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Play Diamond Mine

Among the odds games that CoolCat Casino offers, Diamond Mine has some of the best slot machine odds. The aim of the game is to line up the matching Diamond Mine symbols on the payline. There’s another big thing: Diamond Mine offers a progressive jackpot. Just playing Diamond Mine slots can get you the CoolCat Casino jackpot. While betting for max credits (3), if three Dollar Symbols appear on the payline, the jackpot is yours!

Diamond Mine is just the thing for you if you are looking for good slot machine odds and want to better your chances at smaller jackpots that go off on a regular basis.

Play and win right now with CoolCat’s Casino instant play feature feature or download our online casino to play the slots machine game.

How to play

Diamond Mine is a straightforward three reel, one payline classic slot machine which is a little different from modern multi-lines machines. Though this slot machine game works like any other, the fact that there are just three reels and one payline adds to the challenge. Diamond, bar, seven and dollar are the symbols in this game.


The purpose of this three reel online slots is to simply line up the matching symbols on the single payline in the game. The payline is indicated by the straight red line right at the center of the reels.

How to Place a Bet

The gameplay in the Diamond Mine online slot is initiated after you fix the wager amount per game. You can increase or decrease the size of your bet by pressing the up and down arrows on the left and right side in the insert coin window. You can set your bet in the denominations of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 and $5.00. After that you can click on the $5, $25 or $100 chips to put in the credits into the slot machine. Then press the “bet one” tab to select the number of coins that you wish to play your game with. If you wish to bet just one credit on the game, click on the bet one tab once. However, if you wish to bet two credits, click on the bet one button twice. You can play with a maximum bet of three credits per game in the Diamond Mine online slots. Press the “Play 3 credits” tab if you want to bet with three credits in your game.

Spin the Reel

Press the “Spin reel” tab or hit the lever on the right side of the Diamond Mine slot machine to rotate the three reels. Your success or failure will be decided based upon the combinations that you line up on the payline when the reels stop.


The payouts in the Diamond Mine online slots vary from one rewarding combination to another and also on the number of coins that you bet on every game. For instance, if you bet with one coin and get three Diamonds on the payline, you’ll win 50 coins. But if you bet with two coins and reel in three Diamonds on the payline, you’ll win 100 coins. If you bet with three coins and spin in three matching diamonds on the payline, you’ll win 150 coins. There is a chart below that clearly demonstrates the various payoffs on different winning combinations on the bet of one, two and three coins:

Combination Description One Coin Two Coins Three Coins
Three Dollar symbols 800 1600 2500
Three Diamonds 50 100 150
Triple Sevens 35 70 105
Three images of Double BAR 25 50 75
Three images of single BAR 12 24 36
Any three Bars, like two images of double BAR and one image of a single BAR 10 20 30
Two Diamond symbols 5 10 15
One Diamond symbol 2 4 6
Highest Win

Win the biggest jackpot of 2500 coins in the game by betting with three coins and lining up three images of Diamonds on the payline.


There are a total of eight winning combinations in the Diamond Mine online Slots that offer you a chance to reel in some wonderful rewards. But do you know how often these winning combinations can show up on the reels of Diamond Mine online Slot to help you win these lovely prizes?

Some slot players have made an attempt to find this through the standard deviation theory. As the words “standard’ and “deviation” show, it is believed that there is an average number of times that the reels in a slot machine “deviate” to throw up nill results. Based on this, one can calculate the average of the number of empty spins before a winning spin occurs. Of course this is true of all slots, and you can try this strategy on any of them, not just the Diamond Mine strategy.

Follow the step-by-step procedure below to apply the standard deviation strategy:

  1. First ensure that the slot you are playing on is giving out “equal pay,” on your bets. “Equal Pay” is nothing but a proportionate value of your bet. For example, you wager $1 with one, two and three coins. The Diamond Mine slot pays you 2, 4 and 6 coins. You can see that a uniform percentage is maintained across the three levels.
  2. You can proceed to play the game now. Using a pen and a paper, keep a record of the number of empty spins that occur between every win. Do this for at least 10 winning spins. If you are playing for real, make sure you wager with the minimum bet size while you are calculating empty spins between your wins.
  3. When you have carefully traced the number of empty spins between your 10 winning spins, workout the average the number of empty spins between your winning spins.

The example below shows the series of 10 wins that can help you understand the pattern in which you can trace the empty spins between your wins:

  1. Let’s assume that you get your first win after 8 empty spins and the second win after 10 spins.
  2. Then you reel in your third win after 9 empty spins and fourth after 11 spins.
  3. Subsequently, you get your fifth win after 14 empty spins and sixth win again after 11 spins.
  4. Your seventh winning spin comes after 13 empty spins and the eighth spin after 9 spins.
  5. Finally, you get your ninth win after 14 empty spins and the tenth spin again comes after 11 spins.

