What is needed for the Ultimate House Advantage Chart?

The house advantage is basically defined as the relationship of the average money lost to the initial wager amount on any given game in a casino. For the most part, every casino has the advantage, or edge, on all the games in the establishment. Some of these games, however, have a lower house advantage ratio than others. What this means is that a bettor is more likely to win at these games because the odds of winning are higher than when the casino has a higher house advantage ratio.


These calculations are based on thousands of games played, rather than a simple few. And even these results will be affected by variances such as a change in rules or the numbers of decks of cards used to play the game.

For instance, Blackjack tends to have a lower house advantage than other casino games, ranging between .2% to .65%. What this means is that in a Blackjack game with a house advantage of .5%, the player will lose $.05 on every $10.00 he or she wagers on the game. Understanding this likelihood can help players determine how much they are willing to wager on certain games and for how long.

Playing games with a lower house advantage will preserve your original bankroll a bit longer, because you will lose less with each bet. However, if a player does not play any games where the house advantage is higher, the chances of winning larger prize amounts may also be lower.


The ultimate house advantage chart will help players to determine what their chances of winning at any given casino game are, by listing the house advantage of the game. The most useful chart would also include variations on the game, if possible, such as in Blackjack, where the game can be played with one, two, four, six, or eight decks. The house edge in each of these games will be slightly different.

The best of these charts may also indicate the rare casino games where the house edge is zero, or negative. Although it seems counterproductive that these games would exist, because the player would never lose any money wagering on them, they are out there.

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