 free games, making it one of the most rewarding free slots online with bonus rounds games.

Polar Explorer

They say nothing in life (or at an online casino) is guaranteed. But that’s not the case when you play Polar Explorer. It’s one of the coolest free online slots with bonus rounds. But what makes this one so special? Well, in addition to three bonus rounds where free games are on the house, Polar Explorer comes with a feature guarantee. That means if it’s been 125 spins and you’ve gone without playing free slot games with bonus features, the software will automatically rocket you into Free Games mode. You can’t beat that! 

Mardi Gras Magic

Mardi Gras Magic is one of CoolCat’s newest Realtime Gaming slot games. Its festive Mardi Gras theme ensures you’ll never get bored! Spin the reels full of joker masks, dazzling dancing ladies, and colorful gemstones for a chance to trigger Free Games, random prizes, and bursting wilds! The bonus features are unbeatable, as you are guaranteed free games and random prizes. Try your hand at Mardi Gras Magic and hopefully you’ll hit the top reward of 20,000 the bet per line!

Achilles Deluxe

Fight alongside epic hero, Achilles, as he tries to capture his fair maiden and run off with treasures! Achilles Deluxe sports TWO progressive jackpots, making it one of the most played slot games at CoolCat. The reels appear on a backdrop of the city of Troy. The reels feature classic imagery like shields, warriors, and the beautiful Helen. Players have the chance to win a top reward of 40,000x the bet per line, or a life-changing progressive jackpot! The bonus features and free spins assist you on the ultimate journey to victory. Play today for free or real money!

Aces and Eights

Aces and Eights is one of the most loved poker variants at CoolCat Casino, thanks to its player-friendly odds and exciting bonus rounds. This is a type of video poker game where every winning hand rockets you into a bonus round. Here’s how it works: You’re dealt a five-card hand. You can toss away as many cards as you want and replace them with new ones. The goal of the game is to get a pair of Jacks or anything better (kind of like how the goal of free slots games with bonus features is to match the right symbols).

The system will deal you out a final hand, replacing all the cards you tossed away. If you’ve got a winning hand, you’ll have the option to face off against the dealer in a high-card-wins, winner-take-all match. You can play for free until you are comfortable with the gameplay. Then switch to real-money mode to hit those wins and build your bankroll!


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