The example above clearly indicates that most of your wining spins occurred between 8 and 14 empty spins of which the maximum wins come after 11 spins. So, in a nutshell the average of empty spins between your wins is 11 spins. This means that there is a high probability of getting a win after 11 spins.

As this standard deviation strategy is a probability theory, CoolCat Casino doesn’t claim that this trick will always prove right. With the Random Number Generator installed in most online slots, your calculations of the average may well go awry. So while there is guarantee that you will win, there is no harm in trying.


Every gambler and every casino game has a set of dos and don’ts. When it comes to slots which is largely based on chance, there is no prescribed strategy. However some tips can help you play with prudence.

The Simple 3 Coin Strategy

Here, you need to bet with maximum credits in order to get higher rewards. In Diamond Mine online slots the highest paying combination is three images of the dollar sign. Let’s say, if you bet with only one coin and spin three images of the dollar on the payline, you’ll win a decent reward of 800 coins. On the other hand, if you bet with three credits and reel in the same combination of three dollar signs, you’ll win the highest jackpot reward of 2500 coins. The combination is the same…but betting the maximum coins can fetch the highest return in the game. We cannot deny the fact that luck is the prime element in winning slots. However, many slot machine fans follow such simple tactics to have a good time on Diamond Mine online slot.

High/Low Tip

The high/low works on the two extremes in the game. On this online slots you can bet a maximum of three coins and a minimum of one coin. The middle bet in the game is the bet with two coins. But it is not advisable to stop at Bet Two. If you are getting higher returns on three coins, you should bet with it. If however, you start losing with the three coin bet, jump to the one coin bet and start all over again.

In-Depth Study of Payouts

An in-depth study of the payouts attached to various winning combinations in the game is very important before you start playing on the Diamond Mine online slot. Reading the payout chart will give you a clear idea on various returns and on different combinations and bet sizes.

Free Casino Game

Play the free version of Diamond Mine slots on the “casino free games” section in order to understand the game dynamics. The free casino version of this online slot lets you try out the three coin strategy without spending a single buck.


The first electro-mechanical classic slot machine was created by Bally Manufacturing Company in the 1964. It was christened as the Money Honey slot. After 50 years of Fey’s invention of the mechanical slot ‘Liberty Bell’, Money Honey slot machine made history again by replacing the springs and levers with electronic gears. Further, Bally gaming operators also added the option of playing with multiple coins and lofty jackpots to enhance the gambling experience of players. They also used electricity to give a flashy look to the machine through the blazing lights in the slot machine. The exciting sounds in the background appealed to a lot of gamblers.

There is no doubt about the fact that this creation of Bally manufacturers encouraged many other companies to come up with a variety of electronic versions of classic slots. Diamond Mine was also a part of this electric adaptation of slot machines. The symbols of diamonds and dollars do justice to the rich theme of Diamond Mine classic three reel slots.

Furthermore the Internet version of the Diamond Mine online slots brought this classic thrill of slots to the living rooms of players thus making the gambling experience even more exciting.


Reels: The reels refer to the three revolving rows on the machine with six special symbols on it.

Symbols: In Diamond Mine online slots, there are four images on the reels including, the image of a dollar sign, double BAR, single BAR and glistening diamonds.

Payline: Payline is a red line in the center of the reels in the Diamond Mine online slots where the various winning combinations line up to get you great rewards.

Pay Table: The pay table in the Diamond Mine online slots gives out wholesome information on the payouts for every rewarding combination in the game.

Coin size: Coin size is a measure of the value of coins that you put in the machine to play the game. For example, if you are playing on the denomination of $1, your coin size is $1. In Diamond Mine online slot you can play with the coins in the denomination of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 to $5.00.

Chips: Chips refer to the various values of coins that you can use in lieu of money to play the game. On Diamond Mine online slot you can credit your account with chips worth $5, $25 and $100.

Bet: Bet is the total number of coins or credits that you can wager on every spin.

Play 3 Credits: It is an option in Diamond Mine online slot that allows you to play the game directly with three credits.

Coins Played: The coins played are the number of coins or credits that you use to play the game. For example, if you choose to bet with three credits with a coin size of $1, you are basically betting with $3 on the single game of Diamond Mine online slot.

Winning combinations: Winning combinations refer to the various set of three or two matching symbols in the Diamond Mine online slot. These combinations align on the single payline in the game to get you the different payouts attached to them.

Spin Reels: The spin reels option in the game allows you to spin the reels after you have fixed your bet.

Lever: Lever can be defined as the handle on the left side of the Diamond Mine online slot machine that looks like the lever in the classic slots on the land casinos. So, pull the lever on the Diamond Mine online slot to spin the reels just as you did on the classic version of slots on the land casinos.

Cash out: Cash out is the option in the Diamond Mine online slots that lets you to transfer all your credits to your account.

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