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Free Keno Online


There’s a huge debate happening in casinos all over the world. A debate about numbers. And the question being fought over is which number-themed casino game is the better casino game for those who love to win—roulette or Keno?

The two casino games have their similarities. They both involve numbers. They both involve making selections. And they both involve watching what happens and hoping for the best. But keno offers something that roulette doesn’t—more numbers to choose from and more numbers that are drawn. And if you’re a fan of the game, CoolCat Casino has a huge selection of online keno and other specialty games open 24/7. Play free Keno casino games at CoolCat Casino Today!

How to Play Free Online Keno

If you want to learn how to play keno online, you’ve come to the right place. The game is incredibly simple. From a total of 80 numbers, you select up to 15 of them. The game will then automatically draw 20 numbers. That’s it. Seriously. No spinning balls. No turning wheel to wait for. You pick. The online system draws. That’s it.

You then get paid out cash based on the number of matches. The more you hit, the more you get paid. But choosing fewer numbers than 15 and hitting them can actually serve you better. It’s literally that easy.

How Playing Free Online Keno Can Keep You Sharp

If you’re not really into trying out free online keno games because you prefer more complex offerings like craps or baccarat, you might want to consider what thousands of CoolCat Casino players have discovered by playing online keno for free with us.

Free online keno can actually help improve your skill level of other games. That’s because when you’re not used to playing something, your mind needs to do a bit of work. And switching gears can help you refocus, something that’s incredibly important when you’re gambling.

Download Keno and Over 220 Other Games—Free

Ready to get fast access to over 220 of your favorite casino games, plus a bunch more you never knew about? One click gets you access to our entire suite of casino games, including free online casino games—24/7. When you sign up and download our free online casino app, you’ll get it all. And if you sit on the other side of the debate, don’t worry. We’ve got roulette, too.

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