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Achilles Basics: Come and play CoolCat Casino’s Achilles, if the hottest slot machine game action is what you seek. Plenty of fast play and adventure is guaranteed when you play our Achilles slot machines. Complete with two special features, the Achilles and the Troy will fill your playing time with joy.

25 free games are what you win when Achilles shows up three or more times in one spin. Won in a free game? All your prizes will get tripled. So, now you know why playing CoolCat Casino’s online Achilles slot machine game is whole lot of fun. Saw three Troy symbols in a single spin? Now enjoy 10 free games. Win in any of those 10 free Achilles slot games, and your prizes will be doubled.

Achilles video slot has a random jackpot feature. Just when you thought free spin features are all it offers, hit the random jackpot and win big. No worries if you’re playing for $0.01 or $100.00 per spin.

How to play

Along with the assorted range of rewarding opportunities…  all housed in the superbly entertaining Achilles slot game, are components drawn from ancient history to make for an ideal gambling adventure. The ancient images of Achilles, Helen of Troy, the wooden horse, swords, shields, prehistoric banners and the Fort of Troy are part of this online slot game which fetches awesome prizes.

The image of Achilles acts as the substitute in the game and it also assists you to the biggest reward of 10,000 chips in the game. The Fort of Troy is the scatter symbol in the game that will get you multipliers of up to 500 times. Besides this both the images of Achilles and the Fort of Troy will help you trigger the free spin feature on the Achilles online slots. Spin three or more images of Fort of Troy to win 10 free games. If you spin three or more icons of Achilles anywhere across the reels, you can win 15, 20 or 25 free spins. The random jackpot feature lets you make money regardless of what you win on the reels.

Begin your game of Achilles online slot by hitting the help button which will open up complete details on rules and the various offers in the game. Once you are through with all the details, you can press the bet tab to settle the size of your per payline bet. Your wagering limit can start from $0.20, $0.40, $1.00, $2.00 and go on to $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 to $100.00.

After this you can select the number of lines by pressing the line button. There are a total of 20 paylines to choose from which are displayed on the left and right side of the reels. While you are selecting the lines, make sure you do not break the default sequence of the paylines. After you have selected the paylines, press the spin button to move the reels manually. Besides this manual option, there is an autoplay button which will run the game automatically for you based on the parameters set by you. You can set these parameters by clicking the option menu. The option menu helps you in adjusting the number of spins you want to play and select that point when you would like the game to stop. If you wish to take a break in the middle of the game you can press the stop auto tab and conveniently rejoin later. If you run out of funds, the game will stop on its own.

Rules for Achilles Online Slot:
  • The list of rules of the game of the Achilles online Slot mentioned below will help you understand the right way to engage in an effective gameplay.
  • All the symbols in the game will pay you from left to right except for the scatter symbol- the Fort of Troy that pays you both form left to right and left to right.
  • Whatever you win on different paylines get added to the total sum of winnings.
  • Your scatter wins are multiplied by your total wagering amount.
  • All your scatter wins get added to your line wins.
  • Your wins on the lines are multiplied by your bet on every payline.
  • The highest reward in the game of Achilles online slot is 40,000 times your bet per payline in every spin.
  • Your jackpot prizes are added to your other winnings in the game.
  • All that you win on the 10 free games will be automatically doubled by your triggering bet and your rewards on the 15, 20 or 25 free spins will be tripled by your triggering bet.


You never know what you can get from one of the one of the best slot machines. Unlike mechanical slots, online slots are operated by a computer. A random number generator, better known as RNG, controls the execution of the game. So, there is absolutely no way someone can cheat at the online slots game. Besides, online slots machine games offer payouts far better than land-based slots machines —about 96% to 99%. On this page, you will learn to use a strategy that can help you win extra when you’re on a winning streak at Achilles.

Increase your bet as you win. But wait — before you go ahead and press the “spin” button, decide the amount of money that you want to wager on a particular day. That done, set checkpoints to verify your bankroll for your wins or losses. If after reaching those checkpoints you see an improvement in your bankroll, go ahead and double your bet. If, on the other hand, you see a reduced bankroll, continue with your regular bet.

Let’s say you decide to wager $100 for a particular session at Achilles online slots. You bet $1 on 20 lines and set a checkpoint for every 25 spins. Write down your balance on a piece of paper. Then play the Achilles online slots for 25 spins. At this point, match your balance with your initial fund. If your balance has increased, raise your bet to $2 and continue playing another 25 spins. Otherwise, just stick to your $1 bet. After 25 spins, check your balance again. If you see an improvement, raise your bet further to $5, and so on. At any checkpoint, if you don’t see any improvements in your balance, just revert back to $1 bet and continue playing.

