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Play Popiñata

Popiñata brings you right into the middle of a midnight party, where the music plays all night long and piñatas hang from festive lights. It’s the best new place to hang out at CoolCat.

The symbols in this low volatility game pay both Left to Right and Right to Left. Combined with the Wild Re-Spin feature, you’ll be watching your bankroll grow as the piñatas explode.

Watch for the Donkey piñata. It’s the Wild symbol and appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. It then expands to cover all position on its reel before wins are awarded. On top of that, when the Donkey appears and after the wins are awarded, a re-spin is triggered. If a second (or third) Donkey shows up, you get another re-spin.

Join CoolCat at the Popiñata party. You won’t want to leave.

How to play

To get started with Popiñata, all you have to do is load the game and click Play. Then, select the number of paylines – there are up to 10 paylines Popiñata, and all symbols pay Left to Right and Right to Left. Set your bet size, click spin and watch as the symbols explode when they create winning combinations. And watch for that Donkey, he’s the wild symbol and expands to cover all positions on his reel.

Game Rules

The rules of Popiñata are straightforward and easy to follow, so you’ll never need to worry about them getting in the way of enjoying the party.

There are 10 paylines and the symbols pay Left to Right and Right to Left. Your maximum win in this low volatility slot is 250 times your bet per line. The Donkey is the Wild symbol and when he appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, he expands to cover all positions, awarding you even more wins.

So, enjoy the party and watch your wins add up as the piñatas explode.


Developing a solid, effective strategy for modern slots games is not easy, because every available game is built around a random number generator that ensures no predictable patterns emerge. Popiñata is a low volatility game, so the best way to enjoy the game is to evaluate your bankroll and adjust your bet size and paylines accordingly. Once your decision is made, enjoy the party.


In games with variable paylines, like Popiñata, the best strategy we can recommend is betting all ten paylines on every spin. Since the symbols pay out both Left to Right and Right to Left, this is how you’ll get the most chances at winning.


The Aztecs lived in central Mexico between the 14th and 16th centuries. Aztec culture had rich and complex mythological and religious traditions, as well as achieving remarkable architectural and artistic accomplishments.


Scatter Symbols:One of the ways Popiñata is unique is its lack of Scatter Symbol. But don’t worry, the Wild Donkey more than makes up for it.

Wild Symbol: : The Donkey symbol is wild and appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. When it shows up, it expands to cover all positions on its reel and counts for all symbols. When one or more Donkeys appear, a Wild Re-Spin is triggered.

Wild Re-Spin Feature:

This feature is triggered when one or more Wild Donkeys appear. All reels with an expanded Donkey are held in place, while the other reels spin again. If a new Donkey appears on the re-spin, another re-spin is begins.

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