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9 mistakes that could ruin your roulette strategy to win

You’ve heard tons of strategy tips for winning at roulette. Everyone has advice on what you should do at the roulette wheel. Bet on this. Modify your bets like that. But no one tells you what not to do. We think it’s time. Read on for our top 9 big “don’ts” of playing online roulette.

1. Don’t bet on evens and odds at the same time

It kind of goes without saying, but we’ve seen tons of online roulette newbies make this mistake. Some roulette players have heard that it’s a good idea to place multiple bets at the same time. While betting on black and the middle dozen might be a good idea, betting on two bets that cancel out each other—like evens and odds—is a horrible idea. Don’t do it.

2. Don’t bet on black and red at the same time

Like the evens/odds bet, we’ve seen this happen way too frequently, too. If you can’t figure out why this is not a good idea, don’t bother reading the rest of our how-not-to-lose-at-roulette tips.


3. Don’t bet without knowing your bankroll

We’ve seen this mistake a million times. You deposit $200. And you bring $200 to the online roulette table. And then you start betting $25 per spin because you think it’s a fast way to make money. And you’re right. It is—if you win. If you lose, it’s a fast way to burn through everything.

4. Don’t play real-money roulette without playing free online roulette first

If you’re new to online casino roulette, it’s probably a good idea to get some practice in first. The best way to do it? Play online roulette. Most online casinos offer free online roulette tables, where you can play and win with the house’s pretend money. And if you lose? No big loss since it wasn’t real anyway.

5. Don’t use a roulette betting strategy that hasn’t been proven

You’ve probably heard people boast about smart roulette betting strategies, like lowering your bet after every loss and raising it after every win, or vice versa. None of these betting strategies have been proven. Don’t use it unless you try it at free online roulette tables first.


6. Don’t walk away just because you hit a losing streak

If you can’t take a loss, don’t play roulette. Or any other online casino game for that matter. Losing streaks happen. They happen in sports. They happen at work. And they happen at casinos. And you know what? Winning streaks happen too. You just gotta get beyond the losing streak first. If you’re on a slide, try lowering your bets. When your luck changes, bring your bets back up.

7. Don’t bet on a single number all the time

Betting on a single number every single time is a surefire why to burn through your bankroll in a matter of minutes. Your chances of hitting a single number are pretty low, which is why the house pays out a lot of cash if you do.


8. Don’t avoid betting on a single number

We’re not contradicting our last piece of advice here. But what we are saying is that you shouldn’t completely ignore betting on a single number. Instead, throw down one bet per online roulette session on a single number. You’ll walk away satisfied that you tried, even if you don’t win. And if you do win? The 35:1 payout will feel pretty amazing.

9. Don’t play online roulette with money you can’t afford

If you’re playing online roulette as your sole source of income, you should probably get some problem gambling advice. But if your goal is to have fun at the roulette tables while cashing in from time to time (and maybe hitting it big) then you should follow an important piece of advice. Never play with more money than you can afford. The best way to play roulette is to set a weekly or monthly budget and stick to it—the same way you have a restaurant budget or movie budget. Don’t have those either? You probably should—unless you’ve been winning a lot at online roulette and don’t need it.

Got another tip for things you should avoid doing at the online roulette table if you don’t want to harm your winning roulette strategy? Drop us a note and tell us about it. We’d love to hear from you.

Erik Blackwell

Erik Blackwell is a 'bon vivant' with a problematic addiction to comics and fondue. Went to MIT but finally left to pursue acting. He currently lives in sunny California with an American Stafford-shire Terrier and an American Bulldog that somehow managed to get along. He's dabbled in acting but doesn't like the spotlight. Loves to play casino online.