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Play Caesar’s Empire

Play Caesar’s Empire slots machine game online and don’t just have fun, win great bonuses and super payouts from! Playing Caesar’s Empire Slot Machine is like being in a coliseum: get Caesar and win a combo Super Payout bonus! Here’s how it works for Caesar’s Empire video slots: you get special bonuses when coliseums show up in the reels. Win a bigger bonus if Caesar shows up as a substitute in any winning combo. You’ll win Caesar’s Empire slot free game feature if you get both the coliseum on reel five and Caesar anywhere else. You get more chances of winning bonuses from CoolCat Casino.

ALL prizes will be doubled in the free rounds. Once you’re playing the Caesar’s Empire free bonus round, and win, you can convert the bonus to either Caesar’s Empire video slot or Cleopatra’s slot machine. Whether you bid for a cent or $100 per spin, you could win the random jackpot from Caesar’s Empire slot machine.

How to play

Caesar, the famous and ambitious Roman emperor who wished to rule the world, makes for an exciting and challenging online casino slots game. In this game, you can relive Rome’s past glory. Join the Roman Legions to hunt for Caesar’s bounty. If you are looking for gifts, watch out for Caesar –he may pop up at times to show you his treasures himself.

The Help button will show you the winning combinations, bonus rounds and rules of the best online slot games.

Once you understand the basics, the next step is to adjust your


Rapid Attack is the strategy best suited for Caesar’s empire. They say in military, “attack is the best defense.” And that’s the strategy you should adopt while playing Caesar’s Empire online slots. Attack it with big amounts of bets in an attempt to yield bigger payouts. One thing though, this strategy is not for the weak hearted. It requires courage. And a good amount of betting money. Money begets money and that’s what this strategy is based upon. In Caesar’s Empire online slot, the bigger bets are worth $20 or $100. So, each time you go ahead to spin, place one of these bets to generate the maximum revenue.

Ever wished to be a part of the excitement at the Coliseum? If yes, manage to get Caesar on the first reel and Coliseum on the last reel. You will be awarded 10 free games instantly. During the free games, your prizes won will be doubled, automatically.

In the Roman Empire, military and soldiers were given utmost importance. In the Roman Empire, Galea (helmet), Scutum (shield), and Gladius (sword) were considered very important for a soldier’s safety because when a soldier went into a battle, helmet and shield protected a soldier from the attack and the sword helped him to initiate an attack. Even in Caesar’s Empire online slot, helmet and the sword and shield symbols can pay you a good amount of money. The substitute Caesar symbol can replace another symbol and help you get a winning combination.

Legend has it that Caesar and his army used to attack like lions. Follow him and attack the online slot with fury and the maximum bet. It’s time to bet your guts!


If you are in the mood for some online casino fun, then slots are your best bet. Most seasoned players who play online casino slots games warm up to the Caesar’s Empire online casino slots game. This online casino slots game is one that is low in risk and plays out longer.

On the Caesar’s Empire online slots, the free spins bonus only offers 10 spins at 2x. However, if a scatter from 1-5 appears, you get free spins and that increases the bonus exponentially. This of course makes the game easy and paying – a must try for a newbie.

However, one must steer clear of the notion that there is a magic spin that will hit you a jackpot instantly. It will be worthwhile to remember that in Caesar’s Empire, as in all other online casino slots, every spin is independent of the other. A past spin is inconsequential for a future spin. The probability of hitting a random jackpot remains the same for every wagered dollar.


What instantly flashes into mind when you think of ancient Rome? To a lot of people, ancient Rome symbolizes everything refined and beautiful – the majestic architecture, the beautiful attires, the art, craft, theatre and sportsmanship. And of course, who can forget the superior military strategies of the Caesars? In short, you think of Caesar’s Empire.

The Caesar’s reign over Rome saw men with unbridled ambitions who glorified war and wanted to unify the world under their swords. The legends and heroics of Caesar’s Empire have been etched into history in golden ink.

As much as we wish today, the glory of Rome can never be relived. That was a different time and a different era. However, there is no dearth of people who would go to any lengths to experience the thrill of Rome – Caesar’s Empire, in its golden age. The makers of Caesar’s Empire online casino slots game have tried to do just that – let you relive Rome’s past glory.

The online casino slots game features some of the greatest Roman icons – the great Caesar himself and the Roman Coliseum. In Caesar’s Empire online casino slots game, you will also come across Cleopatra, Caesar’s old flame – who he reinstated in Egypt after she had lost the crown to her brother. The Praetorian helmets, Roman swords and the bowl of fruits which signifies the prosperity of Caesar’s Empire can also be seen in the online casino slots game.

The Caesar’s Empire online slots are a masterpiece and this online casino game is as contemporary – with the great sound effects and the superb animation — as it is a reminder of the age-old Roman magnificence.


Bonus Feature Trigger: A pattern on the slots which triggers off a bonus game. In Caesar’s Empire online slots, every time one or more Caesar appears, a free game feature is triggered. If the Coliseum appears on reel 5, it can trigger the Caesar’s Empire Bonus Feature too. Ten free games are awarded, during which all prizes are doubled in this online casino slots game.

Wild Symbol: The Caesar is the wild symbol for Caesar’s Empire online casino slots. He can substitute himself for other icons to create winning combinations where the resultant line prize triples automatically.

Scatter Symbols: Scatter symbols are those that give you some kind of bonus every time they appear on the slots. In Caesar’s Empire online casino slots, the Coliseum, fruits, and sword are the scatter symbols.

The Coliseum Symbol: The colossal Coliseum, a gift of the Roman architecture to the world, was used to host gladiator bouts and other games. In the Caesar’s Empire online casino slots however, it is a scatter symbol that can make you win. Get two or more symbols in one spin and you win!

Praetorian Helmet Symbol: The Praetorian guards were trusted with Caesar’s life. They were paid double the salary paid to other infantry men. This symbol gives you a small payout in Caesar’s Empire online casino slots game.

The Gladius Symbol: The Gladius or the Roman sword was famous for its fine craftsmanship. Sharper than anything else made in those times, it was a deadly weapon. The symbol gives out a small but significant payout in Caesar’s Empire online casino slots game.

The Bowl of Fresh Fruits: The bowl symbolizes the prosperity of Caesar’s Empire. It also represents the luxury that Caesar lived in.

Random Jackpot: The random jackpot is a jackpot that is randomly played when a particular Bonus feature is triggered. The Caesar’s Empire online casino slots game has this feature.

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