3 ways your mood defines your luck

Some guys have all the luck. It’s a phrase you constantly hear, whether it relates to someone doing well in life, getting the girl, or winning big playing scratch tickets. Some people believe that some are just born lucky. And you might believe that if you’re not particularly lucky yourself but see others doing well.

But is it possible that there’s more at play here? Can your personality define your luck in life? We’re not 100% sure, but we believe your personality (and mood of the day) can define your luck at a casino. Keep reading and we’ll prove it to you.

Angry Mood

innnerangry26022015If you walk up to play casino games in a bad mood, chances are you’ll lose. Think about it. You’ve already got your guard up.

Let’s say you hit the Blackjack tables and drop $25 on a bet. Assuming the first bet loses, you’ll be bound to be in an even bigger bad mood. Now, one of two things will happen. You’ll try to change your luck by betting bigger. And if you hit another loss, things will only get worse.

Or you’ll walk away from that first bet in an even worse mood and you’ll feel like your bad luck streak lives on forever. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Good Mood

innergood26022015If you’re in a good mood, you’ll approach the tables knowing that not every bet is a winning one.

If you lose a couple of bets, it’s no big deal (or you may actually be able to Double ya luck!. You know enough not to chase losses.

What’s more, people who approach casino games while in a good mood tend to try out betting strategies and approach them knowing that it could change their game. Plus if a betting strategy doesn’t work the way you’d hoped, you won’t sweat it too much.

Sad Mood

innersad26022015If you’re in a sad mood, we recommend avoiding the tables altogether.

When you’re sad, you tend to focus your mind elsewhere, even more so than those in an angry mood might. Doing so could lead to losses for all the wrong reasons. Forget not having luck on your side.

Playing while sad could cause you to make stupid moves like staying on a 10 against a bust card or any other card for that matter.

Remember, your mood can affect your luck no matter where you’re playing, live or online. So always approach the game with a clear head and try and aim for that good mood if you want to play and have fun!

Erik Blackwell

Erik Blackwell is a 'bon vivant' with a problematic addiction to comics and fondue. Went to MIT but finally left to pursue acting. He currently lives in sunny California with an American Stafford-shire Terrier and an American Bulldog that somehow managed to get along. He's dabbled in acting but doesn't like the spotlight. Loves to play casino online.