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Casinos for Men: Slots that guys will love

Many might argue that slot machines are for women. A sexist statement, no doubt, and we don’t believe it. However, most people would be of the mind to think that slots are inherently designed for old grannies that flood the casino floors or women who don’t particularly show any interest in the more technically difficult table games at classic brick and mortar establishments. However, this presumption would be incorrect.

Men too enjoy slot machines, and if you find yourself a) being a man and b) being skeptical then you should take note! Sure, it’s easy to point out that some of the slot themes and titles available at your local land-based casino might seem geared toward the fairer sex (as they say). For instance, take the popular Sex & The City titled slot machine. We challenge you to find a guy who’d be willing to sneak down to his man cave, lock the door, secretly watch the HBO classic and find the Big-Carrie love storyline enthralling. What about the Ellen slot machine themed after and starring legendary comedian Ellen DeGeneres? Try to poll 100 men and see how many of them watch the popular daytime TV or who would list it as their favorite. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

It’s a women’s world, and it might feel like slots are a part of the women’s club, but believe it or not there are casinos exist that are trying to appease the male species. Fortunately, CoolCat Online Casino is one of them. That’s right. Visiting our casino you will notice that not only do we have the best online slots games for both sexes, but that yes we also have many geared for the masculine gender. So, why not join us as we go through our exciting list of manly slots that have proven popular time and time among eager men. On top of this, we’ll go over and review some of the most classic live casino slots designed for guys, including xxx slots and nude slot games. So grab your beerhat and cornchips, and bring your dude friend because you won’t want to miss this one!

Hottest Online Casino Slot Machines

Naughty or Nice?

We’re not going to beat around the bush here. Naughty or Nice might sound like it’s all about Christmas. It might even feature all your holiday favorites like Santa Claus and his lovely wife. However, this online slots game offers something a little more risque that is more xxx-mas than x-mas. That’s right, it’s a xxx slot. It’s not to say that you’ll need to cover your children’s eyes while you play, or ask mom to leave the room.
Naughty or Nice? adds a bit of a twist on the holiday season and features some of the most scantily clad women of all the online slots games out there, looking to reward you for your play and guaranteed to get those pulses rising. However, we’re not just talking about the eye candy, because this game comes complete with a phenomenal top prize that is 50,000x your bet per line as well as additional scatter wins that are multiplied by the total bet! Why not try it today to add a little heat to your holiday and play Naughty or Nice? on your computer or mobile device only at online CoolCat Online Casino.

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Naughty or Nice Spring Break

Remember when we said that Naughty or Nice? features some of the most scantily clad women of any online slots game? We weren’t exactly telling the truth. Naughty or Nice Spring Break takes things to an even more seductive level (if you can imagine) on this very persuasive xxx slot game.
The Naughty or Nice girls are back in this sequel, and this time they’re sporting a whole lot less. Instead of attire to keep you warm for the north pole, they’re wearing just enough to keep the naughty bits covered in tight bikinis. If this is not enough to draw your interest then you’ll definitely be all over the game’s tremendous payouts. The top prize 48,000x your bet per line in this exciting Spring Break themed slots game, plus the Naughty or Nice bonus feature allows you the chance to win free games and additional spectacular prize multipliers. So why not give it a try this super hot xxx slot machine? You know you want to.


Looking for something packed with action, a sense of adventure and even danger? Are you a fan of heavy metal gods Led Zeppelin, the show Vikings or the epic battles of the Marvel Thor film saga? Then we’ve got the perfect slot game for you. Be sure to check out Asgard. This intense new slot game at CoolCat Online Casino smashes your through dull earthly existence into a plane of majesty and old world reckoning worthy of the mighty Norse gods. It features the likes of the great and powerful god Odin, Thor, and his mischievous brother Loki. It has an all ways pays feature and incredible gameplay including Thunderbolt, Goddess Feature, and Loki’s Magic. Take a chance to play hard, win big and immortalize yourself in the epic halls of Valhalla!

Cash Bandits

If you’re like a lot of men, you probably played Cops and Robbers growing up as a young boy. Heck, maybe you even became a cop yourself or maybe you’ve become a robber (we hope that’s not the case). Whatever the truth may bay, you can relive your youth by playing the always-entertaining Cash Bandits right here at CoolCat Casino!
This fantastic online slot game comes with a whopping top prize of 30,000x your bet per line, so you really could feel like you’ve robbed a bank and made out like a bandit. What’s even better is that there are two massive jackpots, including one that resets at $1,000. The superb slot game is available to play through download or CoolCat Online Casino Instant Play feature or on mobile. Simply register for a free account, sign and start playing for free! Do you want to play for real money? Once you’ve registered, all you need to do is visit the cashier to make a deposit and start playing to win big.

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Slots in the real world

Now that you’ve had a taste of just a fraction of the excellent slots games offered at CoolCat Online Casino, from the xxx slots to the more adventurous and action packed excitement, we recognize that you might want to enjoy live casino games too. So rather than forcing you to wade through a sea of online slots targeted at women in Sin City or at your favorite local land-based casino or wherever your gambling travels might take you, we’re covering a few live slots that guys will be sure to love. Read on to find out more!

