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Play Paydirt! Slots

Paydirt! Basics: Pay Dirt! is a five reel and 25 payline slot game based on the Gold Rush that 19th Century America witnessed when anyone who was someone and everyone who was no one set out in search of the yellow metal. The great California Gold Rush did help some of them make their millions.

But this slot game promises much more without the hassle of getting on to horsebacks and venturing Westwards.

Shell out as little as $ 0.01 or place a high wager of $5 per line. If you are lucky, you may even trigger a bonus feature. And mind you, there are three – Gold Rush, Gold Fever and Strike It Lucky! Hurry and pick up free games and gold nuggets while you befriend the miner and climb down the mines to unearth golden treasure.

How to play

Go after the gold… Paydirt!, a five reel and 25 paylines slot game, gives you plenty of opportunity to win the yellow metal. Based on the Gold Rush witnessed in California in the 19th century, the game has betting options that start from a minimum of $ 0.25 to a maximum of $125.

If you wish to adjust the number of lines, click the arrows around the lines button. Alternatively, you can click a line number on the screen. To adjust your bet, click the arrows around the bet button. You can choose from $0.01 to $5 per line. Once you are ready, click the spin button. In case you need help during a game, click the help button and get information regarding the jackpot, winning symbols, paylines, bonus features and free games.

You can also use the ‘Auto Play’ feature to select different options like turbo play, number of spins, stop when jackpot is won, stop when a win exceeds or equals a fixed amount of money, stop on any win, stop if balance increases by a fixed amount of money, stop if balance is decreased by a fixed amount of money, or stop when a feature is triggered. By clicking the ‘Stop Auto’ button however, you deactivate ‘Auto Play.’ In addition, a Turbo Play option lets you speeden up the game considerably.

Paydirt! has a random jackpot and it can be hit at the conclusion of any game. The wins of the random Jackpot are added to other wins. The random jackpot contribution is no more than 1.5% of the total return to the player. You can enjoy the game of Paydirt!, as it contains some excellent images or symbols like the gold nugget, the Paydirt! sign, a lantern, a gold mine, dynamites, gold trolley, a bandit, spade and donkey. These symbols combine to form the winning patterns on the paylines.

Symbols on the Lines

The symbols included in Paydirt! are inspired by the Gold Rush seen in America in 1848 represent various protagonists of the California Gold Rush. Let’s find out more about these symbols.

Gold Nugget

Gold RushThe gold nugget appears grouped on reels two and four during normal games and substitutes for all other symbols except scattered Paydirt! signs. When the gold nugget symbol appears on reels two and four during a winning combination, the prizes are tripled. Paydirt!

Pay Dirt

Paydirt SignThe Pay Dirt! sign is the scatter symbol. That is, the symbol can fetch rewards when it occurs randomly on any reel. Check the paytable for the prizes associated with this symbol. To get a win a minimum of three scatter symbols are required.. Also when three symbols do appear, you have to choose one to trigger a feature.


Gold MineTwo or more symbols will fetch you rewards of 10 coins and above. When the “Strike It Lucky” feature is triggered, five mines are revealed –you have to select the mines one by one, and if you are lucky enough to uncover the bonus symbols, you will win up to ten free games.

General Symbols
Gold Miner

The general symbols of old miner, gold trolley, donkey, dog, dynamites, spade, lantern, pan and a bandit are among other symbols that can combine to form winning patterns on different paylines.

Bonus Round

The Three Pick Features Triggered by 3 Paydirt! symbols.

Gold Rush Feature

Pick one of the symbols when three or more Paydirt! Symbols appear. If the Gold Rush feature is triggered, 12 free games are awarded, during which grouped gold nuggets can appear on any reel. Another 12 free games are added if any three or more Paydirt! Signs appear during these free games.

Gold Fever Feature

It is a pick option offered when three or more Paydirt! Symbols appear. If you pick the Paydirt symbol which reveals the Gold Fever feature, it awards five free games during which reel three is made up entirely of gold nuggets. During these free games, if three or more Paydirt! signs appear, an additional five free games are awarded.

Strike it Lucky Feature

This is also a pick option offered when three or more Paydirt! Symbols appear. If you pick the Paydirt! Symbol that reveals the “Strike It Lucky” feature, five gold mines are revealed. Select one to reveal a bonus symbol. When the selected gold mine reveals an additional bonus symbol, additional picks may be awarded. Ten free games are then played, during which any bonus symbol that appears will be replaced by a gold nugget before prizes are awarded. Any re-trigger will add 10 free games to the current free game series.

Pay Table
Symbol 2 3 4 5
Paydirt! 20 20 200
Mine 10 100 1000 10000
Old Miner 5 25 250 2500
Bandit 3 15 100 1000
Donkey 2 10 50 500
Gold Trolley 2 10 50 500
Dynamites 5 25 250
Dog 5 25 250
Spade 5 15 100
Lantern 5 15 100
Pan 5 15 100

Additional Rules

  • Wins on different lines are added.
  • Scatter wins are added to the line wins.
  • Scatter wins are multiplied by total bet.
  • Line wins are multiplied by bet per line.
  • Highest win only on each line.

