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Play Small Fortune

Take the pies out of the oven, grab the fruit tray from the fridge, and don’t forget to load the picnic basket with some vino. You’ll be celebrating big time at your next outdoor lunch-especially if all the ants show up for the party carrying big rewards on their tiny backs.

Bring an extra-large tablecloth to this picnic because Small Fortune comes with a feast of prizes. In this 5-reel, 25-payline slot machine, you’ll have an opportunity to pop two big jackpots and score a top reward of up to 7,500x your bet per line. There are also tons of free games waiting for you when you least expect them. Just land on an Ant symbol in both reels 1 and 5, along with at least one picnic basket in reels 2, 3, or 4, and you’ll win 5 free games for every picnic basket you hit.

How to play

Never thrown a picnic before? Don’t worry. Forget all that food and beverage we talked about because we’ve got everything covered. Just bring yourself to the game, select how much you’d lake to wager per line, and choose the number of lines you’d like to play. This is a 25-payline game, so you can play anywhere between one and all 25 paylines. Your final bet per spin is your bet per line multiplied by the number of lines you’re playing. To lock in your bet, just click Spin. The reels will begin to move and you’ll get paid out according to the payout schedule. If you’re curious about how much each symbol is worth, just click Help for everything you need to know.

Game Rules

The ants go marching one by one…or so the expression goes. But there are a few rules you need to pay attention to if you want to keep the ants in line and win more often.

  • Earning free games is easy-just land on two Ant symbols in reels 1 and 5, plus at least one picnic basket on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th reel.
  • There are two random jackpots in this game, and if you win one you’ll know about it at the end of a game.
  • Small Fortune features a top award of 7,500x your bet per line.


The key to winning at Small Fortune is to play as many lines as possible. Remember, this is a 25-payline game, so there are all sorts of opportunities to match up symbols in interesting ways. However, you do have a choice to play fewer than 25 paylines. Don’t. The worst situation to find yourself in is landing on the right symbols to hit the jackpot only to discover that you forgot to play that specific payline. Don’t risk it. Instead, make sure you play all 25 paylines every time you hit Spin. Remember, the paylines won’t reset back to 25 each time, so if you choose 10 paylines on your first spin, it will remain at 10 for your next spin.


Short on funds but still want to play? It’s called Small Fortune for a reason. Literally anyone can play, no matter your bankroll. If you’re sitting with just a few cents to your name, don’t worry. Simply use the bet and lines arrows to adjust your bet per line. You can also adjust the number of lines you’d like to play, but as we mentioned, you’re better off lowering your bet per line and keeping your lines the same.


Ants have gotten a bad rap. They’re a nuisance. People don’t think twice before stepping on them. But in reality, they work hard and they’re an important part of our ecosystem. If you look at any ant colony, you’ll notice that the ants are carrying stuff on their backs. It’s actually pretty interesting to watch through a microscope, so we thought it would be a good idea to bring the magic to life. Created in partnership with our software provider, Realtime Gaming, Small Fortune takes the hardworking ants you know and love and puts them in a positive light as they carry rewards in your direction. Definitely not a nuisance.


You’ve heard us throw some terminology around, but it might not be clear to you what they are. Don’t worry. Small Fortune is a walk in the park when you understand the meanings of these terms:

Autoplay: Want to make the ants march faster? Just turn Autoplay on and the software will do the spinning for you right after you’ve been paid out for any wins.

Major and minor jackpots: With two different jackpots that pop randomly, you’ve got twice the opportunity to win when you least expect to. And there’s a lot of money in play-even if the jackpot has just been popped. The major jackpot comes with a reset amount of $1k. The minor jackpot’s reset amount is $250.

Substitute symbol: In Small Fortune, look for the Ant symbol. It has the ability to sub in for all other symbols in the game. So if you hit two pies and you need a third for a win, if the Ant symbol shows up you’re in luck. Note that the Ant symbol can’t substitute for the Girl symbol.

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