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Play Hillbillies

Hillbillies Basics: Play online Hillbillies slot casino games and win real money! Hillbillies video slots are fun to play with the Hillbilly family.

Have any symbol of Grandpa, Young Woman, and Young Man show up in a combo of 2 or more and you’ll will 8 free games! Get two or three scattered symbols to get your wins multiplied by 2 to 10 times.

With online Hillbillies slots, have the whole family show up and you can win up to twenty times your regular prize. Don’t forget, just playing free Hillbillies slot, qualifies you to win the big CoolCat Casino jackpot!

How to play

A fun game with lots of western stuff, Hillbillies makes for a great gaming adventure. The hillbillies search for gold in the hills and they are joined by their farmyard friends. When you are tired, you can enjoy a bottle of moonshine and that is sure to get you in high spirits again. Get those hillbillies in a line and you can have the greatest of times playing this western themed game. Hum with the banjo and the Hillbillies theme song or just enjoy the ambience of the gold rush, just don’t forget – there’s lots of money to be won.

If you don’t know how to play, try using the Help button. It will show you the winning combinations, bonus rounds and rules of the online slots game. Once that is out of the way, you can begin adjusting your bet. You may choose up to 20 lines to play and your bet is divided equally on the number of lines you choose. The wagering ranges from $0.01 to $5.00. You can adjust your bet by pressing the arrow buttons to increase and decrease the amount of your wager. The Autoplay option makes things easy for you. You can use the Autoplay option to let the computer make the spins for you. The game will progress nonstop until you stop the game manually or run out of money.

Rules of Hillbillies Online Slot

The following are the some other Hillbillies video slots machine rules:

  • Since Hillbillies online casino slots game has 20 pay lines, you can win on multiple lines in one spin. The total win is the sum of wins on different pay lines.
  • For each win, the scatter symbol wins are also added to the pay line wins.
  • In Hillbillies online casino slots game, the scatter symbol has a multiplier effect.
  • Your bet is divided equally according to the number of lines that you are playing.
  • The maximum win for this slot game is 40,000 bet per pay line for each spin.


CoolCat Casino, one of the top usa online casinos ranked by players, offers a myriad of thematic slot machines. The Hillbillies slot game is a fine example. With Special bonus rounds and more features that you can imagine bundled up inside this game, the satisfaction is guaranteed.

Billy Symbols allow players to form winning combinations that result in special rounds and features that enhance the game’s cash rewards. These animated symbols are both wild and scattered in Hillbillies. They appear on reels 1 and 5 and substitute any other icon; they deliver bet multipliers up to five times. When all three symbols appear, a 20 time multiplier comes into action. Also, players can win a Free Spin Bonus Round when the scattered symbols show up; 8 spins are awarded.

Players must know that Hillbillies has a progressive random jackpot that activates at any given time during gameplay. A major fortune booster indeed, betting on a consistent level allows for one to enjoy a longer run at the game and have a better shot at winning big time.


Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced player… following certain basic tips is very important for all those players who are playing online to win some great rewards.

In order to win some tremendous prizes, it is very important to understand the game first. You can get a proper understanding of the game only if you have thoroughly read the instructions of the game. Following these instructions you can practice the game of Hillbillies on the free casino game. Play on the free casino game to get a vivid picture of how the game moves forward. Plus it will also be like a free tutorial guiding you on various buttons on the Hillbillies slot machine. When you play for fun, you will also get a practical idea on how all the bonus features in the game are triggered.

Since Online Hillbillies slots game has 20 pay lines, you can win on multiple lines in one spin. The total win is the sum of wins on different pay lines.

The only three symbols that you need to pay a particular attention are the images of a grandpa, young women and the young man. These are symbols that will not only increase your odds of reeling in the winning combos but will also get you to the highest reward of 5000 coins. Plus it is even easier to get the scatter rewards using these three images as you don’t need to follow a particular pattern to spin them on to the reels.

And if you want to get the complete gambling experience, make sure that you play the Hillbillies online slots at CoolCat Casino. We use Real Time Gaming software for our games that provides the best 3D graphics and digital sound effects. Download our start playing free casino games like our Hillbillies Slots now!


If you like all things western, then you will definitely enjoy playing Hillbillies online video slots. Based in the hilly regions of America where there is abundance of gold-mining, the Hillbillies slots primarily have three characters – the old rugged grandpa, the smokin’ hot blonde girl and the typical farmyard young boy.

The word hillbilly owes its origin to an Irish term referring to Scots-Irish immigrants who dwelt in the frontiers of Appalachian Mountains. When they migrated to the US during the early 18th century as British soldiers, they brought with them their cultural traditions and their lingo infiltrated into the local language as well.

The characters in the Hillbillies slots games look a lot like the characters from the popular TV series called Dukes of Hazzard where the four central characters – Bo Duke, Luke Duke, Jesse Duke and Daisy Duke have many misadventures in the fictional Hazzard County in Georgia. Some characters in the Hillbillies online slots are also taken from the popular series The Beverly Hillbillies, aired in 1962, featuring a family that moved to Beverly Hills after striking oil.

For players who love Banjo, the music of the game will be a wonderful addition to an already great looking game. The game boasts of some of the best Banjo music and the Hillbillies theme song is quite popular among the players.

Among the bonus symbols other than the Hillbillies, you can expect the Hillbilly Hound Dog, a bathing Pig, bottle of Moonshine and an old mining-type hut. Again, in the series, Dukes of Hazzard, the Dukes manufactured Moonshine – a home distilled alcohol, in their farmyard. The dog and the pig are other symbols from the clichéd American farm in The Beverly Hillbillies.


Bonus Feature Trigger: A pattern on the slots which triggers off a bonus game. In Hillbillies, when two or more Hillbillies symbols are present anywhere on any reels you are awarded eight free spins.

Wild Symbol: All the Hillbillies substitute any other symbol to make up winning combinations and hence are called wild symbols.

Old Man Hillbilly: The haggard old grandpa is a wild symbol that appears on reel one and doubles your win.

Blond Bombshell Hillbilly: The beautiful blond Hillbilly is a wild symbol that appears on reel three and doubles your win.

Butch Young Hillbilly: The handsome young guy appears on reel five and whatever you win, increases five-fold.

Scatter Symbols: Scatter symbols are those that give you some kind of bonus every time they appear on the slots.

Hillbillies Bonus: The Hillbillies bonus is a 20- fold bonus. If all three Hillbillies appear together, they multiply your winning by 20.

Hillbilly Hound Dog: A scatter symbol that pays out 250 with five dogs and 5000 with all three Hillbillies showing.

Bottle of Moonshine: Moonshine is actually a home-distilled alcohol. In the Hillbilly slots game, it is a scatter symbol that pays out 150 with five bottles and 3000 with all three Hillbillies showing.

Pig in Tub: A scatter symbol that pays out 200 with five pigs and 4000 with all three Hillbillies showing.

House: A scatter symbol that pays out 150 with five houses and 3000 with all three Hillbillies showing.

Random Jackpot: The random jackpot is a jackpot that is randomly played when a particular bonus feature is triggered.

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