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4 Baffling Symbols of Luck That Actually Work

Playing games of chance can be risky, but the potential rewards are definitely worth the stress. Fortunately, you don’t have to really stress out if you carry with you one of these symbols of luck with you when you login and play at Cool Cat Casino online. Don’t have one of these? Well, if you really want to win, we’re sure you can find one.


Lucky Rabbit’s Foot

What may sound like bad luck for the rabbit is actually a luck tradition that originated in hoodoo (NOT voodoo) practices. The tradition says that if you catch a rabbit in a cemetery at night, its back left foot will help you ward off evil luck. Today, the lucky rabbit’s foot is unceremoniously removed from the rabbit, stuffed, and attached to a keychain fob for your convenience. If you don’t want to carry the foot of a dead rabbit in your pocket, you can carry a…


Lucky Coin

How many of us have found a penny lying on the sidewalk? Most of us have, but the truth is that unless you find that penny lying face up, all you have is a nearly worthless coin. In Chinese tradition and Greek mythology, coins are given as a sign of luck to family members. Also, in the Greek mythology, when someone died, coins were placed over their eyes as payment to Charon (Sharon), the ferryman who mans the boat over the River Styx. If you didn’t have coins on your eyes, your soul was headed for bad luck and torment in limbo.


Lucky Shamrock – Four Leaf Clover

No one is luckier than the Irish, at least that’s what they say. Four leaf clovers are considered lucky because they are so rare and hard to find. If you can find one, you’re said to have been favored by the fae folk (fairies) and are considered lucky amongst men (and women).


Lucky Number 7

The number 7 is considered a symbol of luck because of all of the things, natural and supernatural, that are numbered in 7s.

  • 7 days of the week
  • 7th son of the 7th son is said to have supernatural abilities (see Seventh Son by Orson Scott Card)
  • 7 Years of Tribulation in Revelation (think apocalypse)
  • 7 colors in the rainbow (well, only 7 colors HUMANS can see)

There are MANY more, but we’re only going to list the interesting ones. Honestly, if you want luck on your side when you play your favorite online casino games, all you really need to do is play your favorite online casino games at Cool Cat Casino where members have the chance to win BIG, earn BONUSES, and have a great time – and they don’t have to carry dead rabbits in their pockets.

Laura Barton

Laura Barton is a self-declared "adventurer". Highly energetic and unpredictable, you will never find her without something to read on her hands. She loves casinos, after all it's in her blood: her father was a Las Vegas mogul and a former owner of some of the largest casino entertainment chains in the US. Loves rock climbing, surfing and playing drums.