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Play Play Coyote Cash Slots

Coyote Cash is a simple five-reel 25-line online slots that gives you a perfect opportunity to be a part of the chase between a bank robber and the law. Get your symbols right and make a decent amount of money without much effort. The game stays true to its name as it provides you with a lot of cash via different combinations of different symbols. Get one or more Coyote symbols in a winning combination and double your prize.

The real excitement breaks out when you trigger the bonus feature. You are awarded 20 free casino games in the bonus feature. So, keep your hopes high to get the bonus feature. Getting to the bonus feature has never been so easy. Simply place two or more scatter Loot symbols anywhere on the five reels and voila! Win prizes during the free spins without wagering any money at all. Like icing on the cake, the Coyote Cash online slots offer a random jackpot that can trigger at the end of any spin in the game.

When you get your hands on Coyote Cash for some time, you come to know that the game is about nothing but winning money. So, come and be a part of the deadly chase between Coyote and Eagle Eye right from the safety of your home and claim your share of loot!

How to play

Coyote Cash is a fabulous 5-reel 25-line online slot game. It provides great payouts and free spins in the bonus round which helps you win more without wagering anything extra. It could never has been more simpler than this. A whole lot of money is waiting for you. Go ahead and be a part of the action to make some serious amount of money. Let’s spin and win at the best casino for US players!

How to Play

You don’t need to struggle too much to play Coyote Cash slots. Select a bet, the number of lines, and spin the machine. That’s it. The symbols will end up forming different patterns on the reels. If you get one or more winning patterns, you get a prize associated with the patterns.

By default, the game starts with a $1.25 bet placed equally on 25 lines. If you wish to adjust the number of lines, click the arrows around the lines button. Alternatively, you can click a line number on the screen. To adjust your bet, click the arrows around the bet button. You can choose from 5 cents to $5 per line. Once you are ready, click the spin button. In case you need help during a game, click the help button.

The autoplay feature of the game lets you play the game automatically. Use this feature and play the game for a certain number of spins. To activate this feature, click the autoplay button. You can also choose from some options in the autoplay like number of spins, spin till jackpot is won, or spin till featured is triggered. Let us say you select the number of spins and click the OK button. The game will continue running for a specific number of times. In case the bonus feature is triggered, your winnings are saved to your account automatically. To deactivate this feature, click the stop auto button.

Turbo Play

Turbo Play does nothing but accelerate the game speed. If you are in a hurry and want to play a number of spins quickly, turn this feature on. To turn it on, click the Options button in the top right corner of the screen. In the window that pops up, check the Turbo Play box under the Slots tab. Click OK to return to the game. Now each of your spins will be accelerated.

Symbols on the Lines

The symbols included in Coyote Cash represent various characters of the story. Let us learn know more about these symbols.

Substitute/Wild Symbol: Coyote

Coyote is leading this pursuit. It’s on the run from the law for looting a bank. Coyote is carrying more money than it can carry. It can substitute any symbol, except the scatter Loot symbol, to help you make a winning pattern.

Scatter Symbol: Loot

As the symbol indicates, it contains nothing but pure cash. Get two or more of these symbols on any reels and win fabulous prizes. Three or more loot symbols start the bonus feature that provides you free online casino games where you don’t put any money on the line.

Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye:

Eagle Eye is a strict police officer. But don’t worry he’s after Coyote, not you. If you get two or more of these symbols in a winning combination on the lines, you can obtain a decent amount of money.

Slithering Rattlesnake
Slithering Rattlesnake:

You need not worry about this snake either. It’s carrying a knife but it won’t harm you for it has no hands to use it. Two or more rattlesnakes in a winning combination can really make your day by providing a good payout.

Armored Vehicle
Armored Vehicle:

Eagle Eye chases Coyote in this special armored vehicle. It protects Eagle Eye from Coyote’s sixer and provides you enough cash when it appears twice or more than that on pay lines.

Saguaro Cactus
Saguaro Cactus:

This truly replicates the giant Saguaro cactus found in the wild west. They say cactus is full of water. This one is also full; not with water but money. Grab hold of a couple of them and win additional money.

Cow Skull
Cow Skull:

Usually a cow skull warns you about the lack of water. In this adventure, it means money. If your combination contains two or more cow skulls, you are paid a good amount of money.

Ace, King, and Queen:

Unlike card games, Ace, King, or Queen don’t offer you much. But still you can make a few extra bucks when you get three or more of these symbols in a winning combination.

Jack, Ten, and Nine:

Three or more Jacks, Tens, or Nines in a paying combination give you a good amount of money.

