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Warm up your warp engines for a cosmic slot experience with Pulsar! CoolCat Casino is proud to present a new slot game that is totally out of this world. A honeycomb grid replaces the slot reels, and neutron stars cause cascading explosions and mega wins! Pulsar has two unique features ready to light up the reels with cascading wins and neutron stars. Hop on board for an intergalactic adventure among the stars with Pulsar, the latest slot game from Realtime Gaming.

Pulsar is a cosmic quest which takes you on a journey into the heart of the galaxy, where giant neutron stars are ready to explode with prizes. The Pulsar fires beams of energy to ignite a honeycomb grid full of planets, stars, and cosmic symbols. The maximum award is 150 times the total bet. Play Pulsar via download, instant play, or mobile today!

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Pulsar is a honeycomb grid slot game with 20 fixed paylines and two features, where huge wins await. All symbols pay left to right on the 3×5 honeycomb grid. Your interplanetary voyage begins with a single spin. Soon you’ll trigger one of two lucky cosmic events: The Cascading Wins Feature and the Neutron Stars Feature. Winning symbols disappear after payouts and replaced by new symbols. When new winning combinations occur, the Cascading Wins Feature is triggered. Cascading symbols continue until no further winning combinations occur. Four different Neutron Star symbols randomly appear and explode to consume nearby symbols in their blast patterns, replacing them with randomly selected symbols of the same type. Neutron Stars can also appear during the Cascading Wins Feature.

How to play

Load the game and click “Play” to start the action. The 20 fixed paylines spin up 5 reels in a honeycomb grid, and you can increase or decrease your bet amount from the bottom of the screen. Once you’ve chosen your wager amount, click “Spin” to fire up the Pulsar energy. Soon the Neutron Stars will appear along with Cascading Wins for the ultimate explosion of coins! If you get tired of clicking “Spin” every time, just click “Autoplay” to let the machine spin for you. Click “Autoplay” again to stop the action.

Game Rules

The rules of Pulsar are easy to follow. The 3×5 honeycomb grid holds 20 fixed paylines. Set your bet size and spin. After a winning combination pays out, the symbols are removed and replaced with new symbols, with the possibility of Cascading Wins. When 1 of 4 Neutron Stars appears, the countdown begins on some stellar explosions!

The top award is 150 times the total bet!


There is no set strategy for video slot games because they use random number generators (RNGs). These make it impossible to predict recurring patterns during play as the outcome of each spin is random. You can maximize your wins on Pulsar by establishing a suitable bet amount and spinning accordingly. This will normalize play sessions for maximum enjoyment of this exciting slot game.


The best tip for playing Pulsar slots is to bet the maximum coins on each spin. The larger your bet, the higher your reward. Basically, it’s the only way to ensure that you unlock the greatest payouts when multiple matching symbols appear.


Billions of years ago, long before our Milky Way galaxy was formed, ancient stars reached the end of their celestial lives and went supernova. But the giant explosion of the star was only the beginning of a new phase in its stellar life as a neutron star. The once-giant star exploded, and then contracted to become so dense that a teaspoon full of neutron star matter would weigh billions of tons. The intense magnetic field caused some of the neutron stars to rotate extremely fast and give off pulsing radio waves and light – and pulsars were born.

Now the Pulsar beams powerful light into the honeycomb grid of the slot game Pulsar, shooting bursts of raw energy into Neutron Stars. When the right combination of Neutron Stars appears on the grid, get ready for another huge explosion – of coins! Every stellar explosion in the new Pulsar slot game signals a new beginning and a cascade of wins for lucky players – if your stars are aligned. Play Pulsar, the new fantasy-themed slot on CoolCat Casino today!


Scatter Symbol – none

Substitute Symbol – none

Pulsar Cascading Wins Feature


  • Any winning symbols disappear after pays are awarded and are then replaced with new symbols.
  • New winning combinations are then possible.
  • Cascading of symbols continues after each win until no further winning combinations occur.
  • Cascading of symbols can result from a Neutron Star explosion which can then cause further cascading and/or additional Neutron Stars to appear.

Pulsar Neutron Stars Feature

  • There are four different Neutron Stars in the game, each with a distinct ‘blast’ pattern.
  • Green = Left-Right, Blue = Up-Down, Pink = cross, Red = X
  • Each time a Neutron Star first appears, it is randomly assigned a number from 3 to 1.
  • For each spin and for each cascading win, the number in the countdown will decrease by 1.
  • When a Neutron Star countdown reaches zero, it will explode, destroying all symbols within its blast pattern and replacing all destroyed symbols with the same randomly selected regular symbol.

Top Award: 150 x the total bet.

Top Award

150 x the total bet.

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