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Play Double Ya Luck

Four leaf clovers. Lucky rabbit’s foot. A horseshoe up your ‘you know what’. Forget all these lucky charms because the only luck you need is an account at CoolCat Casino and access to Double Ya Luck, an amazingly fun online slots game that brings you so many ways to get rewarded!

It all starts with the Double symbol. When it pops up in a winning combination, you’ll automatically win big rewards. Talk about wild! And wild it is because the Double symbol can also substitute in for many other symbols in the game. It gets even more impressive. When Double shows up with Ya and Luck on reels 1, 2, and 3, you’ll get to play a very cool bonus round that starts off with 5 free games. Pick a color and if you match it to the next playing card, your free games will double up again.

That’s just the beginning because Double Ya Luck has not just one but TWO bonus rounds, including a very cool Boardgame feature game that sends you racing around the board as you collect big prizes along the way. All this, PLUS a jackpot with a $222 reset amount makes Double Ya Luck your ticket to a lucky day.

How to play

If you can roll the dice, you can get lucky in Double Ya Luck. In fact, it’s even easier than tossing a cube in the air and hoping it lands where you want it. Just start by making your bet and line selections – anywhere from $0.01 and $5 per line, and between 1 and 3 lines. Then, lock in your bet by clicking the Spin button. Doing so will take your bet per line and multiply it by the number of lines you want to play to determine your final bet. The reels will start spinning right away. When they come to a stop, you’ll get paid out by matching up the right symbols. Some symbols leads you into one of two bonus rounds, so the opportunity to get lucky is huge.

Game Rules

There aren’t too many rules you need to follow in terms of playing, but you should be aware of a few so you know what’s coming in terms of payouts. The Double symbol is wild and can sub in for most symbols, however it can’t act as a Dice, Ya, Luck, or 7 symbol. You should also note that the progressive jackpot wins aren’t multiplied during the Boardgame or Gamble bonus rounds. Finally, Double Ya Luck has a top award of 10,000x your bet per line.


Double Ya Luck is completely random, so it’s tough to come to the table with a strategy to win. That said, many players swear by betting strategies. Start by betting the minimum. When you win, increase your bet. When you lose, decrease it. It’s not foolproof, but it could lead to big wins. If you’re wondering if there are any merits to the strategy, try playing for free first. That way you won’t risk one red cent while you try your luck.


Worried about blowing your bankroll in one shot? Double Ya Luck lets you lower your bet and lines selection so you can bet exactly what you’re comfortable with. We recommend playing with the bet amount and leaving the Lines amount exactly as is. That’s because there’s nothing worse than matching up symbols on a payline that you didn’t play.


At first glance, Double Ya Luck looks like an old-school, 3-reel classic slot machine – like those old fruit machines we used to play. That’s no coincidence because Double Ya Luck was inspired by all the old machines. The game even has cherries, diamonds, and gold bars. We wanted to bring back that old-school feel and combine it with the fun and excitement of today’s big slots games that come packed with bonus rounds and jackpots. We’re excited to deliver with Double Ya Luck, one of the most fun 3-payline slots games you’ll ever come across.


Boardgame Feature: When you land on a Dice symbol, you’ll get to play the boardgame that you see along the perimeter of the slots game. You’ll get one roll of the dice for each Dice symbol that showed up on screen to trigger the bonus round. The value of the dice rolls will be added up and you’ll move that many spaces across the board to win a prize.

Gamble Feature: Land on Double, Ya, and Luck on the first three reels and you’ll get to play Double Ya Luck’s 50/50 Gamble feature game where you’ll start off with 5 free games. Choose red or black and if your color is the same as the next card that we flip over, you’ll double your free games.

Autoplay: If you want to get to those bonus features even faster, turn on Autoplay. The software will spin, pay you out, and spin again for you. Don’t worry about lifting a finger, but make sure you pay attention when it’s bonus round time.

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