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Play Triple Twister

Clouds are getting dark and the wind announces the arrival of Mother Nature’s beast. Triple Twister brings all the action and excitement of the top slot games enhanced by a set of added features and special bonuses that boost the energy up to the sky. Walk along the farm to watch Ted and his Wife getting ready to face the twister; they live on a farm that holds animals, machinery and a red barn typical of the Midwest region.

Dogs, pigs and cows watch the horizon for the blazing fury of heavy winds that explode into money making opportunities for players in this online adventure.

Chase the Triple Twister and unlock all the great rewards it gives away for those who face its power as it delivers not one but two progressive jackpots. Serious cash prizes are sure to come during the Win Win feature that awards up to a 100 times the original bet.

How to play

Tractors and agricultural machinery shape the fields of a vast region just minutes away from the Triple Twister to visit. No destruction in here though, players are sure to boost their bankrolls with an explosive release of money flowing right off the great features at this superb thematic adventure. Listen to the country-style guitar play a good old tune when prizes come your way at the reels of action featured on the game. No need to seek for shelter as the winds will give away cash and a once in a lifetime experience of witnessing a Twister first hand.

Enter Triple Twister’s main menu screen and see all the animated symbols, reels and both the minor and major jackpot. Start off the game by choosing your wagering amount from a minimum $0.50 to a whopping maximum $250 bet per turn. Arrows next to the Bet button allows players to increase or decrease the quantity. Triple Twisters is played with a compulsory 50 payline rule, this boost your chances at winning big time. Click on the Spin button and start moving the reels for those special combinations to show up. The Autoplay button makes players able to set the computer to automatically spin up to 1000 times for them. To answer any frequently asked questions players can have during gameplay, a Help button is displayed at the bottom right side of the screen. It features information on payouts, symbol value and general rules that come in very handy when playing Triple Twister.

Rules for Triple Twister Online Slot Machine

The game offers great slot machine games features and a collection of added bonus rounds that deliver instant action. Here’s a list of some basic rules in Triple Twister:

  • All symbols pay in a left to right direction except for scarttered Weather Vanes.
  • Maximum win per spin, besides the Progressive Jackpot, is 50,000 times bet per line.
  • Scatter and bonus wins are added to payline wins.
  • Both the Minor and Major Progressive Jackpots can be awarded anytime.
  • Triple Twister uses 50 compulsive paylines.


Triple Twister delivers great prizes and first hand action through a series of special features that make this thematic adventure a must experience for gaming enthusiasts. From a strategy standpoint it is recommended for players to bet within a high range value as it is favors the odds and improves the frequency of special rounds to pop up. When the stakes are high, features like the Win Win bonus round can return up to 100 times a bet so imagine what betting below the average level can mean: lots of cash as a reward. Once you know the game, shoot for the big leagues and make Triple Twister give you massive winnings.


First tip advisable for players is to always go for the right free casino online game and Triple Twister acts in that nature responding with solid and dynamic added features. For beginners and somewhat experienced gaming enthusiasts it is advisable to always study all the information on payouts, winning combinations and exactly how special bonus rounds are unlocked. There’s nothing wrong at having good luck but it needs to be backed up by deep knowledge on to what exactly a person is playing for. If you want to have time to understand the nature and rhythm of the game then use your bankroll wisely and bet the minimum just to extend the running time and get a sense and feel of what Triple Twister’s all about.


There is a popular media reference to a region in the United States that is constantly hit by tornadoes and storms; it’s called the Tornado Alley. It covers an area including Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, eastern South Dakota, and the Colorado Eastern Plains. Inside this region, construction codes for buildings are very strict due to the extreme weather conditions they are exposed to like the mighty tornadoes. Its citizens are used to hear sirnes and protect themselves in storm cellars depending on the severity of the incident.

In 1996, the movie Twister was released featuring a crew of storm chasers gathering data and studying tornadoes and their nature. The film became a hit thanks to advance digital effects showing the raw power of this natural disaster and thrilled audiences worldwide.


Random Jackpot: Accumulative cash prize that triggers itself at anytime during gameplay.

Weather Vane: It can appear anywhere on the five reels to complete winning combos as the scattered symbol that it is.

Twister: Wild Symbol that acts as a multiplier when featured on a winning combination.

Win-Win Feature: Special round that prizes players with a bonus if their free spin bonus round winnings is less or equal than ten times their bet.

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