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Play Aladdin’s Wishes

Aladdin’s Wishes Basics: Want to hear fables and stories that bring along diamonds, rubies and gold? What you want is what CoolCat Casino’s Aladdin’s Wishes slot machine’s got. This game is filled with the best video slots, high payouts, great graphics, and a random jackpot.

Score exceptional cashouts by collecting two or more scattered lamps. Once you play, Aladdin’s Wishes will come true for you. Two scattered lamps get you a special payout. Found three or more scattered magic lamps? Now unlock the Aladdin’s Wishes Slots Machines special feature and earn up to 100 times your triggering bet.

Aladdin’s Wishes are grand in nature. These slots are never out of extraordinary features. In case you find a third magic lamp during the special feature, you will up to 25 free games to play more of Aladdin’s Wishes!

Aladdin’s Wishes video slot machine has more than these amazing payouts, a random jackpot to be precise. There’s a possibility you could win this jackpot, no matter whether you play for a penny or for $100.00 per spin.

How to play

Aladdin’s Wishes slots has a plethora of prizes befitting the splendour of the Arabian Nights. The images of Palace of Agrabah, the monkey Abu, magical carpet, gold coins, and the genie reveal lovely rewards as the game proceeds. Spin the combination of five images of Princes Jasmine for a reward 5,000 times your per payline bet! Revealing five-of-a- kind Princess Icon along with the icon of Aladdin will get you the highest reward of 10,000 times.

Aladdin is a wild symbol that will replace all icons in the game (except the scatter symbol), to get you rewarding combos. The magical lamp is a scatter symbol in the game. Spinning two icons of magic lamp will get multipliers on your total wagering amount. The magic lamp also plays a vital role in triggering the Aladdin’s Wishes bonus feature. Three or more images of lamps on the active reels will assist you to the Cave of Wonders with five different lamps. Among these five lamps, there is one magic lamp that will get you 25 free games while the other four lamps will get you multipliers on your triggering bet. Another random jackpot feature gets you a good off-the reel reward.

In the Aladdin’s online slot you can increase or decrease the size of your bet pressing the bet button. The denomination for you bet ranges between $0.20, $0.40, $1.00, $2.00 to $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 and $100.00. Once you have settled your bet you can click on the line button to select the number of lines from 20 paylines displayed on the right and left side of the reels. Make sure that you don’t break the sequence of the paylines while picking up the number of lines that you want to play on. Then click on the spin tab to run the reels. This is the manual option to play the game. You can also hit the autoplay tab if you wish to move the reels automatically. Under the automatic gameplay you can select your preferences based on which you would like to play the game. For instance, what number of spins you would like to play or at what point you would like the game to end. If you wish to stop in the middle of the game, you can hit the stop auto button. The game will come to a halt on its own when you run out of cash. For more details on the rules and the various offers in the game, you can click on the help button.

Rules for Aladdin’s Wishes Online Slot

  • An in-depth study of the game rules of Aladdin’s Wishes online slot will give you a good start up in the game.
  • All the symbols in the Aladdin’s Wishes online slot pay you only from the left to right with an exception of the magical lamp (scatter symbol) that pays both ways.
  • Your payline rewards are added to the sum total of your winnings.
  • All your scatter winnings are multiplied by your total stake and are added to your line wins.
  • All your line wins are multiplied by your bet per payline.
  • The reward of 10,000 times of your per payline bet is the biggest reward on the Aladdin’s wishes online slots. The highest win will pay you based on your per payline win in every spin.
  • Under the 10 free spins feature, all your rewards will be mechanically doubled and the prizes under the 15, 20 or 25 free games will be tripled by your triggering bet.
  • All your jackpot rewards get added to the rest of the winnings in the game.


Gambling should be fun and rewarding. Going by that definition, slots simply personify gambling. Furthermore, online slots are categorized by many as “loose” slot machines as they are programmed to pay more than land-based slot machines. As a matter of fact, the slot game named Aladdin’s Wishes is considered one of the loose loose online slot games by many experienced players. While we don’t know this to be true, why not try and make the best out of it?

While playing slots you need luck and a good play strategy. Also please note that a spin is not based on the outcome of your previous spins. All this is randomized by a complex and very intelligent computer system. If you are winning, it’s well and good. Keep moving at your own good speed. On the other hand, if you’re losing, don’t think that you are on a never ending losing streak. In fact, more losing spins mean that some winning spins are left in the machine. That moment of triumph will come and get you the prizes and money you long for.

Have faith and keep playing to win fabulous prizes in Aladdin’s Wishes. Try to get three scatter Magic Lamps on any three reels, and get a chance to try your luck further by clicking the five different Magic Lamps. If you pick the right one, you will be awarded 25 free games. Don’t sigh if you’re running low on luck because other lamps can award you a prize 2, 5, 10, 25, or 100 times the triggering bet.

At the same time, keep watching your balance. Don’t end up gambling away the money that you have allotted for paying important dues. Be calm and composed while playing the Aladdin’s Wishes online slots game. Ultimately it is patience and luck that will pay, so CoolCat Casino guarantees you’ll have the the best USA casino experience and wishes you the best of lucks!


