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Play Mermaid Queen

Mermaid Queen Basics: CoolCat Casino has the best online casino games. Play online Mermaid Queen video slot games and win real prizes! Collect scattered clams and multiply your prize from Mermaid Queen Slots. When the Mermaid Queen appears on reels 1, 3, or 5, you win 10 free games. Prizes are doubled during free spins with our online Mermaid Queen Slots. Your prizes are tripled in additional games.

Play Mermaid Queen and get a chance to win the best slots jackpot from CoolCat Casino!

How to play

Mermaid Queen online slots reminds us of the little mermaid story that we used to enjoy listening to as kids. This mystical online Slot refreshes our childhood memories with the animated images of creatures of the sea and fairytale like music in the back drop. Take a dive and explore the most amazing treasures hidden underneath the sea. Discover the scatter symbol clams from within these mysteries of the sea and get your total bets multiplied. The benevolent Mermaid Queen substitutes all the symbols on the reel, except the scatter symbol clam, to get you the winning combos.

Pressing the help button will assist you to get all the details about rewarding combos, bonus features and rules of the game. Bet tab helps you to settle the size of your per pay line and per game stake. Your wagering limit can start from $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $1.00 to $5.00.

The game will proceed on its own from one level to another, once you have clicked the autoplay option. You can settle on your gameplay preference on the options menu. You can choose anywhere from between the 1 to 20 pay lines. But make sure you do not break the sequence of the default pay lines of Mermaid Queen online Slot. The game will continue to run based on your selections until your game account has no cash in it. However, you can press the stop auto button, if you willingly want to bring the game to a halt in between.

Under the free spin feature, the image of Mermaid Queen appearing on the first, third and fifth reel will fetch you ten free games. You can also get additional free games if you reveal the scatter symbol, clam on the active reels. All your rewards are doubled if you win 10 free games and tripled if you are able to get any additional free spins. You can play casino free games on the pay lines and bet of the trigger game.

With the ticking window above the reels, you cannot afford to miss out the enormous random jackpot on the Mermaid Queen online Slot. Besides the action on the reels, this jackpot may fall out randomly at the conclusion of any game to get you off the reel thrill. The jackpot rewards are added to the rest of your winnings on the Mermaid Queen online Slot.

The Rules for Mermaid Queen

  • As per the rules of the Mermaid Queen online Slot, all the symbols pay only from left to right, except for the scatter symbol clam that pays both ways.
  • All your per pay line winnings are added to the total sum of your winnings.
  • Your scatter wins which is multiplied by your total bet is added to your pay line wins.
  • All your rewards on the pay lines are multiplied by your bet per pay line.
  • The maximum amount of reward on the Mermaid Queen online Slot is 40,000 times of your bet per pay line on every spin.


Slot players, whether novice or seasoned, agree that slots are the simplest means of gambling. There is nothing more than spin and win to slots, especially when it comes to playing online slots. The Mermaid Queen online slots offers you great fun and tremendous payouts. Often slot players do not realize that they have ended up losing more than their allotted share of money. You can consider adopting the following strategies to play online slots in a controlled manner.

Decide a Bankroll Before you begin playing the Mermaid Queen online casino slot, decide on a bankroll. Decide the amount of money that you will put on the line and once you reach that limit, stop. Don’t play any further. Count your winnings or losses and stay calm. Come back at a later time to play the game again. Most players get frustrated after their losses and wager more and more money without any plans. When they realize they should keep their cool, it becomes too late. Don’t let that happen to you. Decide a bankroll and then stick to it.

Flat Betting is not Everything Many slots players believe that when they follow a special betting pattern, their chances of winning increase a lot. Even players who bet flat sometimes place bets using a pattern. Under flat betting, you select one of the denominations available in the Mermaid Queen online casino slot and then stick to it throughout your entire session. You don’t increase or decrease the amount of your bet. However, certain betting patterns let you make more money when you’re running high on luck and are winning whereas some betting patterns allow you to cover up your losses when your luck dips and you keep losing. So try experimenting with those betting patterns as well.

When you come and play online slots, you should not get carried away by thoughts that distract you and you only end up losing all your money. The choice, however, lies with you. Money is yours. So try and gamble responsibly.


