Online Baccarat Odds

Online Baccarat is a simple game of chance where you have to bet on either Player or Bank – who ever you think will win, or a tie. The rules are pretty simple, yet they have been carefully constructed to give an ever-so-slight advantage to the Bank. The tie bets, the odds of which are quite minor, give you huge advantage.

For a long time, mathematicians have worked to come up with a fool-proof way of beating the system in Baccarat. They are yet to come up with one for this and many of the other casino games that people love to play. They have however, revealed some interesting facts about the way the game is designed.

No matter what, in any game, it is the Bank will win 50.68% times and the player will win 49.32% times. This means that in Baccarat, the house has an edge against the player bet. Further, even though odds favor the Bank, a bet on the Bank does not offer any real advantage. Casinos have made adjustments in online gambling games such that the odds are in favor of the house. Thus, the house makes a 4%-5% commission on every Banker bet win.

Some Baccarat games claim that the house enjoys 5% commission. But this commission is only on the Bank’s bets. Since the Bank almost always has a higher chance to win, it could make a substantial amount of money on the winning bets in a game of online Baccarat.

Online Baccarat odds differ greatly, depending on the number of decks in the shoe.

Deck Bank Player Tie
One deck 45.96% 44.68% 9.36%
Four decks 45.88% 44.63% 9.49%
Six decks 45.87% 44.63% 9.50%
Eight decks 45.86% 44.62% 9.52%

Apart from calculating the odds of winning, the probabilities of possible hands for online Baccarat have also been calculated. Famous mathematician Edward O. Thorp was the first one to declare that card counting would never facilitate the result of winning at an online Baccarat table. If at all it works, it would be of little use, as it is nine times less effective than counting for say, Blackjack.

Any advantage from counting the cards in online Baccarat is diluted as the decks are shuffled. To make matters worse, the deck is shuffled every time a card is distributed in online Baccarat.

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