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Play Bubble Bubble 2

This new game from CoolCat Casino has you step out under the full moon into the spooky world of Winnie and Wanda the Wild Witches. These two sexy, wicked sisters are out for trouble and a good time in this new, feature packed sequel to the incredibly popular classic Bubble Bubble, by Real Time Gaming.

Magic Wands work as scatter symbols, Ghost Wilds fly across the reels, while Winnie the Witch and Wanda the Witch appear to work their darkly beautiful magic to bring you free spins, prize multipliers, Ghost Wilds and more!

Cauldrons boil with trouble, black cats, secret potions, and mystical spell books spin by as you discover the wicked secrets of these sexy sister Witches waiting to make you rich today!

How to play

Just load the game and click play to get started. From there, you’ll need to select your wager and adjust the game speed if you choose to do so. Bubble Bubble 2 comes with a wickedly wonderful 50 preset paylines. Cast your own lucky spell, click Spin and start winning! With a little bit of magic, you’ll find yourself with plenty of scatter Wands and Ghost Wilds stirring up your winnings in no time. Just want to watch these sexy sisters make trouble? Turn on Autoplay and let the spirits spin for you as you sit back and enjoy the ride.

Game Rules

The rules of Bubble Bubble 2 are easy to follow. There are 5-reels, 50 fixed paylines, and all symbols pay left to right including scattered Wands.

Substitute Rules
  • Winni Witch and Wanda Witch appear on reels 1 and 5 respectively during normal games.
  • The Witches count for all symbols including scatters (Witches count once on their reel for scatters).
  • Witches appearing expand to cover their reel before pays are awarded.
  • The prize is tripled when either Winni or Wanda appear in a winning combination.
  • The prize is 9x when both Winni and Wanda appear in the same winning combination.
  • Wild Ghosts only appear during the Greater Ghosts feature.
  • Wild Ghosts count for all symbols except scatters.
  • “WILD” only appears during the Wild Witches Feature, when both Witches appear on the reels.
  • “WILD” counts for all symbols including scatters.


Developing a solid strategy for modern slots games is particularly difficult, because all games are built around a random number generator that ensures no predictable patterns emerge. As a result, the best way to get the most out of your time with Bubble Bubble 2 is to evaluate your bankroll and choose a wager that will allow for a solid play session, regardless of whether you get on a hot streak or have a run of bad luck.


Bubble Bubble 2 is a high-volatility slot with multiple features. Increasing your bets before the features kick in is a great way to potentially maximize your winnings on this wild and spooky new game.


The original and hugely popular Bubble Bubble showed us that spooky can be sexy. Bubble Bubble 2 takes it to a whole new level of mischievous winning magic with the addition of Winni the Witch’s super-sexy blond sister Wanda the Witch.
Under the spell of these sexy sister Witch’s you’ll need to brace yourself for a wild ride as the full moon rises on this amazing multi-feature, 50 payline slot!
Beneath the enchanting night’s sky, you can see Wild Ghosts flying onto the reels, the magical appearance of Winni and Wanda casting mind blowing feature spells, floating Wand scatters and fantastic WILDs when both sister Witches appear at once.
The moon is full, the caldron boiling, spell books, black cats and magic potions abound with hints of possible riches in Bubble Bubble 2, the magical, mysterious, spooky, sexy, wicked slots ride of a lifetime!


Winni the Witch: This wickedly sexy brunette takes the lead in Bubble Bubble 2. You never know where she’ll appear next, but she almost always brings magically good news.

Wanda the Witch: Winnie the Witch’s mischievous blond sister, Wanda the Witch loves to cast spells. When the two wonderfully wicked sisters appear together to make trouble, you’re definitely in for a fun, winning, time.

Great Ghosts Feature: 9 Wild Ghosts fly onto the reels to transform your bankroll as you win 20 free spins.

Wild Witches Feature: With this fantastic feature, either Winni the Witch or Wanda the Witch or both appear to cast wicked spells. You get 9 free spins. If both witches cast a spell, the middle reel turns wild, or you get 33 free spins, or both!

Win-Win Feature: Makes sure you’ll win, even if you don’t.

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