Aladdin’s Wishes online slot is a fantastic casino game that promises to fill your wallets with huge rewards. Your luck plays a vital role in getting you these plump rewards. However, if you follow certain handy guidelines it may work wonders for you.

The best tip to expand your odds on Aladdin’s Wishes online slot is to practice it at the free mode first. Aladdin’s Wishes online slot will give you a practical tutorial on what symbols are included in the game and what you should pursue to seize bigger rewards.

Before you begin playing Aladdin’s Wishes online slot, go to the help option in the game to unravel the topmost prize. This will help you to follow a strategic pattern instead of mere instinct. For instance, in Aladdin’s Wishes online slot, the combination of five-of-a kind icon of Princess Jasmine will get you a prize of 5,000 coins; however if you get this combination along with a symbol of Aladdin you can hit the biggest reward of worth 10,000 coins.

Another important tip is to try and spin at least four images of scattered lamps across the reels to trigger the Aladdin’s Wishes bonus feature. The number of magic lamps you reveal to activate the Aladdin’s Wishes bonus feature will determine the number of lamps you can click on from among the five lamps in the Cave of Wonders. The more options you have to choose from the five lamps, the more relevant are your chances to get hold of that one magic lamp that carries a reward of free games. This is important because all the other lamps will get you a cash prizes worth 2, 5, 19, 25 or 100 times your triggering bet. Whereas, there is just one magic lamp that grants you 25 free games.


Every one has heard the famous Arabian folktale of Aladdin… a poor young boy who stumbles on a magic lamp. On rubbing it, out pops a genie who grants all his wishes. Based on this tale, Real Time Gaming has introduced an amazing online slots game called Aladdin’s Wishes. It features a magical oil lamp with a genie inside. If you also hope to unearth a secret treasure like Aladdin did, just rub the enchanted lamp to unleash the genie who will grant you al that you wish for.

Real Time Gaming has exploited their best software tools to enrich the Aladdin’s Wishes online slot game with exquisite sounds and 3D animations. The animated images of the palace of Agrabah, Aladdin’s pet monkey Abu with a red cap, the floating carpet, sack of gold coins and the image of the laughing genie are strong reminders of ‘Aladdin’- the Disney film of the 90s.

The slot symbol of Aladdin flying on his magical carpet will remind you of Arabian fables and accompanying pictures. The animated cave of wonders in the bonus round is as real as the actual cave which Aladdin entered to trace the magic lamp. For, like Aladdin, you can also enter this cave to dig up that magic lamp which gives you 25 free spins.

Real Time Gaming has surpassed other software developers in this particular game which carries great sound effects reminiscent of the cool breezy Arabian night.

Aladdin’s Wishes online video slot includes all slot game features ranging from free spins and multipliers to the random jackpot. This in turn ensures a pure and unadulterated gaming experience.


Random Progressive Jackpot: Random progressive jackpot is a fantastic jackpot feature on Aladdin’s Wishes online slot game which provides you some rocking action off-the reels. It is a feature that randomly throws away a huge jackpot at the end of the game. The little random jackpot window keeps ticking just above the reels to remind you of some great reward that might drop down at the climax of any game.

Aladdin: A wild symbol can be defined as the icon in the game that substitutes all the other icons on the reels to get you the rewarding combos. Aladdin is the wild symbol in this game. He emerges on the second, third and fourth reels of the slot and substitutes himself for all the symbols on the reel to help you get the rewarding combos. The only symbol that he doesn’t replace is the image of a magical lamp which is the scatter symbol in the game. The five of a kind combo of princess Jasmine will get you a prize of 5,000 coins. But, if you use Aladdin combined with this five of a kind combination of princess Jasmine, the reward will be doubled to 10,000 coins.

The Magical Lamp: Revealing the scatter symbol will multiply your winnings by your total bet. The magic lamp is the scatter symbol in Aladdin’s Wishes online slots. Reveal two images of this magic lamp anywhere across the reels and your wish for a multiple reward of two times of your total bet will be granted to you.

Aladdin’s Wishes bonus feature: The Aladdin’s wishes bonus feature is a superb delight on this online slot. You can get this celebrated treat if you are able to spin three or more scattered lamps across the active reels. Once you have achieved this you will be taken to a Cave of Wonders- a treasure room showing five lamps. From among these five lamps you have the chance to pick up the lamps of your choice. The number of lamps you select depends upon the number of scattered lamps you reveal to trigger this feature. Every lamp that you select will get you multiple cash rewards on your triggering bet.

Free Spins: You can win 25 free games if you are fortunate enough to reveal the exclusive magical lamp from among those five lamps. All the rewards under the free spin feature are mechanically doubled.

Paylines: Paylines can be defined as lines having predefined combinations. In multi-line slots like Aladdin Wishes online slot, these paylines can be in the form of a straight line or any other preset pattern. In the Aladdin’s Wishes online slot there are 20 different paylines that will get you great prizes depending on what combination you line up on the reels.

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