The Walking Dead

walkingdead27032014You’d be hard-pressed to find a manlier TV show than The Walking Dead. This show is gruesome, all about zombies, gritty, violent, and did we mention gruesome? In my circle of friends, lots of women love this show, but at the end of the day, it’s a show that’s about survival, not romance. It’s about guts, blood, sweat and even occasional tears (yes men cry too, only sometimes) and of course… zombies! There’s guns, drama and mayhem and the lead character Rick Grimes sporting the manliest of beards as he points his signature Colt Python revolver straight between the eyes of his undead victim. But you can do more than just watch the show!
If you head to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or another live casino destination, be sure to check out The Walking Dead slot machine! It’s terrific! You’ll get to slash heads off zombies, hear classic sound bites from the show including its iconic theme music, and yes, of course collect massive payouts all for surviving the zombie apocalypse. If you’re a guy and you really want an exciting slot game to sink your teeth into than The Walking Dead slot game is the perfect fit for you. Don’t miss out!


Despite Playboy’s previous attempts to rebrand their magazine to be free of nudity (no, not free nudity), free of nudity many guys around the world still feel like they should be able to enjoy the eye candy of the world famous magazine. Guys who now claim to read Playboy for the articles means that they’re not lying. Regardless of your stance on nude or not non-nude Playboy that hasn’t stop men all over the world from loving what Playboy stands for. We have great news! In Sin City, you can find the classic Playboy themed xxx slots and video poker machines, and well needless-to-say that as the clothes come off, the coins drop down too. Let’s hope that you can manage to keep your cool on this game that some might call an xxx slot.

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Family Guy

If you can’t get enough of Stewie’s genius quips, Brian’s dry whit, or the “giggity-giggity” antics of Glenn Quagmire, you’ll love the Family Guy slot. Based on the internationally popular television show, and though perhaps not as crude and jaw dropping as the original series, this hilarious slot game definitely gives your comedy fix with every spin. Enjoy Peter Griffin’s trademark laugh or Lois’s scolding tone as you rip roar through the bonuses and hefty payouts, all while enjoying a good gut busting laugh. The game is available to play at many live casinos in Las Vegas and around the world, and is almost as popular as the show. It offers some fantastic payouts and cutting edge graphics that will have fans of the show and new comers alike enjoying their time playing on this hilarious slot game.

TV shows that should become slot games

So you’ve looked at themed slots from the risqué to the adventurous, but perhaps you have not had enough of a fix to quell your pop culture jones. We’ve got some hypotheticals here with a list of popular TV shows that we think should become slot games for the most manly out there!

Breaking Bad

int1_120913You can’t argue that this would be one hell of a slot game. If you’ve seen the show, then you know that this masterpiece of television deserves its own slot machine, heck, even a shrine in the form of spinning reels dedicated to its awesomeness. Picture Mr. White, “the one who knocks”, Heisenberg himself, played by Bryan Cranston, dressed in his trademark black jacket and black hat spitting classic lines while you play your way to the top of a coveted jackpot. We can just picture his accomplice Jesse by his side cheering you on as you hit those big payouts. That’s right. The Breaking Bad Slot Machine, what could be better!

Game of Thrones

Well, looks like we stand corrected. As exciting as a Breaking Bad themed slot machine game might seem, we must admit that this one just might be better. Game of Thrones is without a doubt currently (but only currently 🙂 ) the most popular television show on the planet… and for good reason. The writing from George R.R. Martin is superb catchy and exciting, the casting and acting simply phenomenal, and not to mention there’s boobs (many) and dragons (less), perfect match for a male audience friendly xxx slot machine! Hey, come on! This should definitely be the number one contender ultimate for a themed slot machine of all time!

Marvel’s Agents of Shield

agentsofshield27032014You know that the inner geek in you wants this to happen. As guys we all love comics, even if you’re a jock and you don’t want to admit it. The recent success of the Marvel universe and its television and film franchise would be the perfect them for any number of slot games. Just think of all the amazing things that you could do as you spin for bonuses amongst superheroes like Thor, Iron Man and the one and only Hulk! It would work great as an online slot machine. Just imagine a bonus round where you could smash through bonuses as an angry hulk, or fly your way to a jackpot as Iron Man himself. This would surely give you a run for your money! The possibilities would be endless.

Discover the world of manly slots online

In the mood for these manly slots? Or do you want to discover something else? Jump online and head to the virtual casino floor at CoolCat Online Casino. There you’ll find over 150 online slots games to choose from. We admit that not all casino games are designed for men. High Fashion, for example, might not be your new favorite. Same goes for Paris Beauty, Mermaid Queen, or Glitz and Glamour. However you might love games like Ninja Star, Orc vs Elf, Bubble Bubble and its sequel Bubble Bubble 2 and a plethora of other exciting online slots games, including the ones that we mentioned above.

Ready to get started? Just create your free CoolCat Online Casino account and you’ll be good to go. We just need a few minor piece of personal information to set you up with an account (don’t worry, all your information is completely private and secure). Once we’ve created your account, you can access our entire suite of online slot games whenever you’re in the mood. Play for free or for real money! And we don’t just offer slots. You’ll also find table games, classics like blackjack and baccarat, exciting types of video poker, and many other specialty games. Play our signature games and popular favorites for free if you’re a frugal kind of guy or are looking to practice.

However, if you feel the need to seriously jack up your bank account, which you most certainly can do, then CoolCat Online Casino is just for you. New joiners can enjoy wonderful welcome bonuses, and we offer some fantastic match bonuses on real money deposits. It’s easy. Just visit the cashier for your chance to start playing for real money today, and you might just end up living the life of the ultimate bachelor or playboy; jet setting from coast to coast as you enjoy your new luxury yacht after striking it big on any of our massive jackpots. CoolCat Online casino, where all of the coolest cats go to play.

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