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Play Bubble Bubble

There’s no reason that spooky can’t be sexy, and Bubble Bubble is just the slot to prove it. Stir up some magical winnings, and be on the lookout for mystical scattered cauldrons. They’re your key to experiencing everything that this festive slot machine has to offer. Whether you find yourself in the company of Wild Ghosts or Winni the Wild Witch, you’re going to have a great time brewing up a batch of bankroll boosting combinations. If you’re a fan of multiple paylines, play all 50, and get ready to experience the benefits of befriending the foxy neighborhood witch today!

Features come in three varieties in Bubble Bubble – including the Great Ghosts Feature, the Wild Witches Feature and the Win-Win Feature. The friendly ghosts will maximizing your winnings by providing up to 20 free games. The witches will cast a spell or two to make the reels a little bit wilder than before, giving you a chance to hit it big. Finally, the win-win feature gives you an opportunity to win, even if you lose. Make it through the win-win feature without winning, and you’ll be treated to a prize of 100 times your bet. Can you say ‘Trick or Treat’?

How to play

Playing Bubble Bubble is a lot like playing any of the other Realtime Gaming slots. The controls are easy to master, giving you a chance to fully enjoy your gaming experience. Choose between the downloadable and instant play versions of the game to get started, then get ready for a spooky treat. You’ll need to select your wager per line, as well as your number of paylines, in order to get the game underway. Bubble Bubble features up to 50 paylines to maximize the fun! When all that’s done, simply click spin and get ready to party with the witches and ghouls.

Game Rules

The only rules to remember involve Winni the Witch and her special friends. Winni is wild, which means that she counts for all symbols, including scatters. If she lands in a winning combination, she’ll triple your prizes. Cauldrons are the scatter symbols, which means that they pay in any direction. Get three or more in a single spin, and you’ll be treated to one of Bubble Bubble’s three inventive features.


Winni isn’t the only thing that’s wild in Bubble Bubble. The entire game is completely random, so there will be no guessing or strategizing that’s really effective. Instead, kick back and enjoy the beautiful graphics and exciting gameplay. Maximizing your paylines is a great way to ensure that you don’t miss out on any winnings, but your fate will ultimately be in the hands of Winni and her crew. Don’t worry; she’s known to be very generous this time of year!


Bubble Bubble rewards up to 3,000 times your bet per line, which can be huge if you play your cards right. With up to 50 possible paylines, we suggest playing as many as possible to increase your odds of a win. There’s nothing worse than realizing that you missed out on a big time payout because you forgot to play a line. Adjust the bet per line to fit your bankroll.


Bubble Bubble just appeared one day, with little notice or fanfare. Instead, it was as if it was always there, waiting to be played by adventurous gamers looking for something a little different from the standard slot offerings. Did Winni the Witch move into town one night after everyone was asleep? It’s tough to say. One thing’s for sure, though. We’re glad she did! Bubble Bubble offers a tantalizing combination of spookiness and sex appeal that’s ideal for getting in the mood for Halloween. You may think it’s a trick, but the truth is that this game is an absolute treat.


Winni the Witch She’s the wild card in Bubble Bubble. It’s impossible to know where she’ll appear next, but she almost always brings good news.

Cauldron More than a simple pot, the witch’s cauldron is the source of all her power. In Bubble Bubble, the Cauldron symbol is your key to a host of exciting features.

Great Ghosts Feature Win up to 20 free games when up to nine wild ghosts fly onto the reels following a scatter win.

Wild Witches Feature The witches offer free games and spells that make up to two reels wild throughout the feature.

Win-Win Feature You’ll win, even if you don’t.

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