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Play Princess Warrior

Plate up your armor and get ready to join the battle in Realtime Gaming’s superb new slot game that is Princess Warrior! As you hike your way up Mount Olympus, the beautiful goddess Athena will be showering you in the biggest of riches and and helping you to fill your bankroll with everything from Free Games and multipliers to huge bonuses and jaw-dropping rewards along the way!

Warrior Princess is another slot that pulls players into the fascinating world of Greek mythology, transporting you through a storm of action and fun that gets better with every spin. This 5 reel slot game features 40 paylines complete with shimmering Wilds, high-paying Scatter symbols and low-paying symbols such as Corinthian helmets, Xiphos Princess swords, buckets of gold, and Spartan Shields. This slot also features a Princess Warrior Feature along with a Free Games Pick Bonus that once triggered, enables you to choose from one of four unique bonus options.

Athena acts as the Wild symbol and replaces all other symbols in the game apart from Scatters. When Athena appears stacked on reel 3, the magical Princess Warrior feature is triggeed and awards the player with one of the following prizes: 2x, 3x, or 4x multiplier, Random Wilds on all reels, Wild Reel 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, or a mighty Olympic reward.

The Scatter symbol is the Princess Warrior game logo which activates the Free Games Pick Bonus feature when 3 or more line up anywhere on the gameboard. Here, players are showered in 10 Free Games and can then take their pick from 1 of 4 bonus options offering a variety of different rewards. The top reward in Princess Warrior is a gigantic 96,000 times the bet per line, so be sure bet the maximum to give yourself the best chance at winning! With the wise and beautiful warrior princesses at your side, you’ll be racking up those coins and god-like prizes in no time!

Dive into the exciting universe of Greek mythology and uncover the secrets of Athens in the tantalizing new slot game Princess Warrior! 5 reels, 40 paylines, and a mountain of treasure and deity-rich rewards await!

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Join the goddess of war and her a lovely accomplices in the beautiful Princess Warrior slot game from Realtime Gaming. Play Princess Warrior via download, instant play, or mobile today!

How to play

Load the game and click “Play” to start. Choose your bet amount from the bottom of the screen. Once you’ve chosen your wager amount, click “Spin” to start the reels. If you get tired of clicking “Spin” every time, simply hit “Autoplay” to spin the reels automatically. Simply turn autoplay off to resume the game manually.

Game Rules

The rules of Princess Warrior are simple and easy to follow. The game features 5 reels and 40 paylines with a Random Wild that replaces all symbols in the game apart from Scatters. Select your bet size and hit spin. A Free Games Pick Bonus Feature is triggered when 3 Scatters appear anywhere on the gameboard. A Princess Warrior Feature is activated when Athena appears stacked on reel 3, awarding players with a random prize bundle. The top award is 96,000 times the bet per line.


There is no optimum game strategy for online slot games because they work with random number generators (RNGs). This means each spin is totally random, making it impossible to predict any outcomes or recurring patterns in the game. You can maximize your winning potential in Princess Warrior by choosing a reasonable bet amount and spinning the reels accordingly. This will help to normalize play sessions and provide maximum enjoyment when playing this exciting new slot game.


The best advice for playing Princess Warrior slots is to bet the maximum number of coins on each spin. The larger your bet, the higher chance you have at winning the top award! This is also the only way to ensure that you will receive the highest payouts when the winning combinations appear.


The story of Princess Warrior begins in ancient Greece, when the beautiful goddess of war and wisdom, Athena, was birthed as a fully-grown virgin deity from Zeus’s head after her brother Hephaestus struck him with an axe. As her name implies, she became known as the protector of Athens and the helper of heros when she guided Odysseus back to Ithaca and prevented Hercules from killing his mortal father. She also assisted the likes of other prolific Greek legends such as Perseus, Jason, Cadmus, and Diomedes.

Athena was worshipped for her miltary prowess, but unlike Ares, whose battle approach was steeped in violence and bloodshed, Athena represents the civility, glory, and justice of war. As the goddesss of arts and crafts, she was also a highly-skilled artisan who would frequently weave tapestries and spin fleece wool into fine threads. She also created the first musical instruments, invented the chariot and designed the first ships to be used in battle.

Aside from helping an array of heros, she helped to build the famous wooden horse that took down the walls of Troy during the Trojan War. She carries a unique shield known as the Aegis which is made from animal skin and has the head of Medusa imprinted on the front. It is said that even the strongest armies stand no chance against the Aegis shield. As Zeus’s favourite daughter, Athena is also the only one who can handle and use his lightning bolts.

Join the battle and spin the reels to the biggest riches and rewards! Play the new Princess Warrior online slot at CoolCat today!


Scatter Symbol: Princess Warrior Game Logo

Scatter Rules: 3 Scatter symbols trigger the Free Games Pick Bonus and the player is asked to pick one of three features.

Wild/Substitute Symbol: Athena

Wild Rules: Wild appears only on reel 3 and substitutes for all symbols except Scatter symbol. A full stack of Wild symbols on reel 3 triggers the Princess Warrior feature during Base Game.

Princess Warrior Feature Trigger: The feature is triggered when a full stack of Wilds appear on Reel 3

Princess Warrior Feature Rules: Player is awarded one of the following features randomly: The Princess Warrior Feature is triggered when a full stack of Wild symbols appear on Reel 3 The player is awarded one of the following features randomly: • 2x, 3x or 4x Multiplier • Random Wilds on all reels • Wild Reel 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 • Olympic Reward, where a random prize is awarded

Free Games Pick Bonus Feature Trigger: When 3 Scatter symbols appear anywhere in the gameboard the Free Games Pick Bonus Feature is triggered.

Free Games Pick Bonus Feature Rules: • The player selects one of four different free games bonus options. • The player is awarded 10 Free Games, for any of the options chosen • During Free Games, the Princess Warrior feature is not available.

The Bonus Options from which the player can select are:

Bonus Option #1: Random Multiplier on Every Spin With each free game getting a random multiplier of 2x, 3x or 4x

Bonus Option #2: Wild reel on every spin On every spin, one of the reels 1, 2, 4 or 5 becomes wild

Bonus Option #3: Random Wilds On any spin, wild symbols may appear on reels randomly

Bonus Option #4: All features • On every spin, one of the free spin features – random multiplier, wild reel or random wilds will occur. • The Free Games are played at the bet of the triggering spin and the bet cannot be changed. • Free Games will end once there are no more Free Games remaining or when the maximum payout is achieved. • After all your Free Games have finished, a banner will display your total winnings achieved during this feature. • Free Games cannot be retriggered.

Top Award

96,000 times the bet per line.

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