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There aren’t many games that offer the same level of fun as slots. While the casinos in Vegas offer a stunning selection of machines that can see you pull the lever for a mighty payout, one of the greatest aspects of playing these games through the internet is that they can be enjoyed without spending a single dime. Players get instant access to one of the biggest directories of slot games, and here they can happily indulge in hours of exciting gameplay with no download or registration required! Come and discover your favorites and work on your slot spinning skills with CoolCat Casino!

What Are Free Online Slots

Free online slots are games that you can partake in without needing to sacrifice your bankroll. They are exactly the same as real money online slots in terms of features, graphics, sounds, etc. However, you won’t be eligible to win a jackpot or claim bonus codes to use on these games. That doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly engaging, fun to play, and beneficial for enhancing your skills as a player, though!

The main purpose of free online slots is to let you have the freedom to practice a slot game with zero strings attached. This enables you to still get the same experience and thrills of playing slot games without any risk or commitment to a casino site. Just hit spin, and let the adventures begin!

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Types of Free Online Slot Machines

Like real money online slots, free online slot machines come in the same varieties. The layouts can incorporate anything from 1 payline to hundreds of paylines, or start off with 3 reels and work their way up to 7 reels. The bonus rounds in online slots are also different from one another, but regardless of whether you play a slot game for free or for real money — these parts will always be the same. Here are the types of free online slots you’ll find at the majority of online casinos.

Classic Slots – As the name suggests, classic slots are based on the classic layout. This can be similar to the vintage style one-armed bandits found in casinos in the early 1900s that work with 3 reels, one payline, and a single prize to be won. Sometimes, these games are referred to as “Vegas Slots.”

Video Slots – Video slots are the modern versions of classic slots, only they tend to include bonus rounds and special symbols that can help players achieve winning combinations. These slots can also feature several hundred paylines with 3 reels, 5 reels, and even 7 reels. Most of them also feature additional rewards, such as a jackpot and bonus round where players can unlock free spins and other extra incentives. Video slots are considered the most popular with real money online gamblers.  

Progressive Slots – Progressive slots feature a jackpot that takes a portion of the wager from every person who plays it. This jackpot continues to accumulate until one person wins, then the process begins all over again. Most gamblers opt to play these types of slot games; however, it is only possible to win if they wager the maximum coins and play in real money mode. 

Mobile Slots – These are free online slots that are optimized for mobile devices. They come in exactly the same varieties, with the only difference being the smaller screen and swipe action buttons. Mobile slots can be played from any smartphone including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, or tablet. 

3D Slots – 3D slots are gaining more popularity in the online gambling world. These are games that often feature characters and a unique storyline that tends to run in a sequence. Like traditional online slots, these games also grab the player’s attention with sharp visual effects, cool animations, and interactive buttons. 

VR Slots – VR slots are being publicized as the latest innovations in online casinos. NetEnt and Pragmatic are developers who are already launching virtual reality versions of slots like Gonzo’s Quest and Sugar Rush, which require users to plug in their VR headset to enter and play the game.

Play Free Online Slots From Any Device

One of the biggest advances in online slots is that you don’t need to be locked onto a computer screen to play these days! You can get first-hand access to them all for free and play as much as you desire from the comfort of your mobile device or tablet. All of the games are made available for Android and iOS devices without the need to download or signup to the casino. Just load up the slot you want to play and hit spin to ignite the reels and start the fun!

The Benefits of Playing Free Online Slots

Playing any casino game for real money is part and parcel of gambling and the primary reason why so many people do it. With this in mind, there are no opportunities to try a game out for size before putting any money down in land-based casinos, which gives online casino players a huge advantage. Instead of feeling stressed about whether you’re going to win or whether you can afford to place another bet, playing online slots for free means that you can relax and unwind, go completely at your own pace, and become fully acquainted with a slot game without any risks tied in whatsoever. You get to fully enjoy every moment of playing without any worries or concerns in the back of your mind.

Does Playing Free Slots Help You Win More?

As you gain a lot of experience, some might say that playing slot games for free can help you become a better gambler. Even though you’re not able to win any real money playing this way, it does give you the chance to try out different kinds of online slots and their features, which can help you get to grips with how they work more easily. There are no surefire methods that can be applied to slots to win more because they are all games of chance at the end of the day. Lady luck can still strike at any time, though, and it only takes one person to trigger the payout in slot games, so never say never!

Play Online Slots for Free At CoolCat

Come and join the coolest party online with hundreds of free slots to play at CoolCat. You’ll find the best slot games and other casino favorites to enjoy with no implications to your bankroll. Build up your knowledge, skill, and experience with favorites like Mermaid’s Pearls, Aztec’s Millions, Dragon Orb, Fantasy Mission Force, and other amazing slots that you can switch to playing for real money at any time.

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