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How Music Affects Gambling

Music is used throughout our daily lives, whether for entertainment purposes, to assist with learning or studying, or as part of a relaxation tool. Given casino gaming and sports betting will often tick all the above for most players – it’s no wonder that music has been used as a tool in gambling for decades. While listening to music influences people and behaviors, the big question many players often find themselves wondering is how music affects gambling?

There has been significant research into the structural mechanisms and critical aspects of how gambling games operate in recent years. Many of these studies have supported the understanding that music has a particular effect on players when playing casino games.

If you enjoy a cheeky punt at the casino or the odd bet on the weekend sport, you should carry on and check this out.


What Does Music do to the Mind

Music has a psychological effect on the mind. It shares a connection with our sensory receptors, and for certain activities – listening to music can provide a strong response. As a tool, music and sound effects have always been a critical part of how our brains pick apart information to decide what is happening or how to feel. Think of the Hollywood blockbusters that always feature the Rock. When the action gets going, so does the music, the tempo kicks up a notch, and your heart starts racing with the action on the screen. Music is the medium that connects you with what it is that you are doing or viewing. Still not sold on it?

What about that leisurely Sunday afternoon at the bar? You are relaxed without a care in the world, sitting with friends and enjoying a tasty selection of snacks and some ice cold drinks, but what kind of music is playing?

That’s right. The music you are remembering is a slower-paced, often a melodic selection of beats and instruments. Perfect for winding down.


How Music is Used in Casinos

So, we understand that music is more than just kick drums, snares, and hi-hats. How is music used in casinos? First things first, we guarantee that you won’t find the casinos in your town or on the Vegas strip just blasting the local radio station.

It’s more structured because music tempo and sounds have an effect on the gambling that is going on within the casino.


Music Tempo and Gambling Games

Around the casino, you’ll hear different sounds and music of various types. The most notoriously noticeable here is the slot machine area. If you’ve played on a slot machine before you will know that the games like to make a racket. This is especially true when there is a big win. These high-tempo and loud sounds or music are synonymous with feelings of energy, excitement, and celebration.

If you’ve ever been sitting on a machine and heard someone’s nearby machine going off with noises because of a big win, you’ll remember the thought and feelings that were going through your mind. We have a hunch that it was along the lines of ‘damn’ or ‘must be my turn next’ and then followed by increased betting speed.

This is precisely what the music is aiming to do — bring your adrenaline up to that of the sounds you are hearing.

Think about it. It is not like game developers include the loud and obnoxious sound effects for fun! It is all part of the process for stimulating the note acceptors in our brain.


Why Casinos Use Music to Promote Gambling

Although you may feel a little uncomfortable that casinos use music in this way, there is no need to worry about it. Just about every business has been using music or sensory inputs to promote activity, which is positive for their business. Casinos are a business after all, not a bank. At the end of the day, gambling is not about making an income or supplementing your wild dreams of traveling the world without a job.

Playing gambling games is just that; it is the art of playing games for entertainment.

If you manage to come out on top with some nifty spare cash, then kudos, but you should always make sure that your reason for playing is focused on the right reasons. Kick back and enjoy your gambling games, just remember the key to staying above is to manage your bankroll.


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