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Play Enchanted Garden II

It’s time to kick things up a notch at CoolCat Casino with more prize winning potentialthan every before. Enter the world of Enchanted Garden II and discover an edge-of-your-seat adventure through a magical forest where every turn is more rewarding than the one before it.

This 25-payline online slot takes you on an adventure through a mythical and magical forest where pixies rule the day. Place your bet, spin the reels, and discover how much fairy dust will be sprinkled in your direction. If things go your way, you could find yourself playing one of two feature games. By landing on a Garden symbol on the first reel and a Fairy Princess symbol on the fifth reel, you’ll get two choose between one of two feature games to play, Simply touch the Fairy Princess to see if you’ve won the chance to play the Firefly Feature or the Fairy Queen Feature.

How to play

Enchanted Garden II is a 25-payline online slot game. That means you can play anywhere from 1 to 25 paylines. If you want to play 4 paylines, go for it. If you want to play 24, it’s your call. To adjust your paylines number, use the up and down arrows next to the Lines button. Next, choose how much you want to bet per line. Your bet isn’t locked in until you hit Spin, so feel free to take time adjusting everything. When you’re all set, click the Spin button to get the reels moving. When they stop, you’ll get paid out based on which symbols you’ve lined up.

Game Rules

There are two feature games that award big prize multipliers and free games and hitting it requires that you land on two symbols, on two specific reels. You must hit the Garden symbol on Reel 1 and a Fairy Princess symbol on Reel 5. If you land on these two symbols but they appear on other reels, you won’t be eligible to play the bonus rounds.


Have you ever tried a betting strategy to win at slots? Enchanted Garden II is a great slot to test one out on. Start by playing just $1. If you win that, keep betting a dollar. If you lose, double it. Every time you lose, double your bet. When you win, feel free to set it back. While consecutive losses could eat up your bankroll, winning big could help you bounce back—and then some. We recommend testing this game strategy at our free online slots first.


If you want to make sure you get paid when symbols line up on a payline, make sure you actually play that payline. Seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, if you’re trying to conserve your bankroll, you might attempt to reduce paylines in an effort to make your bankroll last longer. While it makes sense mathematically, you’re better off adjusting your bet per line amount and keeping all lines set to 50.


Enchanted Garden II is the sequel to our popular online slot, Enchanted Garden. Both games celebrate the mythical world of pixies and fairies that occupy the forest. Such mythical characters are rooted in all sorts of publications, from tales written centuries ago to modern-day motion pictures. Both games are produced by legendary online slots producer Realtime Gaming and are available to play 24/7 on a variety of devices.


Firefly Feature — Hit this feature game and you’ll enjoy 7 free games with triple prizes. During this feature game, all Fairy Princess, Garden, and Gnome symbols will feature a Firefly symbol. If you hit three or more Firefly symbols, you’ll earn 3 extra free games.

Fairy Queen Feature — Play this feature game and 10 free games are yours, with extra wild symbols on the last four reels. The same firefly symbol applies to this feature game as well, for even more opportunity to cash in.

AutoPlay — Want to speed up your game? Turn AutoPlay on and the software will bet, spin, pay your out, bet, and spin for you over and over again using the last bet and line selections you locked in. You can turn AutoPlay off if you want to take back control at any time.

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