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Baccarat maybe a Casino game that follows the simplest format, but this game is loved by many. Even royals want to play it due the fact that it’s less complex and of course it’s enjoyable. What’s addicting about the game is that it’s very challenging. It will test your intelligence and the quickness of your mind. The fact is, winning can be easier if you know the winning patterns. These can be based on your experience or tips from the expert put into a note called the Baccarat cheat sheet.

Baccarat is comprised of three bets that players can choose from: banker, player, and tie. Basically, you need to select a hand before the cards are distributed. You can select whichever hand feels right to you. There’s no standard pattern or requirements in this part. You just go for the one that you feel will win. Decision making relies on hunches.


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On the other hand, knowing the patterns and basics of the game can give you an advantage. Other players are also taking notes of common patterns every time they win. Do you know that there are orders of cards you can use before you will make your decision on what to wager? Let’s talk about some card values. Some cards won’t have alterations on values like 2 to 9. King, Queen, Jack, and Tens scored as 0, while the value of ACE is 1. The hand that lies closest to number 9 got the pot.


The dealer will distribute the cards after a player finalizes his or her choice. Three cards will be allocated for each hand. Wager for the Banker as it will likely win the game. Consider the advantage of the house as:

  • 1.06% for the Bankers Hand
  • 1.24% for the Players Hand

Winning will give you ten percent over the amount of money that you bet. Winning the Banker is recommended because of its 0.19% advantage against the house if you’re to choose the Player Hand. Some games are offered with really big commission, but it’s really impossible to defeat the house. Don’t aim for high wins. You can do it slowly but surely.

Getting a total of nine will definitely let you get the pot. When you receive a combo for your first two cards, you have a perfect hand. For the whole sequence of 8 and 9, the pair of card is a natural hand. This gives the assurance of winning unless you will get a Tie. The concept of winning the game is really simple. Don’t go yet if you got a 6 and 7, go for it if you hit a hand value that is not more than 4.

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    Never forget the reality that you will be playing with other gamblers so the competition is high and strategies use to win come in different form. Keeping your Baccarat cheat sheet will help you get on track with what’s going on your game, which is the main secret of winning. Gambling is all about focus, tricks, and lies, and it’s an additional advantage if you know what you’re playing against. Enjoy your game and take it lightly.

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