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The Top 7 Popular Lucky Charms for Gamers

Throughout history, no matter the sport, game or event, somewhere among the spectators, and participants as well, numerous lucky charms, such as; zodiac symbols, animal parts and even animals themselves, have been pocketed, worn, rubbed and petted in an attempt to drawn upon the spiritual realm, in hopes of swaying the outcome in their favor. Here are the 7 Items for good luck for casinos:

  1. Lucky coin
  2. Lucky clothing
  3. Amulets/charms
  4. Pets
  5. Horseshoe
  6. Music and songs
  7. Shamrock

An individual’s lucky charm, or good luck piece in critical in their belief that just by merely having it on their person, or touching it prior, or throughout the event, will bring good luck, fortune or victory. It is serious business to those who believe, and according to a recent study conducted by a British University, over 30 percent of those who have charms, talismans and amulets, truly feel as though their life, along with their luck has significantly improved as a result.

These luck granting items can be of various shapes, sizes, colors and origins. In fact, even coffin nails are considered by some to be a good luck charm. Some individuals may have a certain article of clothing, such as a shirt, hat or even underwear that they feel as though bestows fortune, luck and good will upon them. Others might choose a piece of jewelry, or trinket to wear around their neck, wrist or ankle.

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Still, items that derive from animals, such as the faithful old rabbit’s foot, have long been synonymous with luck and good fortune. However, the true meaning behind the foot relates more to the fortune of one’s ability to sire, or bear a child, than to hitting triple sevens on an online slots game. Nevertheless, it remains as one of the top 7 popular gamer’s lucky charms.

Another animal item has been seen by many gamers in Africa as a must have, prior to wagering on any event, or online casino game; the alligator tooth. So just what are the best items to have if trying your luck at winning big during an online game, or sporting event? Below is a list of items that might be found on a gamer that is drawing spiritual energy, or simply the power of suggestion, while playing their favorite casino game.


1. Lucky Coin:

Coins, ironically enough, go hand and hand with money. A coin that was found in a special place, was inherited within the family or belonged to someone close to the holder, has great sentimental value but also might hold significant positive energy for the person now owning it.


2. Clothing:

For ages now, people have always had their favorite among their clothing. It might be a shirt they wore during a job interview, the day they were wed or even when their favorite sports team won the championship. Typically one is heard referring to their “lucky hat” or “lucky shirt”, and it is a sure bet (no pun intended) that if something of great importance, luck or fortune occurred while wearing that article of clothing, it will forever be considered as their lucky charm.


3. Amulets/Charms:

Often times it will be women gamers who hold a bracelet adorned with charms, a pendant or broach as their good luck item. Two of the more popular good luck charms for ladies are the butterfly, or the ladybug. Yet there are quite a few men whose shamrock cufflinks, or even those coffin nails stuck in their collar, seem to provide enough positive energy to propel them toward fortunes untold.


4. Pets:

This seems to coincide with many of the online gamers, who sit at home and play casino games on their computer. As with the article of clothing, if the gamer happens to hit it big at slots, just as their beloved cat decides to lie down upon the keyboard: You can rest assured that the cat might now be considered a lucky charm, and the computer area is now his/her napping location anytime the owner is on a hot streak!


5. Horseshoe:

Now this popular gamer’s lucky charm needs no introduction. Anyone old enough to watch cartoons knows that a horseshoe is a luck garnering item, worthy of holding onto in a clutch.


6. Music and Songs:

There are a great number of gamers who adorn their headphones while playing online casino games. They may have a favorite genre of music, or even an online gaming “playlist” that they feel must be playing if they are to have any luck at all while gaming.


7. Shamrock:

Who truly knows where the luck of the Irish really comes from? Whether it be their pot of gold, or the four leaf clover, but there isn’t a more important item, or more popular lucky charm to be had, than the original lucky charm itself: The Shamrock.

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    Erik Blackwell

    Erik Blackwell is a 'bon vivant' with a problematic addiction to comics and fondue. Went to MIT but finally left to pursue acting. He currently lives in sunny California with an American Stafford-shire Terrier and an American Bulldog that somehow managed to get along. He's dabbled in acting but doesn't like the spotlight. Loves to play casino online.

