Card Counting Blackjack

Card Counting in Blackjack is frowned upon by casino owners for the simple reason that the strategy leaves the casino with a very slim edge to win against the player unlike the best online slot games that rely on luck only. Gamblers who play online blackjack using card counting systems are known to win consistently at casinos and their success is attributed to this strategy.

Blackjack card counting systems range from the simple to the complex, and follow a system of ascribing a positive, negative or a null value to each card.

Players maintain a running count of the cards, adding or subtracting as they appear. The count keeps track of the cards that have been played. The running count also reflects the value of the cards that have not been played. A higher count denotes the presence of aces and the high value cards in the pack, and gives the player an advantage.

Conversely, a negative count reflects the presence of low value of cards yet to be played. This would be to the casino’s advantage.

A number of blackjack card counting systems are in use, but the Hi-Lo system is most commonly adopted by players. It assigns all cards between 2 and 6 a value of +1, and face cards and 10 a value of -1. Cards 7, 8 and 9 are null, valued at 0. This Blackjack card counting system nullifies the whole deck of cards to a count of 0.

More advanced blackjack card counting systems like the Zen Count are fine-tuned to give the Casino Games online a higher level of accuracy and you can try them here at CoolCat Casino. Values of +2, -2 are given instead, with a separate side count of the aces being maintained by seasoned players.

Blackjack card counting needs plenty of practice and an understanding of the technique. Devised first by Dr. Edward O. Thorp in 1962, an American mathematician, blackjack card counting has ensured that free casino online players always have the upper hand!

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