Random Jackpot

Apart from other winnings offered by the Coyote Cash online slots, you can also hit the highest payout- a random jackpot. This jackpot drops some amazing random rewards at the end of any spin. Who knows you may be ucky enough to hit the random jackpot at the conclusion of your very first spin. Your jackpot win is added to the rest of line wins in the game.


The symbols discussed above provide different payouts in a particular combination. The following table lists various symbols and the payouts associated with them.

Except Coyote, if other symbols appear with a substitute symbol, the payout is doubled. For example, if you get three Eagle Eye symbols along with Coyote, your regular 500 coin payout is doubled to 1000.

Symbol Number of Symbols and Associated Payout
2 3 4 5
Coyote 10 100 1000 10000
Eagle Eye 5 50 500 5000
Slithering Rattlesnake 3 25 250 2500
Armored Vehicle 2 15 150 750
Saguaro Cactus 2 10 100 500
Ace, King, Queen 5 25 250
Jack, Ten, Nine 5 15 1000
Bonus Feature

When three or more Loot symbols appear anywhere, you are awarded 20 free spins as a bonus. The prizes are multiplied by two, three, or four for the free games for three, four, or five triggering loots, respectively. In addition, you can also win additional free games during the free spins. Now that’s like icing on the cake, isn’t it?

Additional Rules

Besides regular bells and whistles, Coyote Cash follows certain rules. Have a look at these rules before you begin spinning.

  • Wins on different lines are added together.
  • All symbols pay left to right except the scatter symbol which pays any direction.
  • Scatter wins are added to the line wins.
  • Scatter wins are multiplied by total bet.
  • Line wins are multiplied by bet per line.
  • Highest win only on each line.
  • Maximum win per paid spin is 50,000 times bet per line. This is because the slot game allows you to bet a maximum of $5 per line and the paytable above shows that 10,000 is the maximum payout. Assuming this happens, the maximum a player can earn out of a spinof Coyote Cash is $ 50,000.
  • Free spins won during a free spins feature in progress are played at the initial multiplier.
  • Free games are played at the lines and bets of the triggering game.


It’s in our nature that we humans get carried away with something good that happens to us. Like winning at a slots machine. On the other hand, if we lose or keep losing, frustration builds up and everything goes haywire. It’s also human nature that we value things only when we lose them. This is particularly true in case of money. So what do you do when you’re losing instead of winning?

Quit? That sounds good but what would you do if you keep losing after a few winning spins every time you sit down to play? Gambling is not my cup of tea you may say. Well then go ahead and quit. Quit gambling and get yourself busy with things that does not involve gambling at all. But if you want to move on and try your best to turn a bad situation into a good one, alter the way you place your bets. That’s right, adopt a betting system and make the best out of a losing situation.

One such betting system is called the Martingale betting system. It is a negative progression system. If this system works right, when you win you not only recover your losses but win something extra as well.

Under this system, you double the bet that you lose to make your next bet. Here’s how this system works. You begin with a $2 bet, and God forbid you lose! Your next bet should be $4, which is 2 X $2 (the bet that you lose). By now you are left with precisely $14 ($20 – $2 – $4). Follow the same betting system, and place an $8 bet. At this point, you are left with $6. If you win, you get back $16, which when added to your existing balance boosts it up to $22. And that is nothing less than a $2 gain ($22 – $20) –which means you make up your initial loss.

We must tell our readers that the Martingale System is typically used in games with a 1:1 payout as it can merely build up your losses in the off-chance that one win will make up for the previous loss. So in a sense, it is not a system that helps you win big –it only helps you contain your loss and no, it is definitely not the top-of-the-mind strategy for slots.

This is because of an inherent disadvantage in the way the system works. Because you have to double the bet you lose, you sometimes end up reaching the limit of a slot machine or simply run out of cash.

If you still decide to adopt this strategy for a slot game where a win is so obviously dependent on chance , it may be better to club it with the age-old slot wisdom of limiting your bankroll. Assume that you decide to limit your betting quota to $20 in the above example. In the event that you continue your losing spree, it may be better that you leave the game once the $20 limit is reached.

In short, treat the Martingale system as just a piece of advice which may not work for you at times. If after using this system, you still keep losing, don’t mess up with the computer or the live help. Simply stop playing and come back later. You can also give your luck a go. And guess what, in Coyote Cash online slots, you can hit a massive random jackpot if you’re running high on luck. Gambling can sure be fun if you follow the apt strategy!


People have tried their level best to win big at slots ever since they played at Liberty Bell, the first ever slot machine. Many say that winning at slots calls for nothing but pure luck. This is true! Slots are chance-based. Certain tips can however help you make more informed decisions at a slot machine.

