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We are all well aware of the fame and popularity that online gambling enjoys today. Although casino games have been in existence for a very long time, they have become something of a supernova since they became available. The Internet has certainly altered the way gambling games are played and enjoyed all through out the world. There are so many aspects that attract people to online casino games. Some of these include variety, comfort, greater entertainment value, ease of access, etc. But the prime reason for it is what we know as the casino bonus.

Casino bonuses mean that you can make some quick and easy money on the side. Many online casinos do offer great bonuses, even among those that are recognized as the highest paying casinos. These promotions open a two way channel and help in forming a relationship between the player and the casino. It isn’t just a way to attract people but a great way for the savvy gambler to take advantage of the offers. For instance, it is common for casinos online to welcome their new players with a sign-up bonus, although the amount of the sign-up bonus may vary from site to site.

There are also those known as no-deposit bonus. This is where sites give a straight cash bonus. Here again, it also differs in from one site to the other. Certain online casinos offer a bonus that is a percentage of a new customer’s first deposit. This means that if you deposit $100, the site awards you a $50 bonus. Many sites will give away 100 percent, or even more, of an initial deposit, being one of the main reasons of why CoolCat it’s considered the best gambling site in US. matter what kind of games a site offers, casino bonuses are a given. If you’re lucky enough, you might find an place that gives sign-up bonuses in the form of real cash.

Casino Bonus Types

Most of the online casinos will give you bonuses either when you register, deposit money, or even for just playing. Bonuses are the money or casino chips that you get. There are a number of different types of bonus types for online casinos.

There are free online casinos where you can play slots for free for free but still win bonuses. No Deposit Required Bonus will give you free casino chips even when you do not deposit any money. The no deposit required bonus makes playing at online games fun with no risk at all. It’s always great to win free chips! Sign up bonuses are given to those who deposit money for the first time at an online casino site. Nearly all online casinos have a sign up bonus.

You will see some online casinos that have 100% sign up bonus with $50 free – which means that when you deposit $20 the online casino will add another $20 in your account so that you can play with $40. If you add $50, the casino adds $50 and you’ll be able to play with $100. However, if you deposit $60 or any other amount over $50, you will only get $50 more because the bonus goes up to $50. It is best if you check the bonus terms and conditions of the online casino you’re playing with.

Another type of bonus is the ‘sticky bonus’ that online casinos offer. Sticky bonuses are available for popular online casino games like blackjack, roulette and craps. Once you’ve cleared the requirements and are ready to make a withdrawal of your cash, the bonuses you have will be in your casino account. The other winnings will be credited to you via Neteller, your bank account or any withdrawal method that you’ve chose. With the bonus still in your casino account, you can still bet, with using less of your money. It is almost like the online version of ‘playing with casino money’ for land-based casinos.

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