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Win big with these casino games

If you’re used to playing slots and you refuse to try anything else, you’re a lot like other casino players. Familiarity isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes it pays off to go outside your comfort zone. But for many casino players, table games and other specialty games might seem a bit complicated. What are the rules? How hard is it to win? Isn’t feeding a machine a bunch of quarters much easier and way more lucrative?

Not necessarily. There are lots of casino games that are much easier to play than you think. And all of our picks today make it easy for casino players to win big and win often. If you’re stuck in slot machine land, come see why the grass (and felt) really is greener on the other side.

Casino War

Essentially the Rock Paper Scissors version of casino games, Casino War pits you against the dealer in a battle of wits. We’re so kidding. There are no wits involved in this game. You can pretty much play Casino War in your sleep. You’re dealt a card. And then the dealer is dealt a card. Whoever has the highest card wins. The only time you’ll need to make a decision is if you’re dealt the same card as the dealer. At that time, you’ll need to decide if you want to place another bet and go to war, or surrender half your bet and walk away.

Why it’s easy to win: Casino War is unlike any other casino game because it’s a high card wins game. That means there’s no thinking about whether to hit or stand. And even before you place your first bet, there’s no thinking about what to bet on. It could be the fastest money you’ll ever make.


Arguably the most popular table game on the casino floor, Blackjack pits you against the dealer in a race to 21. Whoever gets closer without going over wins. It’s that simple. You get two cards face up. The dealer gets two cards with only one visible. You decide whether you want more cards or not, based on what you’re holding and what the dealer is showing. If you bust, you’re out. If the dealer busts, he’s out and you win. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games because of the decision-making it bestows on the player throughout the game.

Why it’s easy to win: In Blackjack, you’re given some control over the outcome of each hand. Sure, you don’t actually know what card is coming next. Nor do you know what the dealer is holding. But you do get to choose whether to make a move or not in almost every scenario. And with double down and split opportunities, you have the power to increase your original bet, something that’s not offered in other games.

Multiplayer Roulette

Online Roulette is always a blast, except in traditional games, it’s just you versus the croupier (that’s a fancy word for dealer, in case you’re new to Roulette). It’s fun, but some players miss the atmosphere of a live Roulette table where other players are crowding the felt with their bets alongside you. Even if you hate crowds, there’s something magical about a Roulette table where everyone is high fiving each other after a big win. With Multiplayer Roulette, it’s not just you against the dealer. It’s you and lots of other players from around the world placing bets at the table.

Why it’s easy to win: In Multiplayer Roulette, if you see other players winning, you can piggyback on their bets. If someone is on a solid win streak and seems to be using a betting strategy to win that you might not be familiar with, you can apply the same strategy without even thinking.


If you’re a fan of playing the lottery, you’ll love Keno. Popular in casinos in Vegas and around the world, Keno is often played in lounges outside of the casino floor. In Sin City, for example, you can play Keno while enjoying a coffee and dessert. You simply make your picks on a Keno card, hand the card, to a Keno runner, and wait to find out if you’ve won. You can also play online any time of day. Just pick your numbers and see which ones catch. If you’ve managed to hit a certain percentage of them, you’ll get paid out.

Why it’s easy to win: Keno is a lot like playing the lottery, only instead of having to wait for the big draw on Friday, you control the draw date and time. And unlike Roulette where playing 15 numbers requires 15 bets, with keno you can play 15 numbers at once on a single card (or fewer if you like) and it won’t cost you anything extra.

Treasure Tree

If you’re looking for a specialty game that’s easy to play and easy to win, Treasure Tree is a good bet. The game mixes the best of slots with scratch games (yes, as in scratch games that you buy at your local convenience store). You simply place your bet and hit the bags on the tree to reveal the prizes. If you can match three symbols in the same color area, you’ll win that prize. It really is that easy. Most specialty games aren’t as easy as Treasure Tree, with the exception of games like Magic 7’s, so this game is becoming increasingly popular. While you can play all the other games listed here at live casinos, Treasure Tree is exclusive to the online slots world.

Why it’s easy to win: With traditional slots, there are often lots of different symbols to contend with, not to mention bonus rounds that can be confusing. Treasure Tree looks a lot like a slot game, but it’s much easier and just as lucrative as some of the big slots with large jackpots.

Still not ready to dive in? Try them online first
If you’re still not convinced that these games are designed to make winning easy, give them a try for free at CoolCat Casino. You can play every single one of the games listed here for free with your account, so come try them out. There’s no cost to play them.

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