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Casino Perks: Online vs Land-Based

Casinos are known for their VIP programs, free drinks, free rooms, and tempting casino perks. It’s one of the things that most draws players out of their homes and onto the casino floor. But what about online casinos? What kind of incentives do they offer, and how can they possibly measure up to free mojitos and room service discounts? 

The CoolCat experts are here to give you all the inside scoop on casino perks — both land-based and online. Which is better? You can decide for yourself!

Land-Based Casino Perks

It’s no secret that one of the biggest reasons people make the effort to play in a physical casino is the sheer amount of perks and bonuses large casinos gift their loyal customers. Casinos all over the world constantly crank out the incentives — and it works!  Listed below are just a few examples of some of the best reasons to have a night (or three) on the gambling floor.

Rest and Relaxation — Pamper Yourself!

Time can easily get away from you while on the casino floor. One winning streak turns into another and BAM! Four hours and four cocktails have come and gone. 

But don’t worry! You’ll be greatly rewarded for your efforts at the craps table, especially if you’re at a first-rate Vegas casino like the Bellagio. Casino Hotels like the ones you’ll find on the Vegas strip offer a multitude of spa and salon services that are sure to replenish you — body and soul!

You can also gain access to Poolside Cabana Massages, Caviar Fusion Facials, Coconut Milk Baths, Aromatherapy Wraps, and more. Whatever you choose, you’ll be treated like royalty as a reward for your money spent at the casino.

Gourmet Cuisine — Dinner and a Show

casino perksTop casinos are famous for their exciting dining options. The Excalibur Hotel & Casino is widely known for organizing entertaining, themed dinners. You simply won’t want to miss out on the invading armies, dancing maidens, and firework shows while feasting on award-winning entrees. 

You also enjoy the evening performances by the fountains of Bellagio as dancers swirl to the tune of, “Luck Be a Lady Tonight.” The spectacular dancing fountain has provided a backdrop for these entertainers at the Fontana Bar and Lounge. The celebrated vocalist and songwriter, Diana Diaz has been entertaining guests with her powerful voice for about eight years now.

While Vegas is most widely known, you won’t just find flashy casino entertainment on the Strip. 

Throughout the world (and not just in major casino cities like Atlantic City, Macau, etc.) you’ll find that most casinos are stacked with food, drinks, and entertainment galore. Take part in magic shows, concerts, and more. 

Even if your money runs out, you’ll never be bored!

Online Casino Perks

In 2021, more and more people are opting to play their favorite casino games online. You may be thinking, “but what about all those amazing rewards at land-based casinos?” Well, you’re in luck! Thanks to advancements in technology, you can experience most of the thrills of a gambling floor, right from the comfort of your home — as well as some pretty awesome perks and bonuses!

No Deposit Bonuses

If you’re playing at a reputable online casino such as CoolCat Casino, there’s no doubt you’ll run into a plethora of bonus codes and Free Spins. One of the most sought-after bonuses gifted by online casinos is No Deposit Bonuses

Most online casino bonuses come with lots of terms and conditions, and most of all, deposit requirements. This is when the casino offers you a bonus or Free Spins, but only after you make a deposit at the Cashier. 

No Deposit Bonuses do not require this, as the name clearly states. This is the unicorn of bonuses that while sometimes tricky to find, can grant you tons of rewards and benefits for no money down. Now you see why they are so desirable! As with any bonus from an online casino, it’s important to check the fine print. 

They often come with terms and conditions that you must meet in order to cash-out your winnings. These include: 

  • Playthrough Requirements: Suppose your No Deposit Bonus features a playthrough requirement of 25x. This means that you’ll need to wager the value of the bonus 25x before you can cash-out.
  • Cash-Out Maximums/Minimums: This means that you will either have a cap on how much of your winnings you can actually cash-out, or you will need to win a certain amount before you can. 
  • Game Restrictions: Often with No Deposit Bonuses, your Free Spins or bankroll coins will be strictly limited to certain slots or table games. But even if this is the case, you’ll still have tons of options at which to try your luck.

Mobile Casino Games

online casino perksWe work from our phones, watch movies from our phones, surf the web from our phones. Why not play blackjack or poker on your phone too? In the era of “go go go,” mobile casino games are rapidly becoming the most popular way to play your favorite games, and you can do all this without sacrificing any of the stunning graphics, sound effects, and security that comes along with playing on your Mac or PC. All you need is a mobile device (iPhone, Android, tablet, etc) and a solid internet connection, and the gambling floor is yours!

Whether you’re in line for coffee, on your morning commute, on your lunch break, or waiting at the doctor’s office, you can be winning real money at an online casino. Simply log in to your CoolCat account as you normally would, and get started. There are no limitations when it comes to game choice, bonus codes, graphics, everything! It sounds too good to be true, but it certainly is not.

Live Dealer Games

If you love and crave the social aspect of gambling at a land-based casino, but don’t want to leave your house, this is the perfect platform for your gaming needs. Live dealer casino games are just that. Play your favorite table game right in the presence of an actual live dealer! He or she appears in a live stream for you, in high definition. You can talk and interact with your croupier as you would at a land-based casino.

Top-rate online casinos take this even one step farther and allow you the opportunity to interact and chat with your fellow players at the table. This is technology at its finest, folks!

While not all games will be modified for a live dealer, reputable online casinos will certainly have a few options for you to choose from. Try out a few different rooms and dealers until you find the perfect fit for you. We promise there is something for everyone! The only thing about live dealer casinos that differ from other online casinos is they lack the ability to play for free.

And that brings us to our next point — FREE GAMES.

Freeplay Mode

Freeplay mode is perhaps one of the best things about online casinos. You can try out any game you like (except for live dealer games) completely for free! Say you want to practice a new poker strategy, or you’ve never played baccarat and you’d like to give it a go. Freeplay mode is the perfect option. Play real casino games entirely for free with no risk to your bankroll.

You can practice, practice, practice until you are certain that you are ready to place real money bets. You definitely can’t do this at land-based casinos. This is why we think online casinos are the way to go!

Let the Games Begin!

Now that you have all the inside scoop on the casino perks and bonuses of land-based and online casinos, which do you prefer? Yes, the exciting dinners and live performers are a blast. But so is being able to win real money while laying in bed!

If you, like us, think online casinos are the crème de la crème when it comes to gambling, try out any of our games entirely for free at CoolCat Casino!

Good luck!

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