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The Best Online Slots at CoolCat Casino

Play the Best Slot Games Online

You know what’s cool? Being able to count on something new every time you play online slots. Luckily for you, that’s the reality at CoolCat Casino. With over 140 different online slots games and with tons of game-changing features like bonus rounds, jackpots, win-win features and more — there is never a dull moment at CoolCat Casino.

Before you download the casino’s software, it’s important to understand exactly what you are getting. Keep reading and you’ll even learn how to play slots with no restrictions!

Choosing the Best Slot Machines to Play Online

If it’s been a while since you last played slots, there’s a lot to learn. Slot machines at CoolCat Casino are way more advanced than what you may have found a few years ago. Today’s best games feature more than the old fashioned three reels and one payline. Instead of three symbols lining up in a row, the latest games pay out when symbols line up along other specified patterns. That means more opportunity to win with every spin, whether you’re playing for real money or looking at the best free slots games to play for fun.

Enjoy Massive Jackpots

If you love to win big, CoolCat Casino delivers with jackpots totaling in the millions. The great thing about our jackpots is that many of them pop randomly when you least expect it. That means a spin that resulted in no payout could lead to more money than you know what to do with. Jackpots are even available at the slots games to play for fun where no money is involved. Unfortunately, those jackpots aren’t cashable, but the thrill of winning is still there.

Take Advantage of Bonus Rounds

It’s more than just jackpots that get players excited at CoolCat Casino. Winning happens unexpectedly thanks to the best bonus rounds anywhere. When you play and line up the right symbols, you could find yourself playing free online slots and winning real money—without wagering anything. Every spin is on the house when you play the games with the best bonus rounds and features.

Play with No Restrictions

Ready to play on the house? CoolCat Casino offers tons of bonus codes to get you started and many match bonuses that let you play slots with no restrictions, so you don’t have to worry about picking and choosing the right game. Check our newest games and enjoy your play!

Slot Machine Tips and Tricks

Online Slots Guide

Online Slots Guide

Everybody loves slots. What’s not to love, right? Insert money, spin the reels and in the blink of an eye you could be rolling in millions! But there can be more to slots than meets the eye. Picking the best paying slot machine is an art in and of itself…

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Slot Machine Tips

Slot Machine Tips

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Slots Bonuses and Free Spins

Slots Bonuses and Free Spins

Who doesn’t love free money? Get 50 free spins and a 330% match bonus on slots today at CoolCat Casino. Expand your bankroll, winning power and fun. Get infinitely more bang for your buck by using the bonus code COOLWELCOME and watch your winnings grow like wild!

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Types of slot machine games

Classic Slots

Classic slots games first made their appearance back at the end of the 19th century in San Francisco. Invented by a German born American immigrant named Charles August Fey, these were simple, mechanical machines. A pull of the lever led three reels to spin, coming to a stop on a single payline. As gambling was largely illegal in the US when the first slot machine was invented, classic slots, often placed in bars, saloons or hotel lobbies, usually paid out in chewing gum, free drinks or cigars. Operated by placing a nickel coin into a slot at the top of the machine, the first classic slots became known as “nickel slots”. Today we’ve come a long way from these simple mechanical machines, but players can still find nostalgic video slots versions of these classic slot machines online that use a single payline, no bells and whistles and even accept nickel bets.

Video slots

Coming of age in the mid-70s, video slots took the slots playing experience to a whole new level. While the earliest slots games had been a purely mechanical mix of springs, wheels, weights and levers, and the second generation of electromechanical slots an enhancement of what players could find behind the scenes, video slots revolutionized the overall look and feel of slots games. By using a video screen and what is known as a random number generator (RNG), video slots soon began to take over the casino floor at both brick and mortar and online casinos around the world. As RNGs used an algorithm to ensure mathematically that each spin was a completely unique event (hence the term random) and not in any way influenced by the spins coming before it, video slots leveled the playing field among slots machines. With both 3-reel, 5+ reel and 3D versions of video slots available online today, the advent of video slots exponentially multiplied players choices. Video screens allowed for an enormous range of possible themes, bonus features, paylines and more and added a whole new dimension to traditional slots play, in essence bringing online slots truly into the 21st century and beyond.

Play slot machine games at CoolCat Casino today!

Straight slots

Straight slots are designed to keep slots play simple, easy and direct. With only one payline, as opposed to multiple payline slots, usually only 3-reels (to keep things simple), no free spins, prize multipliers, bonus rounds or confusing extra features, these slots offer up fixed jackpots and basic prize payouts for three of a kind symbols on a single line. Back in the day, pretty much all slots games were straight slots, from the earliest “fruit machines” that had fruit symbols on the wheels and paid out in chewing gum flavors based on which winning fruit symbol you pulled, to traditional 3-reel online video slots like Sevens & Stripes, straight slots are a stress free and enjoyable way to indulge your slots fetish and relax without all those annoying and distracting bells and whistles.

Multiple payline slots

Whereas classic slots, from back in the days of one armed bandits found in local saloons across the US, only ever offered one payline, the developers of modern online slots have come up with a number of new ways for players to win. Multiple payline slots payout not just on one line, but anywhere from 10 to up to 100 lines or more, depending on the specific slot and the amount wagered. Paylines can run from right to left, left to right, horizontal, vertical, in different patterns such as “V”s, “N”s, or “M”s. Multiple payline slots dramatically increase players chances of winning on a single spin. Add in scatter symbols and wilds and multiple payline slots have rapidly become a popular favorite among online slots players everywhere. The thing about multiple payline slots to keep in mind is that its almost always recommended you bet max. The reason being that many of the multiple payline bonus features are only active when you get the right combination of symbols with a max bet. Fortunately, free spins bonus rounds and prize multipliers, combined with fixed or progressive jackpots, all work together to make these slots some of the most lucrative available to players available online today.

Progressive slots

For many avid slots fans, progressive slots provide the ultimate in chances to win big. As an advancement of traditional fixed jackpot slots, progressive jackpot slots machines set aside a percentage of each coin played to put toward the overall jackpot. This means that the more people that play an individual progressive online slot, the higher the total jackpot. Over time, progressive slots jackpots can easily reach the millions of dollars. That said, playing progressive slots is not for the weak of heart or wallet. Unlike traditional slots machines, that pay out more frequently but in smaller amounts, progressive slots tend to pay out less frequently on smaller wins. The reason being is that a percentage of all coins played has to go to the progressive jackpot, making the payout on lesser wins not as lucrative as a fixed jackpot slot. No risk, no reward, right? But progressive jackpots tend to be astronomically higher than standard fixed jackpot slots. For those players willing to take the risk, progressive slots can offer up potentially life changing rewards in the blink of an eye.

CoolCat Winners

Steve started playing Naughty or Nice at CoolCat at 8:24PM last Wednesday. He was coming off of a previous win, so he bet big from the get go.

Almost immediately, the big bets started paying off. Within the first minute of playing, he won $1,037.50.

Then, he got $812.50, $400, $1,450. All on single spins. A few minutes later, he hit his first Feature and won $1,800 on 12 Free Spins.

He soon triggered his second Feature. Again, 12 Free Games. But this time, he won $64,725.00 across the 12 Spins. Without betting a cent of his own money.

Steve played for some time longer, adding a few more wins before calling it a night. Not bad for a Wednesday night.

Start playing today and win big!