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This fantastic new slot game from CoolCat Online Casino whisks you back in time through the ages for epic battles. Cubee is a completely original slot game because it has no reels! Instead, a single time travel vortex whirls around the center of the action and spews out 8 floating symbols. Experience the brand new Cubee slot from the masters at Realtime Gaming. Win your way through 4 beautiful game levels set in the ancient ages. Start in the Stone Age, then battle pirates and Vikings, and make it back to Cubeeland.

In Cubee’s time travel adventure, battle his nemesis, Rocco, through 3 ages: the Stone Age, the Era of Pirates, and the Viking Age. Gorgeous graphics and delightful characters give you a brand-new type of slot game you’ll never forget. With a top award of 50,000 times your bet, Cubee teleports you to the realms of club-bashing cavemen, swashbuckling pirates, and axe-wielding Vikings. Watch Cubee suck down enemies and munch power balls for wins, and defeat Rocco to advance through the next levels.

Sign up with a $30-$49 deposit and receive a 240% Bonus and 40 Free Spins or a 260% bonus and 50 Free Spins for a $50 – $74 deposit! Simply use the code CUBEETIME.

Cubee is a delightful time travel slot game with no reels—a single time vortex is swirling with 8 floating symbols. Defeat Cubee’s enemy, Rocco in 3 eras to win coins and free spins. The vortex spews out clubs, swords, and axes which bash Rocco and weaken him with each hit. More weapon symbols equal more damage. When Rocco’s health bar hits zero, he falls over, and Cubee advances to the next era. Munch smaller enemies and swallow power balls to power up to eat bigger enemies for bigger wins! You start winning free spins in the second age, the Era of Piracy. When a cannon appears, it fires a cannonball to a target for a free game. Rack up many free games per round and save them until the fourth round. Play all of your free spins and mulitpliers in Cubeeland for the ultimate payouts!

How to play

Load the game and click “Play” to get started. The single payline time vortex spits out 8 floating symbols, and you can increase or decrease your bet amount from the bottom of the screen. Once you’ve added your wager, click “Spin” to start the adventure. It won’t take long before you are clubbing, swashbuckling, and pillaging your way to big wins! You’ll soon be rewarded with coins, power-ups, and weapons to bash Rocco. If you get tired of clicking “Spin” every time, just click “Autoplay” to sit back and watch the wins roll in.

Game Rules

The rules of Cubee are simple and easy to follow. There are no reels, just a single vortex. 8 symbols include enemies, power balls, and weapons, and the cannon and bow symbols trigger free spins and multipliers.

The Cubee Free Games feature awards bonuses in the 2nd era (free spins) and 3rd era (multipliers), which are accumulated until the 4th era.

The top award is 50,000 times your bet!


There is no set strategy for video slot games because they use random number generators (RNGs). These make it impossible to predict recurring patterns during play as the outcome of each spin is random. You can maximize your wins on Cubee by establishing a suitable bet amount and spinning accordingly. This will normalize play sessions for maximum enjoyment of this exciting slot game.


The best tip for playing Cubee slots is to bet the maximum coins on each spin. The larger your bet, the higher your reward. Basically, it’s the only way to ensure that you unlock the greatest payouts when multiple matching symbols appear.


The adorable star of the Cubee slot on CoolCat Casino is Cubee the time traveler. Cubee just wants to get back to Cubeeland and his Cubee friends and family, but first he has to defeat evil Rocco, the one-eyed meanie, in 3 historical ages. Fortunately, Cubee can eat his smaller enemies up like candy to grow his power. He can also eat glowing power balls to level up, enabling Cubee to eat even bigger enemies for more coins!

Cubee is a totally original slot game. Cubee has a single-payline time vortex which spews out 8 types of symbols, including enemies, power balls, and weapons. Power up, defeat your enemy, and advance through time. You don’t use your bonuses immediately, you accumulate all your bonuses throughout the game for one massive free spins + multipliers party at the end of time! Play the Cubee slot on CoolCat Casino today!


Bonus triggers: Cannon, Bow

  • Cannon symbol appears in Pirate Era and fires free games.
  • Bow symbol fires arrows which act as bonus multipliers.

Power Up – Power Ball

Weapons – Club, Sword, Axe: reduces Rocco’s health bar with each weapon appearance.

Cubee Free Games trigger – free games are awarded in the Pirate Era when the cannon appears.

Cubee Bonus features

  • Free games are triggered in the Pirate Era (round 2) and saved until round 4.
  • Bonus multipliers are triggered in the Viking Era (round 3) and saved until round 4.
  • Every bet amount has its own progress saved.

Top Award

50,000x the bet per line.

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