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Online Casinos — What’s Good About ‘Em?

As we enter into the digital age, endless forms of entertainment are available at one’s fingertips at all times. Movies, games, and music have become more accessible, extensive, and immersive. And online casino gambling is no exception. Land-based casinos are still an incredibly popular form of entertainment (bringing billions of dollars in revenue annually in the U.S. alone). But the online and mobile gambling world is making serious waves in the casino industry.

Experts are anticipating a shift in the market from standard betting platforms to establishments and businesses that are online-oriented. Worldwide revenues for online casinos are on a meteoric rise. Experts project revenues from mobile games to be as high as $100 billion by the end of the year. What’s the reason for this positive trend? CoolCat Casino will show you, as we thoroughly compare online casino gambling and traditional casinos. Read on as we reveal the “paw-some”  benefits of playing online.

The History of Online Casinos

Back in the mid-nineties, a company called Microgaming Ltd. created what would become the very first online casino. Online casinos blasted off at an uphill streak and never looked back. By the late nineties, the internet boom created a massive increase in the emergence of online casino companies worldwide. Various laws were passed to ensure that the operations of licensed online gambling companies and organizations were fair and completely transparent.

Multiplayer online gambling was introduced in 1999. This was the first platform in which individuals could gamble, chat, and interact with other online players. By the early 2000s, it was estimated that around 8 million people worldwide were actively gambling online.

Despite the looming legal grey areas of online gambling legislation, based on what country online casino companies operated in, the growth of online gambling would only continue. By the end of the first decade of the new millennium, online gambling revenue was already in the billions with projections reaching as high as roughly $60 billion by 2020 (according to a Statista report).

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The Benefits of Online Casinos

So, what exactly can you expect from the best online casino? What makes them so special? One thing that online casinos excel at when compared to traditional casinos is convenience. Internet-based casinos offer all of the same popular table games from favorites like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette to a multitude of slots games, video poker varieties, and specialty games that are found in standard casinos. These games are either available for download or are offered as an instant play feature that players can use after they have signed up for an account. CoolCat Online Casino is the best of the best. Always on the cutting-edge of the online gambling industry. Be sure to check out our exciting selection of games today!

Real Money Deposits and Withdrawals

The number one reason players visit online casinos is to play their favorite casino games for real money. Enjoy easy and secure withdrawals and deposits. Third-party organizations check the validity and reliability of the casinos. These days, people are finding it much easier to play online versus visiting a land-based casino. Many of the best online casino games come with huge payouts and progressive jackpots that players find very rewarding. Monetary transactions flow at online casinos using P2P transactions, credit or debit cards, or even cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Most land-based casinos have yet to take advantage of the benefits and convenience that cryptocurrency has to offer.

Innovative Technology

The best online casinos, like CoolCat, utilize top casino software. This allows for sleek graphics and immersive play that mimics the experience of brick and mortar establishments. There are online casinos that also utilize the latest virtual technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). These devices are compatible with online casino games. And for online players, it is the closest thing to visiting the casino floor without having to leave the comfort of one’s home. This is a true revolution in the industry. Premiere casino gaming companies from around the world attend events like the ICE totally gaming convention each year to exchange ideas related to online gaming. These companies are constantly working on new developments to keep gamers enthralled with the online gambling experience.

Casino Bonuses

On top of their offerings of the latest exciting games, online casinos offer incredible incentives and bonuses to keep hungry gamers coming back. Many sites include welcome bonuses for new members of the casino, weekly or holiday promotions, and exclusive VIP packages for all players. These bonuses and promotions function much in the same way that land-based casino perks and complementary packages do. While traditional casinos offer free rooms, meals, and even event tickets, online casinos reward loyal players with free games, match deposits, cashback in losses, and more. For more examples of online casino bonuses, check out the spectacular bonuses at CoolCat Casino.


