5 incredible slot machine tricks you won’t believe work

Every gambler looks for a way to trick casinos and make the most out of their slot machines. There are many misconceptions when it comes to tips on increasing your chances at slots. However, there are also some that are so incredible that you will not believe that they truly work.


Do Not Get Attached!

If it has been a while since you had a winning hand then consider changing the machine that you are playing on. Even though this might sound crazy it is actually true. Major gaming centers avoid placing several slot machines that are loose close to each other; the sources for this info are really experienced insiders and experts. So, the best option when on a losing streak is to move on to an adjacent slot machine. This way your chances of finding the loose machine in a short time will be much higher.


The Most Common Trick Has to Be Reconsidered!

“Bet Max” is what a regular gambler hears all the time when playing on slot machines. There is a common misconception that if you do not bet maximum bet every time you will always lose to the casino in the long haul. However, this is not directly the case. This strategy can actually increase the odds for you on some specific machines.

The truth is that on the great majority of slots your chances at winning are absolutely the same whether you bet minimum or maximum. The difference is simple: the more you risk, the more you can win on a lucky spin.


Loose Slots Are Better For You!

It is no big news that it is easier to win on loose slot machines, but what is hard is to find one. These machines are placed all over the casino quite strategically and in a meticulous way.

Usually the plan is quite simple; they want everyone to hear and witness the wins, so that they are motivated to play as well.


Jackpots Are Tempting, But…

Of course, the bigger the jackpot is, the greater the thrills when winning it are, that’s for sure. However, the bigger jackpot is, the lower the odds at winning it are, that is also a fact.

Different jackpots mean, unlike payout rates, when the jackpot is really huge it is practically impossible to hit it, but of course that doesn’t really matter if you feel really lucky!


Pay Tables Matter a Lot

It is very important to always check on the payout rates of every single slot machine you decide to play at and most importantly, you must check on this before choosing a slot machine. The machines may look absolutely alike, but still have different payouts and the outcome can really make a difference.

Laura Barton

Laura Barton is a self-declared "adventurer". Highly energetic and unpredictable, you will never find her without something to read on her hands. She loves casinos, after all it's in her blood: her father was a Las Vegas mogul and a former owner of some of the largest casino entertainment chains in the US. Loves rock climbing, surfing and playing drums.