Maximum win per paid spin is 50,000 times bet per line.


The five reel, 25 payline game of Paydirt! Evokes images and memories of the American Gold Rush. Spin the reels and be a part of a mission to excavate riches from the mines. Spinning of reels is random and no specific strategy holds good. However, you can increase your odds of winning by following certain strategies to get the most of the rewards and payouts in this game.

Start With a Minimum Bet and Increase Gradually

The minimum bet amount in Paydirt is $0.25 and the maximum is $125. Start playing with $0.25 and play for some time. When you get a grip over the game increase the bet gradually and bet with the maximum when you are on a winning spree. This will enhance your gaming skill and also boost your confidence.

Play with Maximum Number of Lines

The maximum paylines in the game are 25. To increase your odds of winning you have to play with the maximum number of paylines. That is, select all 25 lines with the help of the “up” and “down” arrows that help you to either increase or decrease bets.

Know the Rules

All slot games differ from each other when it comes to the rules, jackpot, and payout. To win the game of Paydirt!, you need to follow the rules. Also, it is important to know the paylines, payouts and other features of the game if you have to devise a strategy at any point in the game.

Money Management

Money management strategy is important if you want to win big. You have to fix an amount of money to bet. You have to change the betting options according to the amount that you have fixed to play. When you exhaust all your betting amount, it is advisable to stop playing. If you adopt this approach, over a period of time you will also be able to figure out the percentage chances of winning and will be able to play accordingly.


Paydirt! is a game that gives you a feeling of adventure and takes you back to the Gold Rush era. You can also be a part of the expedition to dig out gold. If you follow these useful tips, you can increase your odds of winning.

  • Keep an eye on the Scatter symbol of Paydirt!. When three or more Paydirt! symbols appear, you can select a symbol that triggers one of the three rewarding pick features, namely Gold Rush, Gold Fever and Strike it Lucky.
  • The game of Paydirt! has a maximum of 25 paylines. Always play with maximum number of lines to increase your odds of winning.
  • Before you wager real money, you should play free game using the free gaming feature. This will help you to understand the game better before you start playing for real money.
  • Different slot games have different symbols. You need to know the symbols and the payouts associated with them for each game. Read the instructions in the game and find out more about the Paydirt!, gold nugget, mine, dog, donkey, lantern, and spade symbols and familiarize yourself on how they look.

Before you start by placing a bet, know the pay table and the changes that occur when a bonus round is played. The symbols may pay a certain amount on regular spins, and something different during free spins. In this game, symbols are also replaced during free games, so stay alert to all the action on the screen.


In the 19th century, the Gold Rush attracted prospectors from Latin America, Europe, Australia and Asia to California. While some found plenty of gold through the simple method of panning, there was enmity and bitter quarreling among prospectors, thieves robbed gold, and miners lost their lives in the bowels of the earth. Echoing all these happenings, the Paydirt! Slots include various symbols that sparkle and entice modern day prospectors who prowl online.

Symbols like the gold nugget, the Pay Dirt sign, a miner’s lamp, a gold mine, bombs, gold trolley, a bandit, pan, spades and donkeys combine to form winning patterns on the paylines. The three bonus features triggered by Paydirt take you further into gold digging. They are the Gold Rush feature, Gold Fever feature and Strike it Lucky feature that bring many many free casino games and bonus prizes. CoolCat Casino has incorporated Paydirt designed by the Real Time Gaming(RTG) to give maximum pleasure akin to that of digging for and finding gold. Join the gold hunt and you may hit Paydirt!


Scatter Symbol:

Paydirt! symbol is the Scatter symbol. When three or more scatter symbols appear the wins are multiplied by total bet. These symbols pay no matter where they land.

Pay Lines:

Paylines are the numbered patterns in the slot machine game that have a certain payout associated with each of them. There are 25 paylines in the Paydirt! online slots game.

Random Jackpot:

A Jackpot that drops at the conclusion of the game and is triggered at random. Its contribution is no more than 1.5%

Auto Play:

It is an automatic setting on your slot machine which allows you to choose from various options like number of spins, spin until a feature is triggered, spin until X amount is won and so on.

Gold Rush:

It is one of the three features that is triggered when three or more scattered Paydirt! signs appear. 12 free games are awarded, during which grouped gold nuggets can appear on any reel.

Gold Fever:

It is also one of the three features that is triggered when three or more scattered Paydirt! signs appear. Five free game are awarded, during which reel three is made up entirely of gold nuggets.

Strike it Lucky:

It is also a pick feature that is triggered when three or more Paydirt! Signs appear. Here five gold mines are revealed and you have to select a gold mine to reveal a bonus symbol. Ten free games also come with this feature

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