    • I do not believe in a lucky ‘charm’, per se. However, I believe there are actually lucky ‘days’, for my own good luck reference. Also, lucky numbers. Another interesting piece from Erik. You Rock! (cst)

    • Make my day Kitty

    • Good article…always have believed in luck good or bad (prefer good). Always have my lucky charm. alisa8119

    • donnablair… lucky charm is no more than my positive energy. I feel like a winner Im bound to win. If Im not feeling lucky, I wait untill I am. And right now Im feeling lucky… bring on my chip!!!!!

    • jolly9 my lucky charm are a half dollar my dad gv me years ago

    • I’m not a firm believer in luck, but it never hurts to gain confidence by having a charm to rely on. amyjim

    • My lucky charm is my positive energy. If Im feeling lucky I play .If Im not feeling it I wait until I am.I think I can feel when Im gonna win and usually I am right. It is all in positive energy and Im feeling very positive so bring on the free chip!!!!!!

    • nannymaz>>>> I don’t have any lucky charms … I just scream at the screen alot

    • lucyt13….my lucky charm is my barefeet…I generally fare much better when I take my shoes off…if I am leaving the house and put my shoes on and try playing a few more minutes it does not end well…when I take my shoes off I immediately seem to have better rolls

    • It might seem funy but I eat a bowl of cereal when I play. Its not because there is a cereal called Lucky Charms, I just have better luck when I eat cereal-LOL

    • My lucky charm is my Cool Cat Bobber (born with no tail)…. barbark2003

    • No lucky charms here… I’ll only play if I’m feeling lucky… so… I’ll be happy to try my luck if you forward one of your chips over here! :) pnkcttncndi

    • My lucky charm is my cat. I play slots with my legs up and she lays on my legs!

    • Sarah Crane

      bird5733 My lucky charm is my great grandmothers necklace that has braided hair from her mother and her grandmother woven together.

    • eldon2nd ..I just Love playing the slot COOLCAT..i really enjoy playing all the slots for i am a lucky charm myself and can and do win I win 900 bucks

    • The Lucky Charm I have with me whenever playing slots, table games or heck even when I purchase Lottery Tix is the 1st $5 chip I ever won at the casino Blackjack table. Won on my first hand back in 1987 and have saved the chip ever since. It is starting to look rough. Cant even see the value anymore. lol gusknows1

    • fenr09

      Fenr09 – Luck comes from within. Odds are to be beaten or can the odds be beaten…….. The question lingers through one’s mind! You take a financial risk gambling, so no matter how the game is played…….. Its either your day of goodluck or your day of bad. No one can really be sure if they have luck unless they give oneself the motivational speach of having goodluck based on how they feel lucky! lucky is a feeling; Having a good feeling = good luck is bestowed // Having a bad feeling = bad luck is bestowed

    • I keep the money wrapper from the $10,000 I won on slots in my purse. Lucky134me

    • kcon2003. I like to keep an Ace of spades card in my back pocket.

    • I am all for lucky charms but dont use a physical one, wheen my hand itches , then i know im going to win.

    • Tried crystals. Didn’t really work.

    • My cat Twinkle is my lucky charm. If she sits by me when I play I usually win (:

    • Luck for me, is a frame of mind, I’ve tried all of the ones mentioned, but being positive, works best for me. dinulf1

    • Good Ole Lucky Drawers never(rarely) fail….. aintsotuff

    • disqus_8R230brzuX

      my two pot bellied piggies are my lucky charms :)

    • disqus_8R230brzuX

      lynk >>>> my lucky charm is a pin my niece gave me a couple of years ago!

    • spud57
      i know we are kittens here but my lucky charms are my puppys. some times cats and dogs get along .Don’t they . well i hope so or i am in some deep stuff!

    • sierraj>>>I have a lucky pig charm that seems to work.

    • Mikilittle – no charm

    • I go with my gut…sometimes it works, sometimes not! LOL

    • My dogs name is Lucky….I use his name alot for my chanting at the machines…”Come on Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Charm!”……avcoolcat