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Play Texan Tycoon

Texan Tycoon Basics: The crew arrives and the landscape and transforms into oil wells and heavy drilling projects on site, experience a new definition in online slot machines with Texan Tycoon. Go back in time to the first wave of oil exploration to live an economic bonanza; luxurious lifestyles of those who led the commercial revolution shaped a new empire.

play casino games of the highest quality and get inside of one of a kind thematic voyage where fantastic payouts, great prizes and special bonus rounds reward gaming enthusiasts’ big time. Lead your way and spin the reels of fortune grounds filled with oil treasures; cash begins to flow as the animated symbols and cutting edge realistic action takes on the electronic world.

Texan Tycoon, offered by CoolCat casino, is an adventure for those who seek out to explore the land and becoming masters of their craft. Put your hands on a game that rounds up the experience with an outstanding progressive jackpot that resets to a minimum $1000 value.

How to play

Maps and shovels in place, it’s time to dig and unveil the prizes. Enjoy all the fun and excitement you get when choosing to play free casino games, going from bet multipliers up to ten times its value and up to 25 free spins during bonus rounds. Money is to be made in here. The game features great dynamics that ensure fast paced action always under the player’s command. Animation is real and feels as if you are drilling on the hot sunny lands where history was made more than a hundred years ago. Put on your gear and live the action first hand by spinning your way inside.

First thing on the list is to access Texan Tycoon’s main menu screen showing symbols, numbers, thematic designs showing oil wells and the random progressive jackpot. Begin the gameplay preparation by selecting the number of desired paylines within a range of 1 to 25. Next, the player chooses the wagering amount; bets can be increased or decreased using arrows displayed on the left side of the screen from a minimum $0.25 all the way up to $125 per turn. All set, you are good to go and click on the Spin button to watch the reels move. To enhance the experience, the Autoplay feature allows players to automatically set the computer to make up to 1000 spins for you. The Help button pops up a new screen that shows very useful information on payouts, rules and symbol value. Start drilling and pumping out the oil, build a fortune with just one click to conquer the land.

Rules for Triple Twister Online Slot Machine

The game offers great features and a collection of added bonus rounds that deliver instant action. Here’s a list of some basic rules in Triple Twister:

  • All symbols pay in a left to right direction except for the Oil Well scatter symbol.
  • The maximum amount paid in this online slots is 50,000 times a bet.
  • Scatter and Bonus game wins are added to payline wins.
  • Random Progressive Jackpot can be awarded anytime.
  • Autoplay feature is deactivated with the Stop Auto option.


Having seen all of Texan Tycoon’s extra features and special bonus rounds, players can wonder how they can increase the frequency into which they can appear during gameplay. Besides the fact that the game uses a random number generator for the spinning reels, there is one good strategy advice to follow. Odds tend favor the player more when the amount or value of the bet is high. Raise the stakes and watch how winnings begin to go up, this is certainly a major move in terms of bankroll and how much cash there is. Despite this, slot machine reality is that the size of your winnings most of the times is proportional to your bet.


When first getting your hands on Texan Tycoon, besides the fact that its realistic action and dynamic animation exceeds players expectations, remember that a crucial point that makes you a better gamer is how much you actually know about the game. A good knowledge on payouts, symbol combinations and slot machine rules can separate an amateur player from a pro. To better enjoy the game take your time to feel the essence of Texan Tycoon by knowing all the possible situations. So for someone who is a beginner it is recommended to keep a steady wagering amount at a minimum value to understand what the game’s all about. Nobody becomes an expert at once; it requires practice in order to master your field.


Oil wells and petroleum refineries have come a long way since its early days to become the engine that moves major transportation services and many areas in everyday life. The first commercial oil wells were drilled in Poland and Romania during the 1850’s. This established a very profitable activity that developed into a gigantic industry when it reached the Americas in 1858. Many oil wells built at the time to supply a great demand for kerosene and oil lamps, later on with the development of the internal combustion engine a major boost created an economic frenzy that doubled exploration all over the U.S.

Today 90% of all vehicles depend on oil and so as many industry sectors. Hollywood produced the feature film “There Will be Blood” focusing on a young entrepreneur who develops an oil enterprise; it gives a fascinating look at how society made a big leap in terms of how oil changed life forever.


Random Jackpot: Special prize that accumulates cash value, triggered at anytime during regular gameplay.

Oil Well: Scattered symbol that can appear anywhere on the five reels to complete winning combos.

Texan Tycoon: Wild Symbol that acts as a multiplier when featured on a winning combination.

Skill Stop Spin Feature: Feature that allows players to manually stop the reels with just one click.

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