Players might also choose to gamble online simply because it easier to find sites that suit each player best. Also, feedback and guides are readily available at the click of a button. Whereas hunting down the right traditional casino can take valuable time, energy, and money. Online players will often form communities rating the various sites and games according to which ones are favorable and which ones should be avoided altogether. Playing at an online casino is also a great way for players to improve their skills by playing their favorite casino games for free or in practice mode. That’s another thing that traditional casinos do not offer its patrons.

Mobile Gaming

Most online casinos, also offer a mobile option. Users who have a smartphone, iPad, or other such mobile devices can simply download the appropriate software to play on the move. It can even be as simple as loading up your mobile device’s internet browser, logging in to your account, and pressing Play! Whether during a break at work, waiting for the bus, at the local watering hole or café, mobile gambling is the perfect option. It’s a huge reason why many gamblers prefer playing online instead of at traditional casinos.


One of the number one reasons people find online casinos so appealing is their low cost. Compared to traditional casinos, online casinos offer extremely low deposits to get players started. They cut out the expenses for travel and lodging required to hit up a brick and mortar casino. This gives players more time and money to play with.


Another notable feature of playing online is anonymity. Players can opt to stay and play from the comfort of their own home. No need to worry about the pressure of others at the poker rooms or the noise of rowdy casino-goers. This offers a more relaxing playing environment and helps players focus on their game instead of glitzy distractions.

Customer Support

At CoolCat Online Casino’s award-winning site, players can have any and all relevant casino-related questions answered via the 24/7 customer support line, FAQ pages, and live chat features. Online casinos are the way to play to make the most out of your gambling dollar. Grab your chance to win big on the most exciting online casino games!

Game Guides

CoolCat Casino also provides its members with in-depth game guides. Our casino experts have put together these guides to teach you about the history of all your favorite casino games, gameplay and dynamics, bankroll management strategies. There are also game strategies that you can use when playing online in order to maximize your payouts. Even when taking into account all the amazing benefits of online casinos, traditional casinos are not obsolete by any means. Millions of gamblers flock to land-based casinos every year. Continue reading to explore the benefits of traditional casinos and how they compare to online sites like CoolCat.

Traditional Casinos

online casinos

For fans of the classic, social casino experience, traditional casino establishments are the way to go. Though online casinos offer many of the same games, traditional casinos offer a sense of spectacle and community that their counterparts cannot match. Want to stay in a casino suite, eat at a casino buffet, or stay up playing craps all night with your favorite group of friends? The casino floors are your only option. Traditional casinos offer everything from the flashing lights and cacophony of the slot machines to the feeling of dressing up and hitting the high stakes poker rooms. And the world’s leading casinos spare no expense to create a very high-end visitor experience for even the most casual casino-goer.

The glitz and glamor of the Las Vegas Strip, the exciting ambiance, level of clientele, and famed performances are definitely a sight to behold. Many of the world’s best casinos double as resorts and can offer much more than simply gambling. For instance, the Macau Strip has casinos that contain amusement parks, offering everything from multi-million dollar water parks to rollercoasters. Glitter Gulch of Las Vegas has venues that rival some of the world’s leading nightclubs, and dishes out extraordinary dining establishments or Michelin starred restaurants famed as much for their service and décor as their food.

Large gambling tournaments like the World Series of Poker (WSOP) also take place at some of the world’s top casinos and gambling halls. Popular sporting events such as horseracing and boxing play out at elite casino establishments such as the MGM Grand or Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway and exciting social interaction, traditional casinos might be the right choice for you.

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Now you have a better idea of what to expect from an online casino, along with all of the various pros and cons. It’s time to get started! CoolCat Casino offers one of the most exciting online gaming experiences around, and there is no shortage of opportunity to win big at our thrilling casino.

For the ultimate casino experience, where all of the coolest cats go to play, CoolCat Online Casino is a sure winner. With over 220 games to choose from and more added each month, along with the exciting free games feature, there’s no easier way to play. Sign up now for free for your chance to win big today!

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