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Play Count Spectacular

Interested in finding the mysterious Count and cashing in on his bonus rewards? Then start playing Count Spectacular, the 5-Reel online slot machine with up to 25 paylines, outrageous bonuses and Jackpots available for you. When the Count appears simultaneously on reels 1 and 5, players are rewarded with either 12 Free Games with Triple bonuses or 4 Re-spins at the same bet amount and pay lines as in the triggering spin.

Multiple Random Jackpots and Scattered Symbols make this irresistible with $50,000 times the bet per-line possibilities.

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Count Spectacular has all the top-level features you expect at online slot machines including bet amounts that you can decide for each individual spin as well as your choice of how many lines you want to play in that spin.

Not enough? Automatic play available for the number of spins that you decide with your bet and payline specifications that keep rolling while you sit back and enjoy the anticipation of hitting a big-time bonus or Jackpot!

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How to play

The game has a standard slot structure, but feel free to click the “Help” button to get an overview of how the basics of the game is played.

Start off by using the up and down arrows to adjust your bet and then to choose how many of the 25 paylines you want to play for that given spin. Your bet will be divided equally among each payline. You can bet whatever amount you choose for any spin. If you want to take more of a spectator role, then set up the “Automatic” play and watch the computer keep spinning for you until the Count unveils his incredible bonus opportunities. When he shows up on the two outside reels you can choose which bonus option you want.

Along the way, you will find Scatter Symbols in the form of Castles. Scatter wins are added to every line win in that spin and are furthermore multiplied by the total bet—the top award being 50,000 times the original bet per line.

There are also Substitute Rules to be aware of, where Count Spectacular substitutes for all other symbols including the scattered castles symbol. When he appears, he will expand to cover all positions on the reels and then you will see your pays be awarded. Keep in mind though, he only counts once per reel for Scatters.

Count Spectacular Slot Game Rules

Please read the following rules featured on Count Spectacular:

  • Count Spectacular is a 25 payline CoolCat Casino slot game , so you can win on multiple lines in one spin and the total win is the sum of wins on different pay lines.
  • For each win, the scatter symbol wins are also added to the pay line wins and the scatter symbol has a multiplier effect.


You can rest assured that the online slot machines have better percentage payout ratios because online casinos don’t have the kind of overhead that live casinos do. You’ll see your winnings soar compared to live casinos because the machines are “looser” that you may be used to. That being said, minimum payouts reap minimum rewards. Do you want to hit the Jackpot having placed a small bet? No! So get within your budget and take on the maximum so you can see some serious winnings cash.

The laws of probability state that no machine ever gets “hot,” no matter what kind of hocus-pocus people tell you. Your machine is just as likely to hit Jackpot twice in a row as it is to not hit for two days.


Once you start feeling comfortable with lower risk slots, start getting serious with the Count and start cashing in on some real money rewards. When the Count shows up on reels 1 and 5, think about whether your game is to play the 12-Free Games at triple value or the 4 free re-spins.


It is suggested that Transylvania sits on one of Planet Earth’s strongest magnetic fields and that its citizens thus have extra-sensory perception capabilities. Vampires are believed to live in this town’s castles and wait for their prey to get lost in the woods in order to make their attack.

Count Spectacular does more than live forever, he allows you to have to opportunity to win forever: enjoy the possibility of massive cash prizes and bonus money for the taking. To find Count Spectacular and amazing prizes you don’t have to go all the way past Romania to lure him out of his castle. In fact he’s right here and he’s more generous than ever!


Jackpot Reset Amount: Multiple random Jackpots with a minor bet of $250 and a major bet of $1000.

Scatter Symbols: Scatter symbols give you some bonus on your spin; in this case it the symbol of a Castle and rewards you with multiplying the total bet amount.

Substitute Symbol: The famous Count Spectacular that substitutes for all other symbols including the Castle Scatter Symbol. He will appear by covering every position before pay is awarded, and counts once per reel for scatters. If he shows up on reels 1 and 5 together, you will be awarded 12 additional games at the triggering spin bets and lines.

Random Jackpot: The random jackpot is completely random and is awarded just by the stroke of the Count’s luck.

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