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Play Naughty or Nice

The holidays are the times when fortune and good times roll, Naughty or Nice slot machine gives a new twist on a classic celebration.

Experience the thrills of modern day gaming in an electronic destination where spinning reels deliver great cash prizes and bonuses. The girls welcome you inside this thematic adventure where players are sure to be rewarded big time. Symbols and numbers portray the Christmas spirit in money making fashion.

Fortune rounds of winter, bet your way into a gaming frenzy featuring all time favorite characters such as Santa Claus, Mrs Claus, Reindeers and holiday gifts. Naughty or Nice takes classic online casino slots to a whole new level where vintage-style design joins forces with cutting edge entertainment.

How to play

Make yourself comfortable as this is your own Christmas party hosted by two very special girls with lots of prizes to give away. They invite players for a special celebration mixed with all the best features and bonuses a thematic slot machine like Naughty or Nice can offer. Numbers and animated symbols run across the reels seeking big rewards for gaming enthusiasts. In the best 1950’s style, let the girls move and remember the times of Marilyn Monroe through one of a kind cash prizes.

Start the action by entering the main menu screen displayed on Naughty or Nice; different logos and designs set the thematic scenery for an adventurous delight. First of all, choose the number of desired paylines to go for at gameplay on a range of 1 to 25. Next select your wagering amount my increasing or decreasing it with the Bet button displayed on the left side of the screen. Bet value begins at a minimum $0.01 per turn to a maximum $5.00. Cash is set and the bankroll reads “holiday specials are here”, Naughty or Nice begins. This slot machine features the Autoplay feature that allows players to automatically set the computer to make up to 1000 spins configurable per user’s request. Information on payouts, symbol value and general rules can be found on the Help button shown on the right side of the main menu. The game itself is easy to learn and allows players to go for the action without any hassle, just put a coin and spin.

Rules for Naughty Or Nice Online Slot Machine

Download casino games like Naughty or Nice and enjoy great features and a collection of added bonus rounds that deliver instant action. Here’s a list of some basic rules in Naughty Or Nice:

  • Combinations are paid out to the player according to each enabled payline, except scattered wins.
  • The maximum amount paid in this slot machine is 50,000 times a bet.
  • Scatter wins are multiplied by total bet.
  • The random progressive jackpot featured on Naughty or Nice triggers automatically at any time during regular gameplay.
  • Any cash prizes won during the game’s bonus rounds are added to the player’s regular payline winnings.


Good strategies have to always be a part of a successful gaming run. Naughty or Nice features some of the most money making rewards meaning, there is always room for prizes. One advisable thing to remember is that despite the slot machine uses a random number generator to deliver results; it tends to favor the player more when the user bets above the average wagering amount. Betting high enhances the odds to become more favorable and resulting in more frecuency of special rounds and improves the chance at hitting the progressive jackpot. Once you start winning big time, it’s no surprise Naughty or Nice stands as a premier online experience for slot machine connoisseurs.


Like every other activity, nobody goes to master a game at once; it requires a mix of practice and deep knowledge. Most professional players will tell you how many hours they’ve spent getting a hold of a game’s dynamics and rewarding opportunities. When being a first timer on a thematic slot machine like Naughty or Nice, gamers can first play a steady wagering amount just to extend their time at the spinning reels and get to know the virtual scenario they are on. The bankroll states how much time can someone play so study the payouts and if you unlock a special bonus round go for it; when the two Girls either Naughy or Nice, learn how much can you win and how to maximize the monetary value of the experience. Take your time, you control the reels.


Christmas has proven to be one of the most important holidays around the world inspiring a series of celebrations. From chants to pop culture icons, everyone shares a special memory regarding those winter times filled with presents and special parties. The Christmas tree itself has a story of its own that traces back to the 16th century in Northern Germany as it became the center piece in a town celebration. People gathered to decorate the tree and fill it with objects like apples, nuts, dates, pretzels and paper flowers.

The tradition evolved to become a distinctive image in modern day culture, the Christmas tree represents a universal celebration that unites the world during December. Important landmark celebrations like the annual Rockefeller Center tree in New York City has inspired many famous movies to revolve around the iconic power of its symbolic significance.


Progressive Jackpot: Cash prize that accumulates a certain value continuously and triggers itself automatically at anytime.

Naughty or Nice Wreath: Scattered symbol that prizes winning combinations without having to appear in line at regular gameplay.

Naughty and Nice Girl: Completes winning combinations acting as a substitute wild symbol.

Skill Stop Spin Feature: Special feature that allows players to stop the spinning reels with just one button.

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