Rudolph’s Revenge Slots Game

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Play Rudolph’s Revenge Slots

Rudolph’s Revenge Basics: Rudolph is angry and wants to take revenge on Santa for being called a red-nosed reindeer. The red nosed reindeer is ready with a baseball bat and conspires to gift a bomb to Santa.

You can be a part of this fun- filled confrontation. No matter whose side you take, either Rudolph or Santa, the game promises many many free casino games, rewards and prizes including a jackpot. Rudolph’s Revenge is a five reel and 50 payline slot game based on this sub-plot revolving around Christmas.

The game starts with a default setting of a compulsory bet of $2 or $0.04 on each of the 50 lines. With five Rudolph’s symbols on a payline, Rudolph’s Revenge offers an exclusive jackpot reward. Trigger seven free games on spinning three or more scattered bombs left to right. Prizes earned during each free game get multiplied by 2, apart from the number of “substitute Rudolphs” appearing on the screen.

When four scatters trigger the feature, the bomb acts as an additional substitute Rudolph. Both Santa and the scattered bomb act as additional Rudolph substitutes if five scatters trigger the feature. When four or five scatters trigger the feature, scatter pays will be paid first during free games. Pay line pays will be paid after the bomb or Santa symbols change to Rudolph. However, the special jackpot prize cannot be won during the free games feature.

The funny image of the red nosed Rudolph and symbols of a bomb, Santa , Frozen Gnome, Gagged Gnome, an Igloo and other Christmas gifts combine to give different winning patterns. Start playing the game to unveil surprises and walk away with prizes and rewards won on the paylines of the game.


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Spin To Win Spin To Win

How to play Rudolph’s Revenge Slots

Enjoy Rudolph’s Revenge, a five reel and 50 payline slot game based on Santa’s flying reindeer which pulled his open sleigh. The red nosed reindeer is running loose with a baseball bat and is all set to take revenge on Santa. Wanna join Rudolph?

The game starts with a $ 2 bet placed equally on 50 lines as a default option. Unlike other slot games, you do not get an option to adjust your bet by clicking the arrows around the bet button. Once you are ready, click the spin button. In case you need help during a game, you can click the help button and get information regarding the jackpot, winning symbols, paylines, bonus features and free games.

You can also use the ‘Auto Play’ feature to spin the reels automatically for a certain number of times. To activate this feature, you have to click on the Auto Play button and select your settings from a variety of options: number of spins, play till feature is triggered, stop after winning X amount and so on. All wins –including the bonus rounds if any –will be credited to your account automatically. By clicking the stop auto button you can deactivate the auto play.

This slot is somewhat different from most slots because it has 50 paylines. Inncidentally, this is the first 50 payline slot from Real Time Gaming. This online slots machine has a fixed coin value of $0.04 per line and is played with all 50 paylines enabled.

Rudolph’s Revenge slots also offers a special jackpot fetaure which you can win only when you line up 5 Rudolph symbols on a payline in the normal game. The jackpot wins are added to the other wins.

You can have some fun while playing the slot as it contains some excellent animations. Notably, the laughing Rudolph with his baseball bat and a cigar dangling on his lips. The struggling Santa and the ticking bomb are some other animations to watch out for.

Symbols on the Lines

The symbols included in Rudolph’s Revenge represent various characters of the story. Let’s find out more about these symbols.



The Rudolph symbol is a wild, multiplier symbol. This means that it substitutes for other symbols to complete winning combinations and multiplies the payout.




Bomb is a scatter symbol that can be triggered at any time of the game. Seven free games are awarded when three or more bombs appear from left to right.


Santa Claus


Santa Claus is the cause of the whole mess. Rudolph tries to avenge himself over an insult from Santa . Santa symbol fetches good rewards particularly when it turns into a Rudolph symbol.


Ace, King, and Queen


Unlike card games, Ace, King, or Queen don’t offer you much. Yet, you can make a few extra bucks when you get three of more of these symbols in a winning combination.


Jack, Ten, and Nine


Three or more Jacks, Tens, or Nines assembled across a payline, give you a good amount of money.


General Symbols

Frozen ElfSanta's HouseGagged Elf

The frozen gnome, an igloo, a bound and gagged gnome and various Christmas gifts are the other symbols. They combine with other symbols to form certain patterns. Winning patterns give payouts as depicted in the Paytable.


2 3 4 5
Rudolph 15 150 1500 Jackpot
Bomb 2 3 5 20
Santa 5 50 500 2000
Frozen Gnome 5 25 125 1000
Gagged Gnome 10 100 500
Igloo 10 100 500
Ace, King, Queen 5 30 250
Jack, Ten, Nine 5 25 150
Additional Rules
  • Wins on different lines are added.
  • Compulsory 50 line play per game.
  • Compulsory fixed bet per line.
  • Scatter wins are added to line wins.
  • Line wins are multiplied by bet per line except for the special Jackpot win.
  • Highest win only on each line.

Maximum win per paid spin other than the exclusive Jackpot win is 50,000 times bet per line.

Rudolph’s Revenge Slots Strategy

The five reel and 50 payline slot game of Rudolph’s Revenge is not just about spinning reels. Join the reindeer Rudolph in its mission to avenge itself against Santa. If you are of the notion that Rudolph’s Revenge is just another game of chance, you are wrong; the compulsory 50 paylines that you need to play is in itself a tried and tested strategy to maximize your odds when playing online slots.

