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Play Asgard

This new game at CoolCat Casino elevates you from your everyday, routine existence (that is to say, your computer desk at home) up to none other than the majestic dwelling place of the mighty Norse gods. The latest slot machine from Real Time Gaming, Asgard features the likes of the awe-inspiring Odin, the intimidating Thor, and, of course, the troublemaking Loki.

This All Ways Pays game includes an abundance of striking features including the Thunderbolt Feature, the Goddess Feature, and the Loki’s Magic Feature. Keep a sharp eye out for those moments that Bonuses and Golden Wilds appear on your screen to make the most of your spins!

Don’t waste another moment – take a step forward into the hall of Valhalla now, join the battle heroes of ancient times, and claim your own fair share of glory and riches.

How to play

Just load the game and click the “Play” button to get started. From there, you’ll need to decide on just how much you’d like to wager. Input your total bet, click Spin, and get ready to start winning! With just a little bit of mythical Norse force, you’ll find yourself with plenty of scatter Bonuses and Wilds in no time. Don’t forget that you always have the option to switch on the Autoplay mode if you simply want to watch the adventure unfold before your eyes.

Game Rules

The rules of Asgard are easy to learn and simple to follow. The game comes with a grand total of 243 combinations, and all of these winning combinations are formed by symbols on adjacent reels from left to right. Scatter wins are added to All Ways Pays wins and get multiplied by the total bet.

Substitute Rules

  • Wilds count for all symbols, with the exception of scatters and Golden Wilds.
  • Golden Wilds count for all symbols, with the exception of scatters.
  • When a Golden Wild appears, the prize is doubled.


Developing a solid strategy for modern slots games is particularly difficult because all games are built around a random number generator that ensures no predictable patterns emerge. As a result, the best way to get the most out of your time with Asgard is to evaluate your bankroll and choose a wager that will allow for a solid play session, regardless of whether you get on a hot streak or have a run of bad luck.


As with many other slot machines out there, Asgard’s multitude of features guarantees you a dynamic playing experience every time. Increase your bets to ensure that you reap the benefits once the features do start rolling in. If you plan ahead well, it means that you’ll maximize your winnings and feel lucky when you inevitably do win.


Even before it was popularized by today’s culture through comics and movies, Asgard was its own realm with its roots in Norse mythology, the body of religion, culture, and beliefs of the North Germanic people.

The northern expansion of Germanic mythology, Norse folklore comprises legends about a myriad of divine figures, mystical beings, and larger-than-life heroes. These stories were derived from countless historical sources like medieval texts, archaeological records, and oral tradition.

The most renowned part of Asgard is the great hall of Valhalla – references can be found in today’s literature, art, music, film, and more. The Valhalla feature is unlocked from the fifteenth trigger on, and can lead to an overflow of free games, new symbols with extra wins, continually increasing multipliers, additional extra free games, and more!

Valhalla is a place reserved for the greatest and mightiest heroes. Only the worthiest of warriors can take their seat in Valhalla. Will you be one of them?


Thunderbolt Feature: triggered randomly on any normal spin, as many as five reels will turn Wild before pays are awarded.

Goddess Feature: after one trigger, fifteen free games are awarded and all prizes are tripled.

Loki’s Magic Feature: – after five triggers, twenty free games are awarded with WILD added to the third reel, and bonuses trigger more free games.

Thunder God Feature: – after ten triggers, twenty-five free games are awarded with WILD multipliers as well as a series of other possible benefits.

Valhalla Feature: – after fifteen triggers, thirty free games are awarded with many symbol, multiplier, and prize bonuses; retriggers add extra free games.

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