6 Bad Luck Superstitions You Should Avoid at All Costs

A lot of gamblers believe that their chances of winning depends on luck and there are some rituals and charms that they can use to help them succeed. The same thoughts are shared by some online gamblers. However, it’s better to know your limit on when to stop believing in the supernatural. There are bad luck superstitions that you need to avoid if you want to excel in the world of betting.

Wearing dirty clothes from the laundry will keep the bad luck away

This can also mean keeping your competitors away. You don’t really need to be dirty or stinky when you gamble. Be as fresh and comfortable as you can to be able to analyze the best move that can outwit your opponent.



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Slapping the head thrice after losing

Some gamblers believe that others win because of voodoo. They believe that they’re being hypnotized or mind-controlled so they can’t think of the best move to win the game; and slapping their head three times will awaken them from the trance. Doing this will destruct you more and will give your opponent more advantage to take your game. The best suggestion is taking a deep breath or taking a break after losing. It will make you prepared for the next games.

Don’t sing or whistle when you gamble

Like other activities, you can be effective when you love what you’re doing. This means that you can do whatever you want if you think that it will help you win. If whistling your favorite song while playing makes you think better, go for it. Doing it can even destruct your opponents, and this is really favorable for you.


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    Don’t count your money while gambling

    Of course, you need to count your money to make sure that you’re still within your gambling limit for the day. It’s strongly advised that you put a certain bracket on the amount of money you can spend in the gambling area. You need to check on your money from time to time to make sure you’re still on track. You don’t really want betting and finding that you no longer have funds left in your pocket.

    You will win if it’s your first time to play

    They call it “beginner’s luck”. This belief will definitely put you into trouble if you’re not really ready for the game that you’re playing. Winning is not all about the number of times you play or wager. It depends on your knowledge and readiness to battle with your opponents.

    Rubbing a lucky charm before the game starts

    It’s good to have inspiration in the game, but you should not rely on it. Don’t believe that your favorite rabbit figurine will guide you and let you win the game. Your opponent is utilizing his brain to generate strategies that will snatch the win from you; you should do the same.

    Gambling bad luck superstitions are handed down from many generations, but you should not base your game play on them. Always analyze and explore options to be good in what you’re doing and you must never depend your success in luck.

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