Know the bonus feature of the game –how it is triggered and what it offers.

  • You can adopt One-Play strategy in the game of Rudolph’s Revenge. According to this strategy, you can play with a maximum amount of money in a slot machine game and if you do not win, try another slot machine game. Since there is no option to change the betting amount in this game, you can use the default bet amount of $2 as your maximum bet amount. However, if you are not winning, it is not wise to continue playing the same slot machine game for long.
  • Rules of one slot game differs from the rules of another slot game. Therefore, you should read the rules of the game and find out about betting parameters and available paylines. Rudolph’s Revenge is always $ 2 per spin. It has all 50 paylines activated at four cents per line.
  • A mix of time and money management yields another sound strategy to adopt on slots. You have to fix a time period to play the game and the amount of money to bet. Do not pay much attention to whether you win or lose –this exercise is based more on the law of averages. Once you exhaust both the time and money stipulated for the session, square up the account. Check to see if the time and money input has given you a ‘justified’ return. If not, abandon the game.
  • Always read the jackpot information and the amount associated with it. In this game, you can win the special jackpot prize only when five images of Rudolph appear on a single payline anywhere across the five reels.
  • The spinning of reels in the game of Rudolph’s Revenge is random and there is no saying if one win will follow another. Therefore one strategy is to know when to stop. Try quitting a game soon after winning a decent amount.


Spin the five reels and reveal the rewards. Rudolph’s Revenge is a chance based online slots game. The confrontation between Rudolph (the red nosed rein deer) and Santa can bring real fun with the spinning of reels. Certain tips in hand will help you to get the most of this game.

Use the Auto Play Feature

When your luck is running high, and you are on a winning spree, do not quit the game. If you are tired of spinning each time, you can use the Auto Play feature and select the number of spins you want to play automatically. You can chose the Auto Play button for several other options too.

Understand the Game

Rudolph’s Revenge is a rewarding slot game. Before you start the game with a default betting option of $2 , read an understand the pay table and the different payouts associated with different patterns or lines. You can click on the Help button and gather all the information about the game.

Recognize the Symbols

Rudolph’s Revenge is a wonderful game with multiple symbols. Recognize them. The funny -face of
Rudolph the reindeer, equipped with a base ball bat is easily spotted. Other symbols of a bomb, Santa Claus, Frozen Gnome, Gagged Gnome, an Igloo and miscellaneous Christmas gifts combine to form different winning patterns. In order to avail the prizes, you have to understand the symbols and the paylines associated with them in the game.

Play Free Games

All slot games are different from one another. In order to know one particular game better, you need to play and practice for a longer time. You can avail the free gaming feature offered here at CoolCat Casino and enhance your gaming skills until you play for real money.

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History of Rudolph’s Revenge Slots

Rudolph is a red nosed reindeer- a character created by Robert L May in 1939. As the story goes, on one Christmas eve, Santa Claus summoned his team of reindeer – Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet and Cupid ready for the annual gift-giving global tour. However, a terrible fog set in and Santa was unable to move even an inch, as visibility on Earth was at zero.

Suddenly, he spotted a bright red light. On closer examination, it was revealed that there was no light, but the glow was emanating from the bright red nose of another reindeer, Rudoph who was part of the reindeer community that had come to cheer. Santa saw a solution to his problem. He fastened the harness to Rudolph’s neck and went on his gifting spree as Rudoph’s nose helped to spot the chimneys.

Now as the original story goes, Rudolph did the rounds and emerged a hero.

However there are many versions of the story, as is common with most folklore. One version says Rudolph was part of Santa’s reindeer team and was constantly ridiculed by the other reindeer for his red nose. So when Sant did turn to him for help, he avenged himself by refusing.

Another version says, Santa said, “Rudolph with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight.?” This blatant reference to his unique, rather odd nose, angered Rudolph. Now let us say, Rudolph was lying in wait for an opportune time for revenge. And along came Real Time Gaming band of developers!

The slot game of Rudolph’s Revenge is an interesting game where Rudolph equips himself with a baseball bat and tries to gift a bomb packed like a gift, to Santa. The images and symbols trigger good rewards.


Scatter Symbol: Scatter symbols are those which pay if they occur more than once. The Symbol of the Bomb is the scatter symbol that pays when it occurs two or more times.

Special Jackpot: The special jackpot reward in the game of Rudolph’s Revenge online slots can be won only when five Rudolph symbols line up on a single payline in a normal game.

Auto Play: It is a pre-setting on your slot machine where you can choose to set the number of automatic spins, the number of spins up to the point a feature is triggered and so on. While using this feature you don’t have to hit the “spin” button each time you want to play.

Feature/Bonus Game: This refers to a features that triggers free spins; but you l get to keep anything you win.

Rudolph: The image of the red-nosed reindeer with a base ball in his hand. Five images of reindeer can fetch a jackpot.

Pay Lines: Paylines are the numbered patterns on the slot machine game that has a certain payout associated with each line.

AKQ: The image of Ace, Queen and King together fetches you rewards when it combines to form a winning pattern.

J109: The image of Jack, number ten and number 9 together can combine with other symbols for a winning pattern.

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