Give this betting system a try and see for yourself how well it can help you gain an extra amount of money when your luck runs high. CoolCat Casino guarantees you the best USA casino experience and wishes you best of luck at the slots!


The Achilles slots is a daring venture with sweeping offers and rewards. Like all online slots, Achilles online slot is no doubt a game based on pure luck. However, certain careful steps taken by you can bear fruitful results.

Before you begin playing on the Achilles online slot spare some time to go through the rule book which will give you a lucid idea of the accurate pattern in which the game is played.

Once you have read the rules, the next tip is a careful study of the various icons on the Achilles online slot. This will give you a clear view on what images you need to keep a vigilant eye on, to unravel the most wonderful rewards. Like the wild symbol of Achilles holds the topmost reward of 10,000 coins if you roll on five of them anywhere across the reels. Moreover, this wild icon on Achilles online slots also allows you to win a chance to play casino free games and spin those lucky reels a few more times.

Consider the free spin feature, because on Achilles online slot you have the two free spin features. Under the first free spin feature spinning three or more scattered symbols of Troy will fetch you 10 free games. On the second free spins feature on the Achilles online slot if you reveal 3 or more symbols of Achilles on the active reels you can win up to 25 free spins. All your rewards under the first free spin feature will be doubled while the winnings of the second free spin feature will be tripled. The second free spin feature is certainly more rewarding than the first one, so it is always a better deal to try your luck on the second free spin feature.

Playing on the free casino game of Achilles online slot is another useful tip to enhance your winning experience. Playing a free casino game of the Achilles online slot will give you a clear picture of the important facets of the game.


Achilles is a wonderful online slots themed on the Greek hero- Achilles who was an immortal warrior except for a vulnerable heel. Be it Robert Wise’s ‘Helen of Troy’ of 1956 or Petersen’s ‘Troy’ of 2004…Achilles has always grabbed the attention of the people with his heroic deeds in the Trojan War. The daring tales told by Homer about this brave legend leave us amazed. Our game makers utilized this legendary history as the theme to craft Achilles online slot.

The Real Time Gaming online slot makers have employed the best of their graphics to give a virtual look to the all the subjects of the Trojan War including, the ancient wooden horses, the legendary shields and the Trojan banners. The animated image of our Trojan soldier, Achilles holding a sword in one hand and a shield in the other seems all set to attack the kingdom of Troy. The fantastic animated images of the stunning Helen of Troy and the huge fort of Troy will force you to recall the story of Trojan War. The game makers have constructed some strapping sound effects to go with the Trojan adventure.

Just as Achilles proved to be a hero on the battlefield, he is the hero of the Achilles online slot. Reveal five images of this great star of the Trojan War anywhere across the active reels to get the top reward of 10,000 coins. Explore the scattered Castle of Troy in the Achilles slots for extensive rewards and free spins.


Random jackpot: Random jackpot is a huge pot of reward that might at random show up at the end of any spin in the game. Regardless of the action on the reels this random jackpot might drop down at the end of any spin. Persisting ticker on the random jackpot window just above the reels will never let you forget that it is there.

Wild symbol/Achilles: The wild symbol is an icon in the game that conveniently substitutes itself with the other icons to get you the winning combos. The wild symbol in the Achilles online slots is the Achilles itself. Spin the image of Achilles on any of the active reels and this bold and audacious hero will replace himself with all the other icons on the reel to get you the rewarding combos. The only symbol that the wild Achilles does not substitute is the image of the fort of troy which is the scatter symbol in the game. The Achilles symbol in this game can also get you to the free spin feature.

Scatter symbol/Troy: The scatter symbol in the game is the image that can get you multiple rewards if it is revealed for a particular number of times on the reels. The image of the castle of troy is the scatter symbol in the game. Spin 3, 4, or 5 images of troy anywhere on the active reels and your total bet will be multiplied by 3, 30 or 500 times, respectively. Revealing three or more images of troy can even trigger the free spin feature.

Free Spins: Free spins are the free games that you can win by fulfilling certain preset requirements. Achilles online slot grants you with two simple opportunities to win several free spins. Reveal three or more scattered troy on the active paylines and you can win 10 free games. Whatever rewards you win while playing on these free spins will be automatically doubled. This feature retriggered when three or more miscellaneous icons of Achilles or troy emerge anywhere across the active reels.

The second option which can get free spins is by spinning three or more images of Achilles across the active reels. You can select from any of the revealed icons of Achilles to underneath the reward of 15, 20 or 25 free spins. All your rewards while playing on these free spins will be mechanically tripled. Under this free spin feature all the images of troy are transformed to the symbols of Achilles or Helen. This feature can be retriggered to win more free spins.

Paylines: Payline is the line with preset combos which when achieved can get generous prizes. In the Achilles online slots there are total 20 paylines having varied combos and amazing rewards tied up to every payline.

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