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Online Keno

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Play Online Keno

Ready for fast action and mega riches? We've got your number. Actually, we've got 80 of them to choose from. Read on to discover what makes online keno so fun, so popular, and so rewarding.

How Free Keno Games Work

When you play free online keno at CoolCat, you can access the game through any one of three simple portals—our downloadable casino app, our Instant Play casino app (where you need to log in), and our Instant Play "Just for fun" feature that doesn't require any registration or sign up.

How To Play Keno At CoolCat

Online keno is incredibly easy to play. In fact, if you can play bingo or the lottery, then you already know how to play keno. From a total of 80 numbers, you can select up to 15 numbers by marking your favorites. If you can't decide which numbers to play, the software can select your picks for you. Once you lock in your bet, 20 numbers are drawn. That's literally all there is to it.

Winning At Keno At CoolCat

CoolCat pays you out based on how many numbers you hit and what percentage of the total numbers selected you were able to catch. The idea is to catch a majority of your numbers, but you can still win money by hitting only some of them when you play free online keno games.

Tips For Winning

One of the biggest mistakes online keno players make is playing all 15 numbers. The more numbers you play, the more numbers you need to hit in order to see a payout. Hitting 6 out of 15 numbers isn't as good as hitting 6 out of 6 numbers. So consider this before you mark down everything in sight.


  • Quick Pick—If you're new to playing online keno, you might want to let us do the work for you. Instead of selecting your own numbers, you can select Quick Pick to have numbers randomly selected for you.
  • Play 1—Want to play one quick game? Hit Play 1 and your bet will only be used for a single game. When the game is over, you can rebet the same amount, or change your bet.
  • Play 5—Rather have things run on autopilot? Play 5 means that after your first game is over, we'll use your last locked in bet to play another four games. You can sit back and watch the winnings rack up.
  • Play 10—It's just like Play 5, only instead of playing five games in a row, we'll hit you with 10.
Ready to play online keno for free? Download our software now and we'll set you up with a free chip and a sweet deposit bonus.