Keep an Eye on the Loot Symbol

In Coyote Cash, a combination of three or more scatter Loot symbols trigger the bonus feature that awards you 20 free spins. The Loot symbol should be your target. Never miss it because when you get free spins, you wi pure cash without wagering a single nickel or dime.

Stay With it When it’s Hot

Many slot enthusiasts believe that it’s not a good idea to leave a slot machine when it’s hot. A slot machine is said to be “hot” once you win a few spins in a row. So, if you are on a winning streak at a slot machine, don’t quit midway. Let it roll if you want to make some serious dough!

Autopilot Coyote Cash

The world is full of distractions. At times, you may have to step away and leave the game for a while. You cannot afford to leave when you are on winning streak and your luck is running high. Use the Auto Play feature provided by Coyote Cash and select the number of spins you want to play automatically. To do so, click the Auto Play button, You can choose other options besides choosing the number of spins.

Know Your Game

Before you start placing a bet, know the game in and out. At least a knowledge of the paytable would help you learn how to wager and how much you are paid for a particular combination. To access the paytable in Coyote Cash, click the Help button. You can also learn a lot more about the game in the Help section.

Experience It

Before you sit down to play with real money, experience the game. It would later help you play with a cool head. At CoolCat Casino, you can play the game for free. Nothing can beast this sort of training!

Turbo Charge

It If you are in a hurry to make a few extra bucks, accelerate your game speed. You can do this turning on the Turbo Play option. In case you wonder how to turn it on, click Options in the top right corner. In the window that pops up, check the Turbo Play box under the Slots tab. Click OK to return to the game. Now each time you spin the machine, you will see a drastic change in the game speed.

Eye for the Jackpot

The Coyote Cash online slots provides you with a wonderful option of hitting a jackpot. The jackpot offered in the game is random in nature. It can be triggered at the end of any spin. So, the more you play, the more you can hope to hit the jackpot. And believe it that nothing can make you rich faster than this random jackpot feature. So, keep playing more.

Play on More Lines

The more lines you play on, the better your chances of winning are. If you play on one line, your chances of winning are significantly lower than when you are playing on 10, 15, 20, or 25 lines. Play more lines to boost your odds at winning.


Coyote Cash is inspired by the heat and thrill of American Old West pursuits between bank robbers and the law. The game is a wonderful replication of the culture and climate of the wild west. With the graphics and sounds used in the game, the whole chase comes alive. The game may remind you of Wiley Coyote, the miserable villain of the animated series, The Roadrunner Show on television that ran in the late Sixties and early Seventies.

Gunslingers, or the men with a bad reputation with guns, dominated the American Old West in the 20th century. A gunshot was the solution to most of their problems. They used to engage in saloon fights, duels, bar fights on trivial issues such as “my hat is better than yours.” Gunslingers robbed money and gold off banks and gold miners. But one thing was common among all gunslingers: they were all on the run from the law.

Coyote Cash is the latest addition to the ever expanding list of online slots. Real Time Gaming (RTG) gets the credit for developing this interesting action packed game. The game was launched in December 2008. It revolves around a bank robbery committed by a wild Coyote with a gun. With chips on its shoulders, Eagle Eye, a sharp police officer, is after Coyote in an armored vehicle. The thrill occurs when you hit the excellent random jackpot feature that the Coyote Cash online slot offers. The excitement of winning a jackpot is the real thing about the game. You will never be the same once you are a part of this pursuit.


Bet: The value of coins that you put in the machine.

Random Jackpot: A jackpot that drops randomly at the conclusion of any spin is known as the random jackpot. Coyote Cash online slots also offers this wonderful random jackpot prize.

Reel: The disc inside the slot machine with various symbols printed on it.

Symbols: A symbol is a picture, an object, or a particular mark that represents something. Each reel in a Coyote Cash online slots game or any other slot machine carries certain symbols.

Payline: A straight or zig-zag line that crosses through one symbol on each reel, along which a winning combination is evaluated.

Substitute: Also called a substitute symbol or the wild symbol, a substitute can replace all symbols except the scatter symbol to help you form a winning pattern. Coyote is the wild symbol in this game.

Scatter: A symbol that helps you win regardless of the order it appears on a payline. A certain number of these help to trigger a bonus feature (also called a bonus round). In Coyote Cash, three or more scatter symbols trigger the bonus feature that awards you 20 free spins. Loot is the scatter symbol in this game.

Autoplay: This feature runs the game automatically —to a variety of set parameters — number of spins, up to the point the feature round is triggered and on winning or losing a certain amount.

Turbo Play: Turbo Play is an added option that helps you accelerate the game speed.

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