Lucky Tiger

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Play Lucky Tiger

Open the doors and walk inside a Japanese garden where golden roads lead to victory.

Lucky Tiger is all about Eastern culture with its colorful display of animated symbols and fantastic cash prizes that make up for a one of a kind slot machine that defies all definitions.

Sail on the boat across the ocean and land into the island where the Lucky Tiger gives away huge payouts. Spin the reels of this majestic adventure and discover its many features including two progressive jackpots and up to 88 configurable paylines.

How to play Lucky Tiger

Start off your gaming run by selecting the bet amount on the main menu screen, click on the arrows to increase or decrease the value from a minimum $0.88 to a maximum $88.00 per turn. Next step is to choose the number of paylines, Lucky Tiger features 88 of these for you to select, the more you select the bigger the payout. Hit spin and see the reels move at your command, after every reels stops the result will be announced to the player with a special tune of sound effect as well as a message on the top of the screen. If manually hitting the “Spin” button is not your idea of fun, try using the Autoplay mode in which you can make the computer perform up to 1000 spins for you. Also, players can set several options that include stopping whenever they win or they hit the jackpot.

Symbols on the Lines

Golden Tiger

A symbol which appears on lines 1 and 5, it will automatically substitute any other symbol except scattered ones. Special payouts are delivered during the game’s bonus rounds.


Appears anywhere on the reels, any wins using this symbol are multiplied by the total value of your bet.

Progressive Jackpot feature

Special prize delivered at any time during the game, two accumulative cash rewards composed of a Major and Minor Jackpot which can be grouped.

Free Games

All the special bonus rounds are triggered when 3 or more Gongs show up on the reels. When this happens, players will choose one of the gongs to reveal a hidden surprise. The Lucky Tiger feature delivers 8 Free Games; any scattered symbols on the reels at this time will give extra free games in return. Every prize is tripled on this mode. The Gong feature transforms Gongs into substitutes which result in more casino free games in exchange. The Fortune Feature gives away free games but the bet multiplier will be based on the specific number of free games awarded. Gong’s and Golden Tiger act as substitutes, if players unlock more free games, their bet multiplier will be 8x.


Here are some of the rules featured at Lucky Tiger, be sure to check them before you play:

  • Lucky Tigers substitutes for all other symbols except scattered “Gongs.”
  • Maximum cash prize is 50,000 times bet per line.
  • Scatter cash prizes are added to line wins which are multiplied by total bet.
  • The special feature is triggered when 3 or more scattered “Gongs” appear.
  • All symbols pay left to right with the exception of scattered symbols which pay in any direction.

Lucky Tiger Strategy

Remember that all casino slots rely on luck as the main basis of its dynamics. As a game of chance, players should know that a random number generator deliver’s the game’s results therefore it is advisable to really know how much money are you willing to bet before entering the game. Good bankroll management can make the difference as players can have consistency on their wagering patterns, never going to high but not too low. Take it easy, this is a game where you must have fun above all; Lucky Tiger’s features are really worth the price of the admission so have patience and discover the spinning world of this fantastic slot machine.


Read all the information displayed on the game about the payouts and symbol value, this will be extremely helpful when hitting the spin button. Having a complete picture of what the game is really about can boost your winnings big time. Be sure to check the rules so you can know what to expect from the special bonus rounds like the Gong and Fortune feature. As a plus, choose the Fun Money option when downloading the casino software off our website. This option allows you to practice for free; this will serve as a much needed training before jumping into real live action.

History of Lucky Tiger

Chinese people employ the lunar calendar as the basis for their celebrations including New Year. Twelve animals are set to identify a specific year, every twelve years this pattern resets itself and continues the same order. 2010 is the year of the Tiger, this according to the Chinese Zodiac. The tiger is a sign of bravery, a courageous and ferocious fighter; it is admired in the Chinese culture as the sign represents a great defense against three major tragedies, fire, robbers and ghosts. Tigers are powerful and have a strong sense of independence. These traits are defined by the Zodiac and state that people on specific Tiger years, have characteristics such as natural leaders and taking advantage of the circumstance. Whether you are a tiger or not, get inside Lucky Tiger and make this year one of great fortune as the reels give away massive cash prizes.


Bet: Wagered amount selected by the player before spinning the reels.

Progressive Jackpot: Accumulative cash bonus that is delivered all at once at any time during regular gameplay.

Symbols: Digitally designed icons that posse’s individual value and trigger bonus features.

Substitute: Image that replaces any other logo or number on the reels with the exception of scattered ones.

Scatter: Symbol that can appear anywhere on the spinning reels, features bet multipliers.

Payline: A line that is assigned to a specific reel during gameplay.

Autoplay: Special pop up window where players can select personalized configurations regarding the slot machine.