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Play Ocean Oddities

Afraid of sharks? Wait until you see what a Dogshark can do. But don’t worry. Instead of snapping and chomping in your direction, Dogsharks are all about sniffing their way to big rewards.

Welcome to the crazy world of Ocean Oddities, an underwater world of bizarre creatures that will leave you scratching your head and big rewards that will leave you itching to play all the time. This 5-reel, 25-payline game comes with two big jackpots, the chance to win up to 10 free games with extra prizes, and the type of rewards that will make you feel like a king. Or a Kingfish, which happens to be another one of the zany underwater creatures you’ll meet at the bottom of the ocean.

How to play

Not used to partying under the ocean with strange creatures? It’s actually a lot easier than you think. Just make your bet and line selections by using the up and down arrows next to the Bet and Lines button. You can bet anywhere from $0.01 to $5 per line, and you can play anywhere from one line to all 25. Your final bet per spin will be your bet per line multiplied by the number of lines you want to play. You can keep adjusting your selections—they’ll only lock in after you press the Spin button. If you found that you’ve bet too much or too little, don’t worry. You can change your selections after each game completes. The only time you can’t modify your bet is during the bonus round. For your free games, each spin will use the bet and line selections of the game that triggered the bonus round. If you need more info, just click Help while within the game.

Game Rules

The ocean is vast and Dogsharks tend to have a mind of their own. But you still need to pay attention to a few specific rules if you want to win like an ocean-diving champion.

  • It’s easy to earn free games—just hit three Pearl symbols from left to right and you’ll automatically earn 10 free games.
  • Ocean Oddities comes with a top award of 40,000x your bet per line.
  • You’ll find two random jackpots at the bottom of the ocean—a minor one with a $250 reset amount and a major one with a $1,000 reset amount.


Some people swear by betting strategies. We’re talking about simple systems where you adjust the amount of your bet based on how much money you’ve won or lost. There’s a big debate surrounding whether betting strategies actually work, but if you’re playing Ocean Oddities for a small amount of money, consider a simple strategy. If you lose a bet, double the bet of your next amount. If you win, lower it. If you’re playing for just a few pennies per spin, it’s definitely a system worth trying out.


Ocean Oddities comes with deep rewards, but we understand that not everyone has a large bankroll to work with. That’s why we’ve made it easy to risk a small amount of money. Just use the up and down arrows to adjust your bet selections. You can do the same for your line selections, but we recommend playing all 25 lines if you can to avoid missing out on hitting a winning combination on a payline that you forgot to play.


Deep ocean-themed games have been a mainstay at CoolCat Casino for years. We’ve worked with our software partner, Realtime Edge, to bring you lifelike ocean games that make you feel relaxed and at ease. But most of the games in our collection are pretty realistic. So we decided to partner with Realtime Edge to bring you a more hilarious underwater adventure featuring a cast of colorful characters that you’d never find in the real world. Realtime Edge went all out developing characters like Dogshark and Kingfish, and creating an immersive environment that you’ll never want to leave.


Playing Ocean Oddities is pretty straightforward. You select your bet and line amounts, click the Spin button, and then wait for the machine to pay you out. But there is some terminology that you should pay attention to if you want to make your game a little easier.

Autoplay: Not a fast swimmer? We can speed things up in the ocean for you. Just turn Autoplay on and we’ll take care of pressing Spin for you after each game. We’ll use the last locked in bet and line selections, so you don’t have to keep making adjustments.

Major and minor jackpots: Forget about slot machines that come with just one jackpot. Ocean Oddities invites you to go deep with two big ones. There’s a minor jackpot with a $250 reset amount and a major one that resets to $1,000.

Substitute symbol: Look for the Rex symbol in Small Fortunate. As the substitute symbol, it can replace any other symbol in the game to help you complete a winning combination. So, if you’ve got two Kingfish symbols and one Rex symbol, the Rex symbol will automatically become a Kingfish, helping you win.

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