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Play Santastic!

Everyone loves Christmas, except for the Grinch. But with the type of bonuses and freebies being handed out every day in Santastic, we’re pretty confident the Grinch will come around and learn to love it. After all, Santastic captures the Christmas spirit in ways you wouldn’t believe. Get ready to enjoy extra jingle in your pocket—no matter what season it is at CoolCat.

If you think our Christmas-themed slots are way too complicated, you’re going to love Santastic. Instead of 5 reels and a ridiculous number of paylines that leave you scratching your head, Santastic uses 3 reels and features 5 paylines. But don’t let the small scale fool you. This online slots adventure features a special top award of 2,500x your bet and prize multipliers worth as much as 6x the normal prize. Best of all, you can win big without having to wait for the big man in red to roll down your chimney. Santastic is available by downloading the CoolCat Casinos software and is accessible 24/7 from your Mac or PC—perfect for players who don’t even have a fireplace.

How to play

Ready to tell the reindeer where to fly? You don’t need any sort of magic to make it happen. Just choose your bet per line amount and select the number of lines you’d like to play by using the up and down arrows to the left and right of the Bet and Lines buttons. When you’re happy with your choices, just click the Spin button. The reels will start spinning and come to a complete stop rather quickly. When they do, you’ll get paid out based on whether you’ve lined up symbols that qualify. You can see which symbols pay out the most by clicking Help from within the game at any time.

Game Rules

When it comes to Santa Claus, there are two rules you need to know about. First, never pull his beard. The real Santa’s beard doesn’t come off. Second, never leave the fireplace running on Christmas Eve. That’s a bad scene. But you don’t have to worry about any of those rules in Santastic. Remember, it’s Christmas all the time, no St. Nick required. Just know these three rules and you’ll be in good shape.

  • The Santastic top prize is 2,500x your bet per line.
  • There are two symbols that lead to extra prize multipliers—Double and Triple.
  • Hitting both prize multiplier symbols leads to 6x prizes.


Have you ever tried a betting strategy when playing online slots? Because Santastic is a 3-reel game, it’s a good opportunity to try one out without feeling too overwhelmed. There are all sorts of betting strategies worth considering, but if you’re new to slots betting strategies, start with a simple one. When you lose a bet, decrease your bet amount by one. When you win a bet, increase it by one. Some betting strategies ask you to double your bet or cut it in half each time you win or lose, but we think increasing and decreasing by one credit each time is the perfect place to start.


We all know that Santa and his elves are magical, but this is just ridiculous. Instead of having to press Spin each time, you can ask the big guy in red to do the spinning for you. He’ll work his magic to use your last bet and lines selections to spin the reels, pay you out if you’ve won anything, and spin again after each game. Just click AutoPlay to make it happen.


You’ll find a lot of Santa and Christmas-themed games at CoolCat Casino, but Santastic creates a simpler, faster version by eliminating two reels and cutting the paylines down from what you’d typically find. We’re excited to add Santastic to our arsenal of online slots games, because, well, who doesn’t love Christmas? Santastic was developed in partnership with our online slots provider, Realtime Gaming. Here’s an interesting fact for you. Despite rumors that Coca Cola created the modern-day Santa Claus by outfitting him in red and white, the truth is that the red and white Santa could be found in advertising and books at the turn of the 20th century, well before Coca Cola got involved.


Before we can spread any Christmas cheer, we need you to be familiar with the lingo. Here’s some key terminology you should know before playing Santastic.

Double Symbol: This can sub in for all other symbols to help you complete a winning combination. It also leads two double prizes.

Triple Symbol: Much like the Double symbol, only you’ll earn triple prizes for this one. What’s more, if you manage to hit a Double and a Triple in a winning combination, you’ll earn 6x prizes.!

Autoplay: Don’t want to work hard for your winnings? Turn AutoPlay on and the software will do the spinning for you.

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