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Play Treasure Tree

We’ve all heard the old expression about money and its tendency to not grow on trees, but the days of that phrase ringing true have come to an end with the release of Treasure Tree. You don’t have to be a tree hugger to understand that this match and win game presents players with an unbelievable opportunity to boost their bankrolls sky high. Simply place your bet and select the money bags that appear to claim prizes and free games. If you match three of a kind, you’ll have a chance to win 25 free games or 500 times your bet in instant prizes. If that’s not enough to get your attention, sweeten the pot by claiming triple the winnings in the exciting free games feature.

When it comes to Treasure Tree, money does grow on trees, and it’s ripe for the picking as we speak. Do you have what it takes to climb the tree and claim the winnings that are rightfully yours? If so, it’s the perfect time to bag yourself a bundle with this creative new title from the masters at Real Time Gaming. Go ahead, give the tree a shake, and find out what’s in store!

How to play

Getting started with Treasure Tree is as easy as it gets. First, choose between the downloadable and instant play versions of the game. Both offer the same exciting gameplay. When that’s done, load it up, and place your bet. Remember, the more you bet, the more you can win! With that out of the way, simply select all of the money bags on the game screen to reveal your prizes. Match three prizes in the same colored area, and you win! With a chance to win up to 500 times your total bet or 25 free games, you’ve got a great opportunity to supercharge your playing power.

Game Rules

Treasure Tree keeps the rules simple, so you’ll never need to worry about confusing gameplay getting in the way of a good time. Place you bet, and select the money bags that appear. If you can match three in the same colored area, you’ll win the corresponding prize. With a top award of 2,000 times your bet, this easy game can translate into some serious cash with the right shake of the tree.


Treasure Tree is completely random, which means that developing a solid play strategy is difficult, if not impossible. Instead of focusing on strategy, this game lets you kick back and relax. When you’re tired from a long day and want something less complicated to put your mind at ease, this match and win title is the perfect option. Just remember, betting more will give you an opportunity to win more in the long run.


The best tip for amplifying your winnings in Treasure Tree is to bet as much as your bankroll will allow. This way, you’ll be in a prime position to capitalize on the game’s awesome prizes, which include up to 25 free games or 500 times your bet in instant winnings. With a top award of 2,000 times your bet, bigger wagers can mean serious winnings if you shake the tree in the right direction.


Treasure Tree is the newest game from the online casino industry’s best game developer: Real Time Gaming. The history of the title relates to the idea that a lucrative tree full of cash and prizes is waiting for a lucky individual to give it a shake. While you may struggle to find a proper cash tree in the wild, Treasure Tree allows players to get a feel for the majesty of this timeless money-making idea. The game’s simple controls and lucrative pay table ensure that the game will be a favorite among players in the know for the foreseeable future.


Money Bags: These special symbols are the heart and soul of Treasure Tree. Select them all, and keep an eye out for matches. If you can find three within the same colored area, you’ll be on your way to lucrative prizes, including winnings of up to 500 times your bet or up to 25 free games

Free Games: Not only are these rounds free of charge, but they offer players a chance to win tripled prizes. Remember, all free games are played at the bet of the triggering game, so keep your wagers topped up if you want to win big.

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