Consider the Mermaid Queen online casino slot game as a sweet child-like venture, loaded with goodies. Like all online casino slot games, Mermaid Queen is also a luck oriented game. Despite that, some tips are sure-fire ways to magnify your odds and fun that this online casino slot game provides.

Before you start playing on the Mermaid Queen online slots, make sure that you have gone through the various promotional offers along with the restrictions imposed. Among the various symbols associated with the Mermaid Queen slot, is the mermaid (wild symbol) and the clam (the scatter symbol). You have to keep your eyes on them if wish to maximize your profits in this online casino Slot. Pin your eyes on the first, third and the fifth reels, so that you don’t miss out on the icon of the mermaid that reveal herself on these very reels and replaces herself with the other icons to get you the winning combos.

The scatter symbol clam can appear on any of the reels. However, you should read the rules of this online casino Slot carefully to find out by how many times your total bet is multiplied if you get 2, 3, 4 or 5 clams across the reels. For instance, if you get five clams, your full bet is multiplied by 200 times.

After you have won the first 10 games on the free spin feature, make sure you retrigger this bonus feature in order to get more free games. Because, if you are able to get any additional free games besides those 10 free spins then your prizes will be automatically tripled, thanks to the free spin feature.

There is much more. The most sincere tip we can give you is to constantly practice on the free casino games segment. Practicing on the free casino games will give you a thorough understanding of the Mermaid Queen online slots game. If you master the game, you will definitely not miss out on greater opportunities while gambling with real money.


Mermaid Queen is a mind blowing online casino video Slots which owes its origin to the popular fairytale, ‘The Little Mermaid’. In the 1980s this animated Disney film became a great hit even among adults.

Always looking for new themes to make online casino Slot games interesting and alluring, the online slots design industry naturally latched on to the little mermaid. Players are enticed to relive their childhood days, through the story of the little mermaid, Ariel.

Developed by leading online casino games developer, Real Time Gamming, this online slots game boasts of elegant animation. The characters in the story are brought to life. Be it the innocent mermaid, Aerial, or the clam, the mermaid’s dazzling jewellery or Ariel’s father, the merman. Even the wrecked ship, Sebastian, the crab, Flounder- the fish and Eric, the hero are recreated in the game.

The recurring songs of the original fairy tale echo in the background adding to the true sea magic of the Mermaid Queen online casino Slot. The music rendition everytime there is a little reward or during the spinning of the reels is certainly an extra advantage in this online casino Slot game. It truly supplements the fairy tale with some gambling fun.

So, dive in and explore the charming treasures hidden in the enchanting sea. Hunt for the images of the mermaid (the wild symbol) on the reels one, three, and five and win generous rewards by making the winning combinations. The scatter symbol, clam may get you authentic pearly rewards by multiplying your bets.


Random Jackpot: As you play on the Mermaid Queen online slot, a certain value gets added to your pot of jackpot. Watch out as it drops into the random jackpot window at the end of every game. At the climax of every spin, pin your eyes on to the window just above the reels. You may get some lofty jackpots wins. This jackpot drops by randomly and is added to your total winning amount.

The Mermaid: The beautiful mermaid icon is the wild symbol in this online slots . This image of the mermaid might emerge on the first, third and fifth reels of the Mermaid Queen online casino Slot. Spin this mermaid symbol on the above mentioned active reels and she will conveniently replace herself for the other icons, (except the scatter symbol) to get you the winning combinations. This will in turn supplement your odds in the online casino Slot.

The clam: The clam in the Mermaid Queen online casino Slot is the scatter symbol. The clam can multiply your complete betting amount by 1, 3, 15 or 200 times if you spin two to five clams on any of the active reels.

Free Spins: This feature in the online casino slot grants you 10 free games, if you are able to spin three mermaid icons on each of the three reels. Your rewards are practically doubled when you win these 10 free spins. While trying your luck on this feature you can also win one free spin for every single clam that you spin on any active reel. You can retrigger this feature if you wish. Your rewards can be automatically tripled, if you win more free games besides those 10 free spins. Free games are played on the line spins.

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