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Play Dr. Winmore

Unleash weird science in the secret laboratory lair of Dr. Winmore! The mad scientist is busy in his lab cooking up caustic chemicals with the ultimate goal of creating huge cascading wins! Play Dr. Winmore, the latest slot game release from the slot scientists at Realtime Gaming! Start the reels spinning to unleash the lightning and begin the chain reaction needed for explosive wins! Dr. Winmore brings more wins with cascading combinations, major multipliers, and huge wins!

Dr. Winmore is an electrifying journey into the heart of strange science experiments performed by a mad genius. Dr. Winmore is the wild symbol which substitutes for all symbols except the Robot. Match 4 or more symbols for wins and unleash the possibility of cascading wins with increasing multipliers. The maximum award is 300 times the total bet. Play Dr. Winmore via download, instant play, or mobile today!

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Dr. Winmore is a 5-reel slot game with horizontal/vertical paylines and cascading wins which keep on multiplying with each cascade. All symbols pay horizontally/vertically, and Dr. Winmore is the wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols in the game except for the Robot. Something mysterious is afoot in the secret lab of Dr. Winmore. The mad scientist is combining caustic chemicals to create chain reactions of cascading wins! His wacky Robot assistant appears randomly and zaps adjacent spaces, rows, and columns to open more chances at cascading wins. Each cascading round multiplies prizes by 1x starting with 2x and going up to a 6x multiplier. When the beakers bubble and cauldrons of chemicals are supercharged by high-voltage jolts from lightning, the wins come alive!

How to play

Load the game and click “Play” to start the action. The horizontal/vertical paylines spin up 5 reels full of scientific symbols, and you can increase or decrease your bet amount from the bottom of the screen. Once you’ve chosen your wager amount, click “Spin” to summon the power of lightning! Soon the Dr. Winmore wild symbol will appear, offering you the key to the secret of cascading wins. If you get tired of clicking “Spin” every time, just click “Autoplay” to let the machine spin for you. Click “Autoplay” again to stop the action.

Game Rules

The rules of Dr. Winmore are easy to follow. There are 5 reels and horizontal/vertical paylines. Set your bet size and spin! When you match 4 in a combination, the win is paid, and the symbols disappear to make way for new cascading winning combinations. The Dr. Winmore wild substitutes for all symbols except the Robot.

The top award is 300 times the total bet!


There is no set strategy for video slot games because they use random number generators (RNGs). These make it impossible to predict recurring patterns during play as the outcome of each spin is random. You can maximize your wins on Dr. Winmore by establishing a suitable bet amount and spinning accordingly. This will normalize play sessions for maximum enjoyment of this exciting slot game.


The best tip for playing Dr. Winmore slots is to bet the maximum coins on each spin. The larger your bet, the higher your reward. Basically, it’s the only way to ensure that you unlock the greatest payouts when multiple matching symbols appear.


On a wind-swept hill in Slotsylvania lies the secret castle laboratory of Dr. Winmore. Part genius, part alchemist, all scientist, the mad doctor spends his days and nights working on his latest creation: a slot game with cascading wins! Beakers bubble with unknown chemicals, glowing orbs crackle with arcane energy, and a thunderstorm is brewing high overhead. The Tesla coils are all ready and all dials go to 11. What the mad doctor needs is a test subject –someone willing to unleash a torrential rain of coins! All portents point to cascading wins, and each cash cascade is multiplied from 2x – 6x the prize.

When the thunder booms and the lightning strikes, the science experiment is a success! The doctor’s laughter echoes through cold hallways and he screams “IT’S ALIVE!!!” The Robot appears randomly and zaps useless symbols to supercharge the spaces with new symbols. Soon the winning combinations start rolling like thunder and multiply like bolts of lightning! Get ready to unleash the electric power of cascading wins with major multipliers. Play Dr. Winmore, the latest slot on CoolCat Casino!


Free Games Trigger: none

Scatter Symbol – none

Substitute Symbol – Dr. Winmore

Dr. Winmore Casading Wins Feature

  • Winning symbols disappear after pays are awarded.
  • Remaining symbols drop down into empty spaces, new symbols cascade into play from above, and more winning combinations are possible.
  • A prize multiplier builds up for successive cascading wins from the same original spin. The prizes are x2 on the first cascading win, x3 on the second cascading win and so on. On the fifth and subsequent cascading wins, prizes are x6.
  • Cascading continues after each win until no winning combination occurs.

Top Award: 300 x the total bet.

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